Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 6 of Rookie Checkins!

by Ryan Karpinski

RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Moody Mitchell (Chat Ranking #10) QB, WR - Max ValueWith Jonny Savage undeclaring from the draft, Moody Mitchell looks primed to stay atop the big board right up until draft day. As long as he stays active and avoids a large fall in chat ranking he should stay right where he is.-
2Reggie Streeter (Chat Ranking #14) RB, TE - Max ValueReggie's chat ranking went up another 2 spots and with Jonny Savage no longer in play he moves up to the #2 spot on the big board this week. He continuing to trend in the right direction as the draft draws near+1
3Zack Sandlin (Chat Ranking #18) LB, DT- Max ValueAlthough Zacks chat ranking went down by 2 he finds himself at #3 with no one really in contention to knock him out this week, but another week like this and he could drop back down to #4+1
4Christopher Burnett (Chat Ranking #26) WR, RB - Max ValueA week after Burnetts chat ranking dropped 2, he was able to regain 1 of them and regain his #4 spot on the big board+1
5Randy Mercury (Chat Ranking #42) RB, WR - Max ValueRandy overtakes Thomas Drew after his chat ranking took a good sized leap of 11 spots. With only a few weeks left he could still be able to move his way further into the top 5 with more weeks like this+1
6Thomas Drew (Chat Ranking #47) QB, G - Max ValueThomas Drew stayed in the exact same spot in both the chat rankings and the big board this week. He is able to get a max value deal out of the draft and as such shouldn't worry too much as long as he doesnt drop below 75 in the chat ranking-
7Rich Pratchard (Chat Ranking #68) WR, SS - Max ValueThis week Rich finds himself trading chat ranking and big board spots with Zachary Bates. Rich moved up 4 spots in the chat ranking this week and much like Randy Mercury, he could jump into the top 5 with more weeks like this one+2
8Zachary Bates (Chat Ranking #72) RB, DE - Max ValueZachary Bates swapped places with Rich Pratchard in every sense of the word this week. Rich Pratchard had a chat ranking of 72 last week and Zachary had the chat ranking of 68 and as such with both at max value contracts Bates stays where he is while Pratchard leapfrogs-
9Hiapo Kinloha (Chat Ranking #12) QB, TEThe only thing holding Hiapo back from being higher on the big board is the 1 missed check in he had. With that check in he would have a max value contract potential and could possibly even be #2 on the big board. He leads the pack just outside the max values with his great chat ranking+2
10Denzel Maverick (Chat Ranking #15) DT, RBMuch like Hiapo the only thing holding back Denzel is a missed checkin. He would be a top 5 candidate with it-
11Justin Jones (Chat Ranking #31) RB, CBJustin's chat ranking stayed the same this week but he moves up one spot with Jonny Savage no longer part of the draft+1
12Ashley Jackson (Chat Ranking #39) WR, DEThis rookie has been on fire and could very easliy push some of the other rookies out of the way, even with her missed check ins from before she joined. She has been on an absolute tear thru the chat rankings and could be a huge asset to any locker room lucky enough to draft her. He chat ranking went up an astounding 31 spots this week+2
13Everett Garrison (Chat Ranking #51) LB, SSWith this chat ranking only improving by one spot, Everett keep his spot at #13 on the big board after Ashley Jackson passed over him-
14Logan Jack (Chat Ranking #80) RB, DELogan moves up 1 spot after his chat ranking moved up 3 spots and another rookie dropped out-
15Thomas Ramen Jr. (Chat Ranking #78) CB, LBMr. Ramen Jr's chat rank took a good size jump from #86 to #78 and as such he leaps over Kyle Kruger to #15 on the big board+2
16Kyle Kruger (Chat Ranking #96) RB, LBKyle's chat ranking took a huge hit this week, going from 79 to 96. as such he only move up 1 spot with Savage leaving the draft-
17Stephen Hacker (Chat Ranking #89) QB, RBStephen had a great week this week in terms of chat ranking, much like Ashley Jackson his chat ranking move up 23 points+1
18Jukin Roukyn (Chat Ranking #125) RB, DTJukin was able to move up 2 spots on the big board this week as well even though his chat ranking fell by 2 spots. To ensure he doesn't fall back down the board he is going to need to be more active+1
19Garren Malone II (Chat Ranking #75) WR, QBGarren Malone moves up one spot with Jonny Savage now not in the draft, I expect him to not be on the board long in the draft even with his non max value contract+1
20Jakob Gustafson (Chat Ranking #38) WR, CBGustafson just needs more bits in and he would bump up to a silver contract. His chat ranking has plenty of room for an off week but he's been pretty consistent even though his rank dropped 4 spots this week+1
21John Narnhart (Chat Ranking #124) WR, CBA new face to the top 21! He just eeks the chat ranking requirement of #125 and has just enough bits cheered to give himself a value to be drafted. Cheer the bits and stay active and he could sneak his way up there.unranked
22Alexander Angeal (Chat Ranking #137) WR, CB
23Pharaoh Reigns (Chat Ranking #199) WR, CB