SFL Communications

January 10, 2019

Voting for the Competition Committee’s next six-month term has closed, with Marcus Dunhill maintaining his General Manager role on the Committee, while St. Louis Gladiators Co-Owner Duane Schindler, London Owner Liam Crowter and Atlanta Owner Mark Chisholm maintaining their positions running unopposed.

New members to the Committee include Las Vegas Owner Jon Bond (replacing Denver Owner Jeremy Vega) and Vancouver Owner Andy Hamilton (replacing Dallas Owner Steven Mullenax) – both running unopposed as Vega and Mullenax did not apply for re-election.

“The Committee is a very challenging and – at times – time-sucking responsibility as it is designed to ensure the league is always able to move forward on critical business,” said SFL Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “The Committee has our full support on the sensitive matters they decide on during the season. We had some bumps in the road through our first six months – learning how to establish control, relinquish control and bring issues that are valuable to a group like this in an organized and responsible manner. I thank them for their service and selflessness in their desire to take time away from their teams, their coaching and their families in order to better the league.”

The Competition Committee made important decisions in its first cycle, addressing:

  1. What determines a “Final and Official Contract
  2. Announcing Players
  3. Hiring Staff
  4. Atlanta’s salary cap situation
  5. League standards for player support
  6. Introducing and approving Rookie Showcase
  7. Introducing and approving the Bits Give Back Program

Competition Committee meeting notes are public record and can be requested at any time. Please allow the league five business days to process any request you may have due to the intensity of the in-season work schedule.