SFL Communications

January 10, 2019

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to announce the edition of Nathan Blake and Marc Lopez to the league Support Staff as Co-Head of Stats, taking over for Scott LeRoux, who left the server abruptly overnight soon after the season concluded, soon after he had been paid for his services for the season.

“We were put in a very difficult spot with the departure of our former Head of Stats, but we’re going to build this stats team stronger than ever before and that will be because of Nathan and Marc’s leadership,” said SFL Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We’re fortunate to have two dedicated individuals who can utilize their skillsets and league passion in ways that greatly benefit this very critical sector of league operations.”

The Stats team provides live in-game player and team stats to the broadcasters to help enhance the broadcast. Drive summaries, third down conversions, receptions, yards per carry – all can go along way in telling the story of the game and are stats that most all video games do not provide updates on regularly. With this team, SFL broadcasts can become as realistic as professional broadcasts from NFL or college ball on major networks, despite a lack of crew or a multitude of eyes.

“I am truly honored at being selected and hired for this position,” Lopez said. “I first started off with the Stats team immediately after I found out about SFL and joined the league (around mid-S10). At the beginning, i did it because I was a numbers kinda guy as well as an Excel geek. I kept doing it because I truly enjoyed how my work behind the scenes elevated the quality of the broadcast. Whenever I heard Cam or any other broadcaster shout out a stat that got the audience going, I was ecstatic. I look forward to working with Nathan to further elevate what our team does for the Broadcast team and for the league. I’d also like to thank the people who believed in me and put their trust in me to take the role. I hope I won’t let you down.”

If you’re looking to help out the league, this is the best way to do it and become familiar with teams all around the league, or maybe even your own. If you’d like more information about the stats team or to join it, contact Nathan Blake on Discord @suicideking81 or Marc Lopez on Discord @chrunox.

“Being hired on as Co-Head of Stats is an honor and in my mind a privilege,” Blake said. “I believe with Marc and myself as Co-Head of Stats we can inspire guys to join the stats team and stay involved each and every season. We’re already working on new additions to the live stats sheets to give the viewers a better broadcast experience.”