SFL Communications

October 29, 2018

The Simulation Football League is proud to announce updates on the league’s 2nd Pro Bowl in the user player era. Alaska Storm Head Coach Max Paul and Baltimore Head Coach Thomas Paterniti will serve in the same roles on their respective Pro Bowl squads, but – for the first time in league history – are giving rookie, aspiring or relatively new scouts, coordinators and coaches around the league the opportunity to learn under them for opportunities that could lead to other jobs within the league in the future.

“The Pro Bowl is going to be so much more this season,” said SFL Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Our coaches will be giving a unique opportunity to some coaches around the league to learn under their guidance – guidance that includes three of the league’s 10 Championships. We are committed to growing our talented coaching pool, to continue being the most dominant and realistic simulation football product on the market.”

The Pro Bowl will be hosted by the Miami Goliaths, a team brand submitted by Indianapolis’ EZ Tempel. The Goliaths will host the San Diego Top Guns – a team brand submitted by Las Vegas’ Anthony Wyo – which received the second most votes in the contest that got nearly 100 participants.

“These could be future SFL expansion teams,” Irvine said. “San Diego and Miami – two major markets the SFL has never had a team or game played in. We’re excited to get things going down in Florida.”

The Pro Bowl Draft is set for Wednesday night on YouTube. Pro Bowl participants will be announced tomorrow. The game’s exact play date hasn’t been finalized, but will be prior to Thanksgiving. Paul and Paterniti will determine the No. 1 pick at random, and then whoever possesses the No. 1 pick can choose to either be the home team (Miami) or select the first player in the draft. The draft will alternate in order after every 10 players selected. Like last season, coaches will have the unique opportunity to make unlimited substitution package adjustments in order to get all of the players on the field the entire game.

Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute details about the SFL Pro Bowl here on simulationfl.net