By Christian Pundt and Hunter Jones 

We are back and ready for another season! Everyone’s favorite article is back and we have some changes. Xander Gold has stepped aside (God rest his soul), Hunter Jones has stepped into his place, and Ken Gossett has been added as an advanced analyst and in the Power Rankings team-exclusive graphics department. We’re bringing a revolution to ranking teams. Now we will be including our own personal agendas, ELOs (with ratings dating back to Season 1), and the eye test (across multiple weeks this time!). With that, here’s the opening rankings based on momentum gained and lost down the stretch of last season and over the offseason. Don’t get mad at us! We’re just calling it like we see it. 

TeamRecordRankTeam Recaps:
0 - 01When you're the defending two-time champion and coming off an undefeated season, the top of the power rankings is where you belong. Alaska went wire-to-wire last season in this spot and I feel like I'm already wasting breath justifying this ranking. Oh, and I almost forgot. They went out and signed former Tallahassee Pride standout Kevin Bane to play across from inarguably the greatest defensive player of all time in Alex Dominguez.
0 - 02Tallahassee once again fell short in the championship, but making it two seasons in a row is no small feat. While losing MVP running back Jaye Eniola will certainly sting, nothing suggests that they won’t be immediately back in the hunt this season. Adding free safety Sir Chapell and running back AJ Francis, the two who helped lead the Carolina Skyhawks to an improbable playoff run in Season 11, should help the Pride big time.
0 - 03We could've gone any number of ways here at the first real pivot point in these rankings. But when you have been to two straight semifinals, the results speak for themselves. The losses of Badr Ajlouni and Ryan Michaels are sure to hurt, but Kentez Johnson and Chad Takkul (among others) are sure to keep the Hyenas in the mix.
Mexico City
0 - 04Mexico City went down to the wire with Tallahassee in the semifinals this past season. On top of that, they’re the last champions not named the Alaska Storm. Mexico City was largely quiet in the offseason, retaining their roster from Season 11. Mexico City will head into the season with high expectations as always.
0 - 05We could've justified Baltimore as high as we wanted in these rankings. They picked up right where they left off last season after the Crabs folded, and probably could've been even better if Thomas Paterniti had been promoted to Head Coach sooner. At the end of the day, we couldn't drop the Vultures out of the top five. Even given their upcoming schedule, T-Roy Gaines, Aman Takess, and Kaz McFly should have Baltimore at or near the top of the rankings.
Queen City
0 - 06Queen City had a lot of people concerned about their roster when they were the last team to have any sort of signings announced, however they’re back and retained their key players. No reason to believe they won’t be gunning for a fifth ring.
Sioux Falls
0 - 07Sioux Falls comes back geared up for even more this season. Their schedule looks rough (like many of the other teams listed towards the top of these rankings) but Colin Hart looks like he'll be a stud this season. Sioux Falls didn't have many drastic changes to their roster or personnel, and that's why they don't see a lot of offseason movement here.
Las Vegas
0 - 08Las Vegas made noise in their first season in the SFL. Max Jackson showed that his Season 10 head coaching stint in San Francisco was no fluke, not that anyone doubted him in the first place. The Fury figure to follow up on their successful opening season with another solid playoff run.
New Orleans
0 - 09New Orleans was an expansion team last year and exceeded any reasonable expectation you can bestow on such a team. Just missing out on the playoffs, Aaron Arrington has a year of ownership under his belt and Xander Gold (at times) looked like an outright star last season. They look to have adequately replaced Donk Bonkers with Logan Jack. After an offseason where it only looks like they got better, it's hard to not believe in them moving forward.
0 - 010Vancouver started off slow but finished strong in Season 11, going 6-6 and nearly making an improbable run to the playoffs. They lost a few pieces from last season's squad in strong safety Marquis Reid, running back Kody Hill and quarterback Mark Biddix, but overall added some nice players to fill those roles in quarterback Tom Pepper, linebacker Levant Irvine and wide receiver Mickey Martino. Season 11 should be an interesting one for the Legion.
0 - 011Chicago is a team we don't really know what to do with. They came in way under cap but, no matter who you ask, there appears to be a plan in place. We're not in the business of doubting Shann Varner, but we had to drop them given some of the low value players at key positions and clear vision we see from other teams.
0 - 012Like Vancouver, Tulsa started last season very slowly, however they rebounded and was considered one of the hottest teams in the league at one point. While they did miss the playoffs, it will be interesting to see if they can build off that mid-season push, along with getting quite possibly the steal of the draft in Garren Malone III.
0 - 013Jeremy Vega has officially put his own stamp on this team. He brought back Josh Miller as the highest paid QB in the league, signed Echo Love at LB, and drafted a TE (Hiapo Kinloha) at number four overall. We had the honor of one of our biggest fans in Mr. Vega making a call-in to give us a little preview into what he hope happens this coming season: "Even though we fell a mile short of the playoffs last season, we have what it takes to get us to back to being a Mile High".
0 - 014Indianapolis had a near complete re-tooling of their offense, adding wide receivers Trevor Ferril, Hunter Jones and Leonidas Richards, quarterback TD Drew and moving longtime wide receiver Dan Daly to tight end. These moves should help the Spitfire restore what was the fourth best scoring offense back in Season 10 and bounce back from Season 11, where they had the second worst scoring offense in the league. It’ll also be interesting to see how much this focus on the offense will affect their defense.
0 - 015London did some reshaping this past offseason, with new General Manager Jeff Melinyshyn at the helm. Nathan Lee is out and Rob Roby is in. Ray King Ball is... not quite out (he's a backup) and Reggie Streeter is in. Blake Craize will be in his first full season with the team after joining midseason and still making the Pro Bowl for Indy. Nathan Blake has had a full offseason to work on his playbook. On paper, everything looks better about this London team. But will it translate? Only one way to find out.
0 - 016Dallas started extremely slow last season but managed to pull together some impressive wins down the stretch, including their upset of then-undefeated Tallahassee to snap a regular season win streak that dated back to Season 9. In the offseason, they lost the West brothers but added tight end Tristan Carr, quarterback Jacques Luyindula and drafted running back Zack Sandlin, to further boost their offensive firepower.
0 - 017Aaaand here comes the salt. Carolina proved a lot last season but aren't coming out of the offseason with very much momentum. They objectively took a downgrade at QB and RB (that's not being mean, Luyindula and Francis were gold-tier players... that's hard to replace). They come in with plenty of upside in a new coaching staff willing to break molds and a management team willing to take risks. If they get off hot, we could see them rocket up the boards very quickly... but they're starting off as low as a team with an empty slate.
0 - 018Atlanta is normally a middle of the road team, however they lost a couple big pieces over the off-season in free safety Mahmoud Ajlouni and wide receiver LB Allen III. Atlanta certainly has what it takes to make the playoffs, it’s just a matter of putting it all together this season. Their biggest reason for being down here, however, is how low their cap is.
St. Louis
0 - 019And now after an offseason of it seeming like everyone giving the Gladiators some heat for their Season 11, let's realize something: they had a really good offseason. St. Louis signed Marquis Reid from a turnover-happy Vancouver secondary, stole Badr Ajlouni from a true contending team in Houston, and then proceeded to turn around and draft Moody Mitchell first overall. Mitchell is a near-max player across the board and, while we haven't seen him in official game action, looks every bit the part of what you'd expect in a #1 pick. To top it all off, they re-signed promising young coach Ethan Kye for his first full season at the post.
San Francisco
0 - 020San Francisco had a rough Season 11 and their off-season wasn’t much better. They retained a good portion of their roster however lost a couple big pieces in Rob Roby and Mickey Martino. While adding quarterback Dylan Aciel helped, aside from the Max Jackson led late surge in Season 10, San Francisco simply hasn’t had a lot go their way in the past.
Oklahoma City
0 - 021This is where you go when your GM resigns before the season begins. Oklahoma City has had some wins this offseason (re-signing Deacon Nickens and JW Doyle, signing Jon Gregory), but they've had plenty of losses (losing both starting WRs, Shea Carroll, and Paul Reubens) in a league where you can argue most teams cleanly executed their offseason plans. A lot can happen, and it wouldn't at all be shocking to see the Renegades carve out a really nice season, but given what we saw down the stretch last season and what transpired down the stretch in the offseason, this is where you go.