SFL Communications

December 19, 2018

For the third time in league history, the Simulation Football League has elected to usher in a new era. This era – the era of brand professionalism and high esports aspirations and expectations – was christened Wednesday with a new logo set and a revised color scheme.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the way our league has transformed over the last few months,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We are making decisions, phone calls, adjustments that will have a dramatic impact on the type of product we can produce. The future is bright.

Primary Shield

The league’s new primary mark features the league shield with the SFL in white with rising silver, in reference to the league continued growth from start to present day and all the room to grow and improve the product in the future. It also represents a game loading bar.

The football, a game controller and it’s removal from the field of play – representing our controlerless esport concept.

The star, representing solidarity and a one true great simulation football product and the one conference in which all of its team’s play.

The colors: matte black, gold, silver and white, representing strength, command of a vision, prestige and a standard of excellence.

Secondary Logos

The design was done by league design partner Matt Doyle Designs, who was also commissioned to design the league’s first-ever custom typeface, logos for events like the Championship Game and the Rookie Draft and network logos for broadcast partners.

“The goal for the rebrand of the SFL was to distance the league with the NFL aesthetically and create an identity that stood on it’s own in a large pool of football leagues,” said Matt Doyle. “The incorporation of a field into the logo is something I wanted to convey as well as incorporating the single star as well. This of course being the symbolization of the single conference format the league will be implementing. For colors, I wanted to convey the tone that the SFL is an elite brand and what other way to do that than with Gold? It not only shows maturity, but shows a higher stature that will be achieved for the upcoming season.”

The league’s 12th season begins Thursday January 3.