The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to work with Bitcentral, Inc. for the climatic finish of the SFL’s 11th Season – the SFL Championship Game. Bitcentral’s FUEL platform revolutionizes the way users and fans watch content online and is expected to be a significant contributor to SFL’s ongoing success.

“We are so excited to start a journey with Bitcentral and FUEL,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “FUEL is such an incredible platform for traditional sports and esports, and we intend to showcase all it can do leading up to the Championship Game. It is relationships such as these that can benefit both companies who are growing, looking for proof-of-concept in new spaces, and both have something to offer to a wide variety of businesses and bases.”

FUEL creates playlists relevant to players and teams participating in the Championship Game and through the postseason, showcasing the high-volume of short-form video content produced seamlessly from one segment to the next. Its advertising capabilities allow the league to generate revenue and the league hopes someday these tools can help users more easily watch ads for bits or support the league in general throughout the year.

Using FUEL technology, the SFL will more easily be able to create game highlight reels, player-specific highlight reels, top 10 plays, the SFL Blitz and new pieces of content that will directly tie to the Bits Give Back program. The SFL and Bitcentral look forward to expanding their relationship allowing users to watch games in a more seamless way and provide SFL users and fans 24/7 content on their favorite teams, seasons or topics.

“Bitcentral appreciates the opportunity to play a vital part in this year’s championship season,” said company executives. “Putting the power of FUEL together with the excitement building in esports today is a great combination sure to create ripples throughout sports and entertainment industries.”

The APM Music SFL Championship Game powered by FUEL™

The SFL is now in the process of uploading content for the Championship Game and has the potential to create thousands of hours of new content in Season 12 and beyond. Stay tuned for more information on this groundbreaking partnership.