By Christian Pundt and Hunter Jones

Well that was an exciting opening week of action! From the champs being toppled to a glorious shootout involving Jacques Luyindula and Moody Mitchell to fourteen combined turnovers between Marcus Dunhill and Rob Roby and rookies being given their “Welcome to the SFL” moment, this week had as much as you can ask for on an opening weekend. For the first time ever, we got to bring our newly acquired expert analysis and mathematical models in to put together a list of who the hottest teams are around the league. If you like it, that’s awesome. If you hate it, that’s even better. Let us know!

TeamRecord (Movement)RankTeam Recaps:
Baltimore Vultures1 - 0 (+4)1The Crabs slayed the beasts. They who are we all aspire to be. Baltimore defeated the two-time defending champs riding a 20+ game win streak decisively. For that, they make the largest jump (tied) into the top slot. And after one week, T-ROY Gaines looks like the early favorite for MVP.
Mexico City Aztecs
1 - 0 (+2)2The Mexico City Aztecs started their season with a statement win over the Carolina Skyhawks in a 49-21 rout. The only real negative from the Aztecs game were the two pick sixes returned by the Skyhawks. Other than that, the Aztecs ruled this game from top to bottom. While it was against a Skyhawks team who experienced a lot of turnover, a 28-point decision (42 if you take away the two pick sixes) is certainly nothing to scoff at.
Alaska Storm
0 - 1 (-2)3The champs tumble to #3. After getting destroyed by his teacher TJ Cags and fellow GOAT coaching candidate Thomas Paterniti, this looks like it could be the beginning of the end for the Storm. Maybe Baltimore exposed something, maybe Yoda had a few more tricks up his sleeve.
Tallahassee Pride
0 - 0 (-2)4Tallahassee will start week 2 fresh, having a bye in the first week of the season. Really, the ranking of four isn’t discrediting the Pride, it’s just a matter of other teams putting together some impressive performances.
Las Vegas Fury
1 - 0 (+3)5Las Vegas beat a very good team in the Sparrows. They provide a methodical offense lead by Tom Ramen and Robert Redford that sucks time and possessions. Their defense has some holes to fill but they were definitely one of the most impressive teams on opening weekend.
New Orleans Pharaohs
1 - 0 (+3)6The New Orleans Pharaohs started the season with a bang, notching a win over the Houston Hyenas. While the Hyenas settled for field goals, the Pharaohs were scoring touchdowns. Many questioned whether running back Logan Jack could be a suitable replacement for Donk Bonkers, he responded with 162 all-purpose yards. Quarterback Xander Gold finished the game with only three incompletions (two were INTs, so technically he only had one incompletion!)
Houston Hyenas
0 - 1 (-4)7The Hyenas came out flat against the Pharaohs week one. Despite being a talented team headed by QB Kentez Johnson and having weapons across both sides of the ball, they still looked a good step behind a team who is expected to be right in the mix of the playoff discussion. That's not a good sign.
Vancouver Legion
1 - 0 (+2)8The Vancouver Legion absolutely dominated week one. The only thing keeping them from being ranked higher is the fact that it was against the Atlanta Swarm. While a 38-17 final score doesn’t seem too bad, 14 of the Swarm’s points came in the fourth quarter when the game was well beyond reach.
Chicago Wildcats
1 - 0 (+2)9Not many people expected Chicago to beat the vaunted Queen City Corsairs on opening week given how far underneath the cap the Wildcats were. No matter. Shann Varner lead Chicago to an impressive home opening victory over one of last season's powers.
Queen City Corsairs
0 - 1 (-4)10Queen City started off this season on the wrong foot. In a defensive struggle, they fell to the Chicago Wildcats 17-10. The Corsairs running game was surprisingly ineffective, as Ash Odom finished the game with 24 carries for 59 yards. That’s 2.5 yards per carry for a guy who has been a premier back in the league for years. However, this is the Corsairs we’re talking about, if there’s one thing they’ve earned, it’s the benefit of the doubt.
Sioux Falls Sparrows
0 - 1 (-4)11Sioux Falls looked like the most explosive team in the league against Las Vegas over the weekend. Maybe that was the problem? They let the Fury outphysical them and win the battle for gameflow. After the first go around, this team has some holes to patch up, but they definitely have the looks of being one of the top teams in the league.
Tulsa Desperados
1 - 0 (0)12The Tulsa Desperados knocked off the Oklahoma City Renegades in the Battle for Oklahoma to start off the season, winning 27-10. While the game was more of a defensive struggle in the first half, the Desperados hit their stride in the second half, scoring 24 of their 27 in the second half. If they can play all four quarters like they did the second half against the Renegades, they’ll be hard to count out in most games this season.
Denver Nightwings
1 - 0 (0)13Fresh off of a nice victory versus a new look Indianapolis team, Denver's defense proved they could contain an offense with five bonafide weapons behind a rookie QB that has a lot of potential. It's a shame the Nightwings couldn't move any higher but they have positioned themself well to make a big leap in the coming up weeks if they can keep it up.
Indianapolis Spitfire
0 - 1 (0)14The Indianapolis Spitfire lost a heartbreaker to the Denver Nightwings on a last-second field goal. To make matters worse, the Spitfire missed a field goal earlier that could’ve made the difference and rookie quarterback T.D. Drew threw a pick six. Aside from that though, the Spitfire were solid on defense and moved the ball well on offense against a tough Nightwings defense.
St. Louis Gladiators
1 - 0 (+4)15St. Louis started off with a bang behind the excellent play of #1 overall pick Moody Mitchell and POTW Denzel Diaz. They looked every part of the dynamic duo that Head Coach Ethan Kye hoped they would be entering the season. Granted, this was against a Dallas defense that was among the league's worst last year, but it's never a bad week when your new rookie phenom puts up over 350 yards in his first career outing.
San Francisco Sharks
1 - 0 (+4)16The Sharks picked up a solid win to start off season 12 against the London Knights. The Sharks defense got six interceptions, however the Sharks only put up 21 points. The Sharks were also this week’s biggest underdogs by the pre-season power rankings and managed to come out on top.
London Knights
0 - 1 (-2)17We think London may have gotten off on the wrong foot. San Francisco defector Rob Roby tossed six picks to his former team. The defense looked fantastic, however, as they only gave up 21 points despite the massive influx of possessions they gave to the Sharks.
Dallas Lobos
0 - 1 (-2)18Dallas lost a shootout to St. Louis to start the season. On offense, the Lobos are still mostly a passing team, however their running game was much improved compared to last season, which should be the case when replacing a copper running back with a silver one. The defense, however, was absolutely torched by the Gladiators offense.
Carolina Skyhawks
0 - 1 (-2)19Well that was rough. The masses have already let Carolina know how their week went so I won't do anymore recap work here. Carolina has some weapons in Harish Prasad and Chris Colon but they definitely have a lot of work to do.
Atlanta Swarm
0 - 1 (-2)20The Swarm had a very rough week one. Quarterback Marcus Dunhill tossed eight interceptions in their game against the Legion, only one off the single-game record. 14 of the Swarm’s 17 points were scored in the fourth quarter when the game was all but over.
Oklahoma City Renegade
0 - 1 (0)21Oklahoma City got effectively smashed by Tulsa in Battle for Oklahoma on opening weekend. The offensive line was very porous, giving up nine sacks and their secondary got shredded, allowing over 300 yards to a rookie quarterback making her debut. They showed some flashes with JW Doyle in the passing game, and Jon Gregory and Thomasina Ramen on the defensive side of the ball, but this team looked anemic all the way around and has some real work to do if they want to move up in the Power Rankings.