Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 4 of Rookie Check ins! First Rookie Big Board will have summaries for the Top 5, the future Big Boards will have summaries for the Top 21 Rookies

By Ryan Karpinski (Assistant Director of Player Personnel)

Author’s note: Some positions will change dramatically in the first few weeks with chat ranking, bits and missed check ins being a big part of the Rookie Big Board. Preferred positions will be added next week.

RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Moody Mitchell (Chat Ranking #10) - Max ValueMoody Mitchell is a new rookie being started up by former Superstar FS Mahmoud Ajlouni. He's been a staple in the discord for a long time and as such, with a max value possible contract he gets the top spot on the first rookie big board.-
2Jonny Savage (Chat Ranking #2) - Max ValueJonny Savage has been crazy active in the chat, being able to get up to #2 in the Chat Rankings. Along with this possible max value contract he slides into #2 on the Big Board-
3Reggie Streeter (Chat Ranking #20) - Max ValueComing just inside the top 20 in Chat Rankings is Reggie Streeter, he has a possible max value contract and as the their highest chat ranked rookie he lands at #3-
4Christopher Burnett (Chat Ranking #23) - Max ValueAt #4 and just below Reggie Streeter in Chat Ranking at #23 is Christopher Burnett. If he can stay active, he has the possibility of jumping up into #3-
5Zack Sandlin (Chat Ranking #27) - Max ValueRounding out the top 5 is Zack Sandlin. His Chat Ranking is just outside the top 25 but still gives him a possible max value contract. Much like Brunett, a slight bit more activity he could jump all the way up to #3-
6Thomas Drew (Chat Ranking #38) - Max Value-
7Zachary Bates (Chat Ranking #71) - Max Value-
8Randy Mercury (Chat Ranking #74) - Max Value-
9Hiapo Kinloha (Chat Ranking #14)-
10Denzel Maverick (Chat Ranking #16)-
11Justin Jones (Chat Ranking #31)-
12Everett Garrison (Chat Ranking #57)-
13Jakob Gustafson (Chat Ranking #59)-
14Jamaal Wooding (Chat Ranking #69)-
15Garren Malone II (Chat Ranking #72)-
16Jake Matthews (Chat Ranking #73)-
17Kyle Kruger (Chat Ranking #79)-
18Logan Jack (Chat Ranking #83)-
19Thomas Ramen Jr. (Chat Ranking #93)-
20Rich Pratchard (Chat Ranking #99)-
21Jukin Roukyn (Chat Ranking #118)-
22Stephen Hacker (Chat Ranking #127)-