By Matthew Slinn

One of the main stories to come out of the off-season was the activity of wide receiver and budding GM, Shea Carroll. The former Dallas receiver was a big part of the Baltimore Vultures’ run to the playoffs last season, so it was a mild shock to see him declare for free agency and the community was bound to ask questions. It was later announced that Carroll was joining the Oklahoma City Renegades as not only their wide receiver but also their GM, and would play a big part in assembling their roster for Season 12. Barely a few weeks had passed before the young GM declared his exit from OKC after Week 2. I tracked down Shea to ask him a few questions about his hectic off-season. So far, he has kept his cards close to his chest; would he open up to me? Here is what was said in the interview…

MS: Hey Shea, thanks for doing this interview with me. First thing first. You appeared to be part of a great group over in Baltimore. What was the driving factor in your decision to leave for Oklahoma City?

SCWell, I guess the biggest factor was the yearning for management. I loved the team in Baltimore, but when I had asked TJ, he politely said there wasn’t room for an AGM. So I set out to find a place that I thought could utilize my management skills to the best of my ability.

Carroll spent his Rookie season with the Dallas Ruffnecks, showing good potential as a 3rd string wideout.

MSHow did you find the job search? Were OKC first on your radar or were there other opportunities???

SC: I had been contacting every owner there is to see all of my options and then make the best decision. OKC was high on my rader because I knew they didn’t have a GM.

MSSo as we know, you joined Oklahoma City as their GM. We also now know that you’re leaving after Week 2. I guess the big question remains. Why?

SC: It has to do with management style and some decisions within the front office. There was some bad timing involved with some of it, but at the end of the day, we couldn’t agree on much, and so I had decided it was in my best interest to take my talents elsewhere. If anyone would like some more details, feel free to contact me personally.

Baltimore saw potential and signed Shea to be their #2 receiver, alongside Garren Malone and the legendary Daley Holder.

MSThanks for your honesty through this interview Shea, it’s much appreciated. One last question. What’s next for Shea Carroll? Anything exciting on the agenda?

SCWell, nothing is officially in the books, but just know that this isn’t the last time you will hear the name Shea Carroll.

Oklahoma City will now be searching for a new wide receiver to catch balls alongside Tybeerious Bovine.

There you have it. Shea Carroll and his plans going forward remain somewhat of a mystery. Could we see him lacing up his cleats for another team in Week 3? I wouldn’t bet against it. Like he said “this isn’t the last time you will hear the name Shea Carroll”.