By Zach Sandlin

The offseason is quickly drawing to a close. Free agency signings have really been shaking the SFL world up – but we’re here to talk the ‘really important‘ things. December 4th will be the Days of Days. A day of stress, excitement, heart break, and enough beer and to drown the state of Texas. This has been an exciting and wild time for all of us rookies, and with the final opportunity to increase our value wrapping up, here is how I see the draft going. Please keep in mind that I am a rookie myself, I’m new to the league, and these are my opinions. Also, I’m no good at the whole ‘third person thing‘ so writing this about myself was a bit awkward – Aman, I’m gonna need you to teach me your ways. So, without further rambling or legal disclaimers the blood sucking lawyers made me include….somewhere, here is my take on the SFL draft.

Pick #1 – St. Louis Gladiators

Moody Mitchell, Quarterback

Anchoring the top spot of the Big Board for forever now, Mitchell goes to St. Louis to fill the void Dylan Aciel left at QB and hopefully lead a Gladiators’ charge into the post season.

The mobile Dylan Aciel has moved on to new pastures, becoming the quarterback for San Francisco during the off-season.

Pick #2 – Dallas Lobos

Reggie Streeter, Running back

Streeter is the highest-ranking RB on the Big Board. He has been a consistent presence on the Discord channel and could give Dallas the ground attack they have desperately been craving.

Pick #3 – Oklahoma City Renegades

Randy Mercury, Wide Receiver or Fullback

Mercury’s large jump to the #4 spot on the big boardwalk he could add some firepower to the Renegades offense as the look to completely retool their team this offseason as he could potentially fill a couple different roles for them.

Pick #4 – Denver Nightwings

Tight End, Hiapo Kinloha

Kinloha has been a solid presence in the Discord this offseason and looks to be a potential star in the making. The rookie could be a lock for the Nightwings looking for a dangerous TE.

Pick #5 – London Knights

Logan Jack, Running Back

Jack is the second highest ranking RB on the Big Board and has shown good promise in raising his chat ranking quickly and jumping 7 spots on the Big Board.

The Knights couldn’t quite make the fullback work in Season 11 and will be hoping to move up the rushing statistics in Season 12.

Pick #6 – San Francisco Sharks

Rich Pratchard, Strong Safety

Pratchard is the highest-ranking safety on the board right now and could potentially add to the big personalities of the Sharks’ locker room.

Pick #7 – SFL Indianapolis

Thomas “T.D.” Drew, Quarterback

With Mitchell off the board first overall and Johnny Savage withdrawing earlier this offseason to be the DC in Carolina, Indy looks to pick up the best QB available and TD Drew has shown some star potential. Hopefully his play will back up all his talk in the chatrooms.

Pick #8 – Tulsa Desperados

Ashley Jackson, Wide Receiver 

Tulsa adds yet another weapon to their already deadly looking receiving corps and teams up ‘AJ’ Khoury Jones and Steven Bush.

Pick #9 – Atlanta Swarm

Everett Garrison, Cornerback

With an opening in the defensive secondary, I think Atlanta pursues Everett and convinces him to switch to a CB position. Everett is the next highest ranking secondary player on the board and has a good chat ranking.

Pick #10 – Vancouver Legion

Garren Malone II, Strong Safety

Malone joins the meme team up north and brings a sense of experience after his predecessor’ s stints at Houston and Baltimore.

Pick #11 – New Orleans Pharaohs

Denzel Maverick, Running Back

NOLA picks up a powerful offensive weapon to fill their roster spot. Maverick has been a very strong presence in the Discord and with a Chat ranking in the top 15, he would be a great steal this late in the draft.

Pick #12 – Carolina Skyhawks

Justin Jones, Running Back

With Christopher Burnette dropping out of the fold completely, Jones moves into a top 10 spot on the big board. Carolina adds another piece to their puzzle as they retool their team this offseason around the young coordinators.

Pick #13 – Las Vegas Fury

Jakob Gustafson, Cornerback

Jumping 5 spots on the most recent Big Board, Jakob could potentially fill a couple roles on this Las Vegas squad. The most likely one, being a partner for Merrick Itera in the secondary.

Pick #14 – Sioux Falls Sparrows

Jam Pierson, Cornerback

Pierson exploded onto the scene this past week and rocketed up the ranks. With him joining the party late, I believe Sioux Falls grabs a gem.

Andrew Nyberg and Jay Ringgold were nice surprises for the Sparrows in last year’s draft.

Pick #15 Queen City Corsairs

Thomas Ramen Jr., Cornerback

This pick depends on what position the Corsairs are looking to fill. Ramen Jr would be a good defensive selection to partner or potentially replace stand out rookie, Oskar Dunklee.

Pick #16 – Baltimore Vultures

Jamal Wooding, Wide Receiver

Wooding’s recent activity and change of heart in regard to position leaves him open for the draft. I believe ownership convinces him to change one more time and selects him as the next great pass-catcher in Baltimore.

Pick #17 – Mexico City Aztecs

Zack Sandlin, Defensive Tackle

With not many people looking to fill a front 7 spot, and those that were preferring to choose an offensive player, Sandlin slides all the way down to the Aztecs in the draft.

Pick #18 – Houston Hyenas

Kyle Kruger, Safety

The Hyenas manage to convince Kruger to step back as a secondary player and Kruger becomes the Hyenas new safety, replacing Blake Chance after his move to Carolina. He has big shoes to fill.

Pick #19 – Tallahassee Pride

Zachary Bates, Running Back

With Eniola ghosting the league right now, Tallahassee picks up Bates with the hopes that he will be able to produce some good numbers.

Pick #20 – Alaska Storm

Kramer Jackson, Kicker

The only dedicated kicker listed in the upcoming draft hopes to continue the tradition of golden legs at Alaska.

Brad Brechett pretty much kicked Alaska to a championship in Season 11. Whoever the Storm select as his replacement has huge boots to fill.

Pick #21 – St. Louis Gladiators

Stephen Hacker, Cornerback

St Louis picks up Stephen Hacker as the ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ of the draft. Despite not initially vying for a defensive position, I’m sure Hacker would take a job at cornerback where he can use his athleticism to great effect.