By Jeff Melinyshyn 

What if I told you that the players that debuted in Season 10 of the Simulation Football League would be one of, if not, the best crop of talentthe league has ever seen. Would you believe me? Well, Season 10 has produced some of the most talented players in the SFL to date. Think about this for a second – A.J Francis, Ryan Davidson, Shea Carroll, Sir Chappell, Crash Combs, Cain Vasquez, James Hands, Giovanni Bolt, Patrick Ketza, Slinn Shady, Daggs x3 (Mike, Jeffrey, and Nick), Anthony Wyo, Tristan Carr, Robert Redford…The list is so long it would have its own story. But this is not what I am here to write about, oh no. I was actually in my office and was contacted by Matthew Slinn about the possibility of doing a Season 10 fantasy draft.

Giovanni Bolt was ever present for Baltimore after his switch from the Skyhawks.

Including myself and Slinn, joining us in the draft were Ray Bentley from Mexico City (getting him to take time out of being with Gritty was difficult), Christian Christensen from Tallahassee (don’t ask him about any Houston sports team), and Hunter Jones (we needed a fifth and he showed up). Slinn laid the ground rules: The roster would be a QB, RB, a combo of 2 WR or 1 WR and 1 TE, 1 front seven, 1 secondary, 1 wildcard player. The draft order is where I had my eyebrows raised, because see, I picked last (Slinn declared the draft order was to be determined by league experience).

The order was Ray, Christian, Slinn, Hunter, and finally yours truly. Even rounds I would have the first pick, such is the nature of a snake draft. Now here is the kicker, we are drafting based on their careers up to this point. A couple of played as who habe retired extremely recently have also included, such was their impact.

Ray started by drafting Jaye Eniola (RB) #1 overall. Christian followed suit and grabbed AJ Francis with the second pick. Matthew decided to deviate off running backs and took wide receiver Gabriel Manning. Hunter got back onto the running back train snagging Robert Redford. To close out the first round I decided to take James Hands, wide receiver from London and previously Dallas.

Unsurprisingly, Jaye Eniola was selected #1 in our Fantasy Draft. Here is #28 breaking off a big one in a crazy Season 10 game against London.

Now, I had the first pick in the second round. My thought was that all these great running backs need to be stopped. I had the running back I was going to take, but it was way too early, so I decided to take Kevin Bane (DT). The dude is just a stud. I needed someone who can pass rush along with stopping the run and Bane would do just that. Hunter choose the first quarterback of the draft and went with Deacon Nickens. Slinn went to his secondary and selected Jeffrey Daggs. Christian selected Nathan Lee (QB) and all his interceptions. Ray selected Slinn Shady (OLB).

Kevin Bane will be hoping to make many more hits like this one on AJ Caswell as he moves north to Alaska for Season 12.

Round Three went as follows: Ray – Charles Ball (SS), Christian – Hunter Norwood (DT), Matthew – Jacques Luyindula (QB), Hunter – Max Jackson (SS), Jeff – Tristan Carr (TE). My theory behind the Carr selection was the fact that he is the top TE in league and the fact I can pair him again with James Hands is just lethal. I did need a QB, but really with these two guys, I just need a QB who can throw it because these two with go and get it.

Jacques Luyindula- as a rookie – throwing for the Sharks in Season 10.

Fourth round went as follows: Jeff – Patrick Ketza (CB). He can shut down pretty much anyone. Hunter – Chad Takkul (DT), Matthew – Taqwuan Hale (DE), Christian – Ryan Michaels (CB), Ray – Josh Miller (QB). Fifth round went off without a hitch  aa Ray  took – LB Allen III (WR), Christian – Mike Daggs (TE), Matthew – Warren Murray (RB), Hunter – Jockamo Jones (WR), Jeff – Dylan Aciel (QB). I drafted my quarterback a little late, I could have maybe got a better one, but realistically, as long as my quarterback had a throwing arm, with James and Tristan, anyone can play quarterback.

Despite a career that lasted only 2 seasons, Ryan Michaels will go down as one of the SFL’s premier cornerbacks.

Sixth round: Jeff – Denzel Diaz (RB), Hunter – Deezer Powell (WR), Matthew – Jeff Comeau (WR), Christian – Trevor Ferril (WR), Ray – Yasin Clifton (TE). The last round was a wildcard, where we could draft anyone; it was “open season”. Ray – Merrick Itera (CB), Christian – Chris Colon (DT), Matthew – Giovanni Bolt (FS), Hunter – Anthony Wyo (FS), Jeff – Nacho Sicario (SS).

Anthony Wyo and Max Jackson both play for Las Vegas. They both joined the league in Season 10. They both were drafted in our ‘ Fantasy Draft’. They are both elite safeties.

Here are the final results:

Ray Bentley – QB, Josh Miller; RB, Jaye Eniola; WR, LB Allen III; TE, Yasin Clifton; LB, Slinn Shady; S, Charles Ball; CB, Merrick Itera

Christian Christiansen – QB, Nathan Lee; RB, AJ Francis; WR, Trevor Ferrill; TE, Mike Daggs; DT, Hunter Norwood; DT, Chris Colon; CB, Ryan Michaels

Matthew Slinn – QB, Jacques Luyindula; RB, Warren Murray; WR #1, Gabriel Manning; WR #2, Jeff Comeau; DE, Taqwuan Hale; S, Jeffrey Daggs; S, Giovanni Bolt

Hunter Jones – QB, Deacon Nickens; RB, Robert Redford; WR #1, Jockamo Jones; WR #2, Deezer Powell; DT, Chad Takkul; S, Max Jackson; S, Anthony Wyo

Jeff Melinyshyn – QB, Dylan Aciel; RB, Denzel Diaz; WR, James Hands; TE, Tristan Carr; DE, Kevin Bane; CB, Pat Ketza; S, Nacho Sicario

So, that was our draft amongst our panel, but I would like to know what everyone thinks. Who would you have selected, and which team out of these 5 would win in a round robin division?