Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 5 of Rookie Checkins! After a re-verification of the big board some players rankings have moved quite a bit

By Ryan Karpinski (Assistant Director of Player Personnel)

Author’s note: I forgot to add in players preferred positions. I promise to have them added on next weeks Rookie Big Board

RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Moody Mitchell (Chat Ranking #10) - Max ValueAfter being able to maintain his Chat Ranking at #10, Moody Mitchell keeps his top spot upon the Big Board-
2Jonny Savage (Chat Ranking #3) - Max ValueWith his Chat Ranking falling 1 spot Jonny Savage finds himself still in the #2 spot on the Big Board. He found himself a spot as Defensive Coordinator for the Pro Bowl on Team Mighty, hopefully it goes well and he could possibly find himself a spot as a coach on his drafted team.-
3Reggie Streeter (Chat Ranking #16) - Max ValueReggie was able to bump his Chat Rank from #20 to #16 this week. If he is somehow able to keep moving up he could potentially make a run at the #2 spot on the Big Board-
4Zack Sandlin (Chat Ranking #22) - Max ValueWe have our first position change! Zack Sandlin's Chat Ranking jumped up 5 spots and as such he finds himself above Christopher Burnett this week.+1
5Christopher Burnett (Chat Ranking #25) - Max ValueBurnett's Chat Ranking dropped by 2 spots to #25, with Sandlin's ranking leapfrogging him he also drops by a spot on the Big Board. This could be a battle worth keeping an eye on as the weeks go by-1
6Thomas Drew (Chat Ranking #47) - Max ValueThomas Drew chat ranking took a hit this week dropping 9 spots, if the trend continues he may find himself dropping spots on the big board-
7Randy Mercury (Chat Ranking #53 - Max ValueAnother spot change this week as Mercury's chat ranking took a big jump from #74 to #53, a nice jump of 21 spots. With the big jump he overtakes Zachary Bate for the #7 spot+1
8Zachary Bates (Chat Ranking #68) - Max ValueZachary drops a spot on the big board despite his chat ranking increasing by 3 spots,only a byproduct of Randy Mercury's big jump-1
9Rich Pratchard (Chat Ranking #72) - Max ValueThe biggest jump from a person on last weeks board is Rich Pratchard. He had all of his bits cheered and the only thing holding him back was his chat ranking being below 75. Now that he currently resides above that threshold, he has the potential for a max value contract+11
10Denzel Maverick (Chat Ranking #12)The first rookie on the big board that doesn't have a possible max value contract but Maverick keeps his big board ranking at #10 with his chat ranking moving up 4 spots from last week-
11Hiapo Kinloha (Chat Ranking #13)Hiapo drops 2 spots on the big board but his chat ranking did jump up 1 spot, however with Mavericks chat ranking now going about his and Pratchard reach his 75 chat ranking threshold the two combine for the drop in spots-2
12Justin Jones (Chat Ranking #31)Jones chat ranking stayed the same but with other peoples jumps up the board he slips by 1 spot on the board-1
13Everett Garrison (Chat Ranking #52)Even though his chat ranking went up by 5 he drops by a spot due to Pratchards big boost. If he is able to keep up the chat ranking movement he may begin moving back up the big board-1
14Ashley Jackson (Chat Ranking #70)A new rookie to the SFL, Ashley immediately cheered all of her bits and has also immediately jumped into the top 75 of chat ranking. This rookie could be a big get in the upcoming draftunranked
15Logan Jack (Chat Ranking #83)Logan moves up a few spots from #18 to #15 even though his chat ranking stayed the same at #83. A prodcut of another rookie dropping off the big board and his bits/checkins being reverified+3
16Kyle Kruger (Chat Ranking #79)Kruger rises 1 spot after another rookie dropped off the rookie big board and being able to maintain his chat ranking for this week+1
17Thomas Ramen Jr. (Chat Ranking #86)Thomas Ramen moves up 2 spots with his chat ranking being bumped up from #93 to #86. He is trending in the right direction to possibly move up the board more+2
18Stephen Hacker (Chat Ranking #112)With his chat ranking jumping up from #127 to #112, Stephen Hacker also jump from #22 to #18 this week on the big board. A healthy jump that could put him trending upwards in the future+4
19Jukin Roukyn (Chat Ranking #120)Jukin was able to move up 2 spots on the big board this week as well even though his chat ranking fell by 2 spots. To ensure he doesn't fall back down the board he is going to need to be more active+2
20Garren Malone II (Chat Ranking #75)Right now Garren Malone the 2nd sits right around the bottom big board. I expect this to change as he gets more of his bits in as his chat ranking is right around the threshold for a silver contract. He could be in line for a very big jump up the big in the next few weeks-5
21Jakob Gustafson (Chat Ranking #34)Rounding out the top 21 for the big board is Jakob Gustafson, he sits in great position for a silver contract and only needs bits and checkins to attain that. Much like Garren Malone II, he could be in line for a big jump up the board in the coming weeks.-12
Alexander Angeal (Chat Ranking #131)
Pharaoh Reigns (Chat Ranking #198)
John Barnhart (Chat Ranking #132)