By Hiapo Kinloha

The saga continues tonight after the drama of the semi-finals, as the Mexico City Aztecs went into battle against the Tallahassee Pride to earn a spot at the championship game, a game that turned out to be a very close battle as the two teams were not giving the other any easy chance to win. The two teams played a defensive style of football and the Pride came out on top as the final score was 13-10.

We also had a game between the Houston Hyenas and the Alaska Storm which was to determine who would go to the championship game to play the Tallahassee Pride. That game was also a nail biter. Neither team would give up. It came down to one last play, in which the Storm’s defense came up with a nice red zone stop to clinch the last spot in the championship game, The final score of that game was 20-16.

History will be made as the Season 11 championship game is the first time that the same two teams will be playing each other in a repeat of the previous season’s finale. Will this game become deja vu for the Tallahassee Pride or will the Pride put the demons to rest with a sweet victory against the Alaska Storm? One thing is for sure – this game is going to be a game that no one’s going to want to miss. Both teams will play their style of football but there can only be one winner and on October 29th at 7:30 CT the number one seed Alaska Storm will be hosting the number two seed Tallahassee Pride. There can only be one winner. Who will it be? You don’t want to miss it.

The keys to winning for both teams – it’s definitely going to be which defense can make the stops, but for the Alaska Storm they will wanna make sure that they slow down Jaye Eniola as much as possible because he has became a key focus for the Tallahassee Pride.  No team this season has been able to slow him down properly and he will definitely be a key player for the Tallahassee Pride to give him the ball and for Alaska will want to slow him down as much as possible. On Alaska’s side their defense and “Big Sexy” will have to play a big role if Alaska wants to take home the victory.

The Prediction – I truly believe that this game is gonna be a very back and forth battle between two very good teams but I believe that Storm’s defense and “Big Sexy” is gonna be the team that comes out on top. Final score will be 21-14, Alaska Storm.