SFL Communications

October 30, 2018

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to announce it’s roster of players who made the Pro Bowl by community vote and season statistics. The two teams will be drafted by Thomas Paterniti and Max Paul, who will be head coaching the Pro Bowl, which will air sometime before Thanksgiving and feature the San Diego Top Guns and the Miami Goliaths, winning team branding submissions from Anthony Who and EZ Tempel, respectively.

More than 150 community members voted for the Pro Bowl, setting a league record for any sort of voting participation.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how these teams come together and to have a lot of fun in celebrating all of their accomplishments,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Coming off a fantastic and record-breaking night from the Championship, the momentum just keeps chugging forward to the next big event in Miami.”

18 teams had a player make the Pro Bowl. Six teams have five representatives: London, Atlanta, Houston, Alaska, Las Vegas and Mexico City. Alex Dominguez received the most votes of any player, 119 of the 150 votes cast. Optimus Cline received the second most with 105. Players are listed in the order of number of votes received. 13 rookies made the ballot, including Baltimore cornerback Kaz McFly, who received more votes than any other corner and was the only rookie to lead any position in votes, receiving 40.7% of the vote. It just goes to show you, you don’t have to be in the SFL long to make an impact. Rookies are * below:


Ron Cockren – ALK
Christian Christiansen – TAL
Kentez Johnson – HOU*
Shabazz Psynergy – DAL (stat elected. Led league in passing yards and TD)


Jaye Eniola – TAL
Ashly Odom – QCC
Ray Bentley – MEX
Colin Hart – SXF* (stat elected. 2nd in RSH TD, Led RBs in REC TD, 4th in RSH YD)


Optimus Cline – ALK
Junior Senior III – DAL*
DR Sim – HOU
Mike Osayi – DAL
James Hands – LON
Ken Gossett – TAL
Siege Falco – ATL*
Gabriel Manning – SF (stat elected. 5th in REC YD and YPC)
Chris Curtis – QCC (stat elected. 2nd in YPC, 7th in REC YD, tied 5th in REC TD)
Jockamo Jones – DEN (stat elected (8th in REC YD, 4th in YPC, 6th in REC TD)


Tristan Carr – LON
Mike Daggs – MEX
Shann Varner – CHI
Cody Scott – STL (stat elected. 2nd in REC YD for TE, tied 1st for REC TD for TE. 1st in YPC for TE)


Jason Williams* – ALK


Alex Dominguez – ALK
EZ Tempel* – IND
Chad Takkul – HOU
Mike Johnson – LV (stat elected. 2nd in TCK for DT, 3rd in SCK for DT)


Taqwuan Hale – TAL
Scott LeRoux – STL
Tyrone Zeus* – LON
William Davidson – LON (stat elected. 4th in TCK for DE, 2nd in SCK for DE, 2nd in TFL for DE)


Slinn Shady – LON
Aquantis Shyne – ATL
Aman Takess* – BAL
EK Vinson – DAL
Nick Fargo – SXF
Jack Brown – MEX
Avry King – QCC (stat elected. 4th in TCK for LB, 3rd in Solo TCK for LB)
Blake Craize* – IND (stat elected. 7th in TCK for LB, 5th in Solo TCK for LB, 3rd in TFL for LB)


Kaz McFly* – BAL
Maajor Key – VAN
Ryan Michaels – HOU
BJ Armstrong – DEN
Ryan Davidson – ALK
Pat Ketza – ATL
Oskar Dunklee – QCC (stat elected. Tied 5th in TCK for CB, 6t in Solo TCK for CB, tied 4th in PD for CB, tied 1st INT for CB)
Merrick Itera – LV (stat elected. Tied 4th in TCK for CB, 2nd in Solo TCK for CB, 3rd in PD for CB)


Max Jackson – LV
AJ Levye – SXF
Eddie Gauge – HOU
Aaron Lee – ATL (stat elected. Tied 3rd in TCK for SS, 4th in Solo TCK for SS, tied 1st in INT for SS)


Mahmoud Ajlouni – ATL
Giovanni Bolt* – BAL
Maurice Spurgeon – CHI
Jeffrey Daggs – MEX (stat elected, 6th in TCK for FS, tied 5th in Solo TCK for FS, 3rd in TFL for FS, Tied 1st in INT for FS)


Kole Varner – MEX
Matt Rage* – LV (stat elected. Only other 100% kicker besides Varner)


Dustin McRack*