SFL Communications

November 28, 2018

The Simulation Football League is excited to announce the rosters for the Rookie Showcase, to air Sunday December 2 at 3:30 p.m. on Twitch. Cameron Irvine, Andrew Rastelli and Ryan Karpinski will be on the call for the league’s first-ever competition between all of its rookies with the most value, eligible for the draft.

“This is going to be an exciting day,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “A one-of-a-kind experience that could boost the value of players just before draft day. We’ll get to know these players and give these players a chance to shine. There’s no negative in that.”

Andrew Rastelli, Director of Player Personnel and Ryan Karpinski, Assistant Director of Player Personnel, are experts in the rookie class, what value they have, some possible landing spots and the trending players. Their analysis combined with a unique call-in feature to the broadcast will make this production truly unique. Any rookie who would like to join the broadcast to introduce themselves to the community will be able to do so by sending a DM to the Commissioner (you must be friends on Discord with the Commissioner or the league will not be able to accept you into the group DM) and then you’ll be connected to the call. Make sure your mic is tested and your signal is strong – this could be a chance to make a very strong impression to SFL teams.


  • Players were slotted on teams and at positions based on their final primary and secondary position request and their draft stock. The top two quarterbacks will get a chance to show their stuff as a signal-caller in the game, while other players will be slotted in their secondary requests.
  • Players do not have to sign at the position they play in the showcase, nor are they bound by the regular player position-change rules. This game simply gives these players to earn bonus value at these positions, and serves as a way for the league to get to know the personalities of this incoming draft class.
  • Any bonus values given to players can only be utilized if they sign at that position. If a player plays QB in the showcase, but then is drafted and signs as a running back, the value will be forfeited.

VALUE BOOSTS AVAILABLE (max silver rookies cannot earn value boosts)

  • Team wins the game (.5 overall value boost)
  • Game leader in passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, tackles, sacks, turnovers forced (1.0 overall value boost)
  • Player is chosen as the Rookie Showcase MVP (2.0 overall value boost)


The two teams representing the rookie showcase will be the Brooklyn Rush and the Virginia Beach Griffins, the third and fourth-place vote getters in the uniform contest for the Pro Bowl.


Brooklyn – 

Moody Mitchell (QB), Randy Mercury (RB), Garren Malone II (WR1), Ashley Jackson (WR2), John Barnhart (TE), Jukin Roukyn (DT), Logan Jack (DE), Everett Garrison (LB1), JK Johnson III (LB2), Justin Jones (CB1), Pharaoh Reigns (CB2), Thomas Ramen Jr. (SS), Kramer Jackman (K)

Virginia Beach –

Thomas Drew (QB), Reggie Streeter (RB), Rich Pratchard (WR1), Jakob Gustafson (WR2), Hiapo Kinloha (TE), Denzel Maverick (DT), Zachary Bates (DE), Zach Sandlin (LB1), Kyle Kruger (LB2), Jam Pierson (CB1), Jamaal Wooding (CB2), Stephen Hacker (FS), Drew Really (SS)