Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 7 of Rookie Checkins! Next week will the final Rookie Big Board before the Season 12 Draft!

By Ryan Karpinski

RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Moody Mitchell (Chat Ranking #10) QB, WR - Max SilverNo surpise here, a top 10 chat ranking and all of his bits in, Moody Mitchell remains the top dog of the big board. We should see him taken early in the draft if not #1 overall to St. Louis, a team stilll looking for a QB this offseason-
2Reggie Streeter (Chat Ranking #14) RB, TE - Max SilverReggie sits just instead the top 15 for chat ranking and has all his bits ready for the draft. Its possible he goes at #2 overall right behind Moody Mitchell to Dallas, a team still on the hunt for their backfield presence.-
3Zack Sandlin (Chat Ranking #18) LB, DT- Max SilverCould we be seeing the making of Season 12's version of Aman Takkes? While Zack hasn't shown the huge personality that Takess did for the Season 11 draft his Max Silver potential contract should find him a home early in the draft-
4Randy Mercury (Chat Ranking #31) RB, WR - Max SilverThe first of a lot of movers this week in the big board. With Christopher Burnett missing his check-in last week Mercury moves up in to his #4 spot on the board. As long as he keeps his chat activity up this will most likely be his final spot next week as well1
5Thomas Drew (Chat Ranking #50) QB, G - Max SilverOne of five players benefiting from a missed check-in from a higher player, Thomas, "T.D", Drew bumps up one spot to creep up into the Top 51
6Rich Pratchard (Chat Ranking #66) WR, SS - Max SilverRich slides up a spot into #6 on the board. He could over take Thomas Drew with a very good week of chat activity, but he could also fall down to #7 with a week of poor activity1
7Logan Jack (Chat Ranking #74) RB, DE - Max SilverAfter getting his chat ranking to above 75, Logan Jack rounds out the final potential Max Silver contracts. The 3rd RB in the top 7, even with the potential max contract he could see his spot in the draft slip a bit with so many teams already having found running backs thru free agency or re-signing their own from last season7
8Hiapo Kinloha (Chat Ranking #13) QB, TEHiapo has been a constant figure within the community this off season and only the 3rd quarterback in the top 10 of the big board. He moved up a spot this week and could potentially see him being draft in the first part of the draft1
9Denzel Maverick (Chat Ranking #15) DT, RBDenzel could potentially move up one more spot and overtake Hiapo at #8 as both rookies are only 2 spots away from each other in chat ranking.1
10Christopher Burnett (Chat Ranking #28) WR, RBOne of the biggest drops this week, Christopher Burnett missed his check-in this last week and as a result he drops 6 spots from #4 to #10-6
11Justin Jones (Chat Ranking #30) RB, CBJustin couldn't quite do enough to move up over Burnett but came very close this week. This weeks check-ins and chat activity could determing the final spot of our top 10-
12Garren Malone II (Chat Ranking #75) WR, QBGarren Malone II has been just inside the Silver contract range for chat activity, the only thing he was lacking was his bits. This last week he took care of that and as such moves up a considerable amount7
13Everett Garrison (Chat Ranking #53) LB, SSWith one more week checked in than Ashley Jackson, Everett Garrison stays the course at #13-
14Ashley Jackson (Chat Ranking #33) WR, DEGarren Malone II and Everett Garrison both jumped over Ashley Jackson this week on the big board, but I wouldn't read to much into it. She has been very active and a drop in position shouldn't hurt her too much in the eyes of her potential teams-2
15Jakob Gustafson (Chat Ranking #34) WR, CBJakob got the rest of ths bits he needed in this week and as such moves up 5 spots from #20 to #15 on the big board. This was the only thing keeping him from his highest potential value5
16Jam Pierson (Chat Ranking #64) CB, TEA brand new rookies to the SFL, he came blazing in to the league with a chat ranking at #64 and immediately cheered all the bits he needed for the seasonUnranked last week
17Thomas Ramen Jr. (Chat Ranking #78) CB, LBWith Jam and Jakob coming in with big weeks this week, Thomas Ramen Jr. finds himself slipping just slightly. Much like Ashley Jackson, I wouldn't read to much into it unless he is unable to get himself up back over chat ranking 75 for a potential silver contract-2
18Stephen Hacker (Chat Ranking #89) QB, RBStephen drops 1 spots this week with Jam Pierson coming in big this week, if he can raise his chat ranking about Thomas Ramen Jr, he could at least jump 1 spot next week-1
19Kyle Kruger (Chat Ranking #96) RB, LBDropping 3 spots is Kyle Kruger, this is more a product of a down week of activity and several other rookies accomplishing what they needed to do to maximize their potential-3
20Jamaal Wooding (Chat Ranking #81) HB, FBA relative ghost for most of the off-season, Jamall Wooding originally wanted to come in as a punter but has since made the switch to RB. Not only that, he has become more active and has moved up in his chat rankings and cheered all his bits he has needed so far.Unranked last week
21Zachary Bates (Chat Ranking #74) RB, DEUnfortunately for Zachary Bates, a re-evaluation of the previous weeks of big board showed a mistake as Bates had missed the last few check-ins but still showed as a potential Max Silver contract. With the missed check-ins as well as bits that haven't been cheered, his big board ranking took a nose dive this week.-13
22John Narnhart (Chat Ranking #124) WR, CB
23Jukin Roukyn (Chat Ranking #125) RB, DT
24Pharaoh Reigns (Chat Ranking #199) WR, CB
25Kramer Jackman (Chat Ranking #141) K, P