By Zach Sandlin

Debutant Beat Writer Zach Sandlin has put together a short piece aboit something we can all relate to: Why we love the SFL. Sandlin has spoken to community members and gotten to the heart of why we are all here. Reading this will cheer me up on a dark day; let’s hope it does the same for you.

The SFL is a unique league full of unique people. But what is it that makes this group so special? Is it the food? Is it the beer? Is it the commentary on games?

To me, what makes the SFL as phenomenal as it is, and why I have come to love it so very much in my short time here, is the community. The combination of the people, their personalities, and football coming together from all over the world in this melting pot of the Discord channel, sets the SFL apart. I sort of stumbled upon the league during Week Twelve of Season Eleven, and caught the second half of the Dallas Lobos comeback victory against the then unbeaten Tallahassee Pride. I had no idea what I had just watched but was intrigued enough to watch Alaska come back against Las Vegas to remain undefeated. After that game, I decided to look up this ‘Simulation Football League‘. What I found was a community that welcomed me with open arms. No catch. No reading the fine print. No admission fees. As I’ve come to find out, my story of finding the league is similar to many others that Ive spoken to. But who cares what I have to say! Take it from the people that have been around for a while (and one that hasn’t). I “interviewed” a handful of people to find out what they thought made the SFL great.

Denver Nightwings owner Jeremy said, “EVERYTHING!!!!! But if I had to pick one thing, it would be the community. Everyday new friendships are created, and the community continues to be a huge help to all new members. As well as the reason the SFL grows every day.”

Season 9 MVP, and a newly married man, Ray Bentley shared a touching story about his love for the league.

“Watching my first live broadcast happened during the Hall of Fame game between the Steelers and the Vikings a few years ago; my at-the-time girlfriend was bored with the game on TV but wanted to know what channel I was watching. The live commentary and presentation of the broadcasts is phenomenal, and being able to see “myself” of a reasonable facsimile thereof on field was a boon. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the excellent community, which took me in without (much) complaint – honestly, the community the SFL has fostered has become, easily, my favorite part of the entire league, and has definitely kept me ‘in the game’ as it were, though winning it all in Season 9 didn’t hurt.”

CrashCombs credited the passion that everyone has, from the Commisioner down to the players.

Fellow rookie, and recently self-pronounced sugar-daddy MaverickLegend said that “[T]he best part of [these] leagues [is] meeting people and chatting.” I couldn’t have put it better and more simply myself.

To find such an awesome community for FREE is absolutely astonishing and I think everyone is right. The passion for this league, the welcoming community, and the opportunity to meet new people is the best part of the SFL and ‘why we all love it‘.

Expect more from Zach Sandlin as the off-season continues.