Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 8 of Rookie Checkins! THIS IS THE FINAL BIG BOARD FOR SEASON 12. Instead of summaries for this final big board I’ve decided to put their Max Value in the draft

by Ryan Karpinski

RankPlayer NameMax ValueRank Change
1Moody Mitchell (Chat Ranking #11) QB, WRMax Silver-
2Reggie Streeter (Chat Ranking #13) RB, TEMax Silver-
3Zack Sandlin (Chat Ranking #14) LB, DTMax Silver-
4Randy Mercury (Chat Ranking #31) RB, WRMax Silver-
5Logan Jack (Chat Ranking #58) RB, DEMax Silver2
6Thomas Drew (Chat Ranking #59) QB, GMax Silver-1
7Rich Pratchard (Chat Ranking #64) WR, SSMax Silver-1
8Hiapo Kinloha (Chat Ranking #16) QB, TEMax Silver -1-
9Denzel Maverick (Chat Ranking #15) DT, RBMax Silver -1-
10Justin Jones (Chat Ranking #30) RB, CBMax Silver -11
11Thomas Ramen Jr. (Chat Ranking #67) CB, LBMax Silver -16
12Stephen Hacker (Chat Ranking #75) QB, RBMax Silver -16
13Garren Malone II (Chat Ranking #72) WR, QBMax Silver -2-1
14Everett Garrison (Chat Ranking #57) LB, SSMax Silver -3-1
15Ashley Jackson (Chat Ranking #29) WR, DEMax Silver -4-1
16Jakob Gustafson (Chat Ranking #32) WR, CBMax Silver -4-1
17Jamaal Wooding (Chat Ranking #48) HB, FBMax Silver -43
18John Barnhart (Chat Ranking #70) WR, CBMax Silver -4Unranked Last Week
19Jam Pierson (Chat Ranking #63) CB, TEMax Silver -5-3
20Kyle Kruger (Chat Ranking #96) RB, LBMax Bronze -2-1
21Jacquerious Keshaun Johnson III (Chat Ranking #78) WR, QBMax Bronze -7Unranked Last Week
22Zachary Bates (Chat Ranking #74) RB, DEMax Copper -3
23Jukin Roukyn (Chat Ranking #125) RB, DTMax Copper -4
24Pharaoh Reigns (Chat Ranking #199) WR, CBMax Copper -4
25Kramer Jackman (Chat Ranking #137) K, PMax Copper -6
26Drew Really (Chat Ranking #211) CB, KMax Copper -7