SFL Communications

October 18, 2018

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music is proud to be moving forward on Season 12 separations with the best simulation gameplay ever created, done specifically through our unique player progression system instituted successfully in Season 10.

“Combined with the NFL’s new emphasis on offense, the SFL now replicates professional football better than any sim football league has ever done,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “How do we know that? Because our numbers are now almost identical to the NFL in a number of critical categories.

The following is the SFL’s Season 10 numbers compared to the NFL’s 2017 season:

Stat                                                   NFL ’17        SFL S10            DIFF.

POINTS PER GAME                        21.72           24.02               (+2.3)

TOTAL YARDS PER GAME            334.0           357.6               (+23.6)

PASSING YARDS PER GAME        224.3           263.0               (+38.7)

RUSHING YARDS PER GAME       109.7            94.6                 (-15.1)

TURNOVERS PER GAME                 1.24             1.75                  (+.51)

“With our simulator’s emphasis on offense, it has always been a challenge giving defenses a chance,” Irvine said. “In the off-season, we hoped that lowering the value of corners and raising the value of receivers against a team’s cap and increasing the cost of high value animations would lessen the offenses’ opportunities to shine unfairly. Turnovers help combat that as well, getting offenses off the field just a touch above the NFL average.”

The following is the SFL’s Season 11 numbers compared to the NFL’s 2018 season*

Stat                                                   NFL ’18        SFL S11            DIFF.

POINTS PER GAME                        23.97            23.47               (-.5)

TOTAL YARDS PER GAME            366.2            362.4              (-3.8)

PASSING YARDS PER GAME        258.4            261.5             (+3.1)

RUSHING YARDS PER GAME       107.8            100.9             (-6.9)

TURNOVERS PER GAME                1.49              1.78              (+.29)

SACKS PER GAME                            2.52              2.34               (-.18)

“This past season, the SFL got closer to the NFL in all metrics, and even added a sixth comparison – sacks per game, per team,” Irvine said. “Much has been made about ‘overpowered’ running games and pass rushers but in fact – when looking at the complete numbers – both categories are lower than NFL averages. The difference between the NFL and the SFL is that we celebrate and actually have defensive superstars because we do not have rules restricting their fantastic play on the field. Another big difference is the lack of depth on SFL teams. Since our players have a higher stamina than the average NFL player, they get more snaps on the field and have opportunities to make more plays. As SFL rosters grow, stamina will be restructured so that individual stats become just as simulation as their individual counterparts of the NFL.

“This is why you can’t buy into the ‘simulation sky is falling’ chatter of daily discussion. When you actually are responsible for combing through the research and analyzing the data, you find that our product is the best and it would literally be hard to achieve this type of perfection anywhere ever again.”


The SFL also can announce today that rosters will remain at 12 per team, the league will remain at 21 teams and the salary cap has been set for 920. No changes to player progression will be enacted at the league level, but some adjustments to the system could come after Owner Meeting discussions and votes in early November. The Rookie Draft is currently slated for one round, but could expand to two with increased demand prior to the start of Season 12 in January. It’s the first planned season since Season 2 that all team owners will return for the following season. The Season 1-2 transition was three times as small.

“We’re working on improving our league on the backend as a whole in 2019, further building out our foundation for an esports takeover in the future and it’s good to see such stability around our organization,” Irvine said. “We had a great season, will address the competitive nature of our schedule in the off-season and are looking forward to building new relationships, staffs, technology and network presentation for Season 12. The 920 salary cap allows for teams to increase their star power from the onsight while not straying too far from our simulation metrics above. It will provide a challenge for teams to reach cap, rewards for players who hit free agency to chase big contracts/new opportunities and will allow players who choose to stay on their teams to lose little-no progression from Season 11, depending upon each team’s situation. We’re excited to get the off-season underway, but there’s still four games left on the Season 11 schedule.”

The SFL Semifinals Doubleheader on Twitch is slated for Monday night, October 22 with coverage starting at 6:30 pm CT. The SFL Championship Game is Monday October 29 with coverage starting at 7:30 pm CT and the SFL Pro Bowl will take place in mid-November.