Written by Christian Christiansen and Xander Gold
Graphics and Published by Mike Daggs

The Regular Season of the SFL is quickly coming to it’s climax, and naturally, so are the weekly Power Rankings. The weeks have come thick and fast and the league’s 21 teams have experienced some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. I don’t think it’s an understatement when I say that it has been an absolute blast to write what is the SFL’s most popular article. We have been controversial at times, and not everybody has always agreed with the decisions made about their teams’ ranking, but I can’t fault the efforts of Christian Pundt, Xander Gold and Mike Daggs this season. Thanks to them, the SFL Power Rankings are excellently presented and meticulously thought out. Speaking of such things, this week’s rankings were just as tricky to organise as ever, especially those teams in the middle third of the league; those teams that are ‘on the bubble’. The biggest movers changed by 4 positions, with a couple of squads rising or falling by 3. You would think at this stage that most questions would be answered, however a plethora of uncertainties remain, and that is reflected in the Power Rankings. This is our final attempt at ranking the whole league and we just want to say thank you for reading, thank you for sparking discussion and thank you for supporting your teams and the SFL. That’s all from us for now. Enjoy the Rankings!

– Matthew Slinn

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
12 - 001And then there was one, Alaska finishes the regular season at 12-0 after a wild ride versus the Las Vegas Fury, where the Storm came back from down 24 points in the largest come-from-behind victory in SFL history. The Storm have managed to go wire-to-wire as the defending champs atop the power rankings this season and enter the postseason with the top seed locked down and as the unequivocal favorite to win it all. Now all that's left to see is if Alaska can be the first repeat champions in league history and, if so, where this team ranks all time.
10 - 102Tallahassee finally drops one and it was at the hands of Dallas. Despite losing Tallahassee is still in a league of their own along with Alaska and they have never left their number 2 spot on the power rankings. Tallahassee will take on Houston this week and try to finish out the season strong and avoid dropping 2 in a row. From there the Pride will be watching Wildcard Wednesday closely as their playoff opponent will be one of the two victorious teams that night.
8 - 303Baltimore's offense might still be ranked in the bottom five of the league, but they have a top six defense and are reading a seven game win streak behind the coaching of Coach Paterniti. He has the Vultures in control of their destiny with a revenge game against the Skyhawks on deck. Smart coaching and a top-of-the-line defense has Baltimore in control of their own destiny and firmly in the contender conversation.
Queen City
8 - 304The Corsairs have been a great team all season and they’ve given us reasons to believe that they could add a fifth championship under their belt the postseason. Queen City has the 1st ranked defense and 3rd ranked offense and they have a chance to win the East after beating their division rival Carolina Skyhawks. Queen City has only fallen out of the top 5 once on the power ranking and they look to have a dominant playoff run with Odom at the helm of things.
7 - 425Chicago, who in week four ranked dead last in these power rankings, appears to be peaking at the right time. In the final edition of these rankings, the Wildcats are ranked at the highest point they have been all season and have broken into the top five after winning five straight. Chicago has been so impressive as of late that they have a better scoring offense AND scoring defense than Baltimore and have beaten the previously undefeated Carolina Skyhawks twice now. They look to have firmly entrenched their playoff position and are, almost indisputably the third best team in what has become a stacked Eastern Conference.
7 - 436Houston has clinched an automatic qualifier spot. In the beginning of the season Houston struggled and they turned on the switch mid season and rode the off and on win streaks they would go on. HOU defeated NOLA to clinch the last Southern Conference spot and young QB Kentez Johnson seems to have a bright future as he’s probably the Hyenas best QB in franchise history already.
Mexico City
7 - 437Right when you thought Mexico City was dead, here they are. While the offense only ranks 17th in scoring, the defense only trails Queen City at second in scoring. The Aztecs are a veteran-laiden team with championship experience and look primed to make another deep run behind Matt Willson and Ramos Lynn.
7 - 4-38Carolina has had their best season by far this season. Carolina started the season off hot going 5-0 before their bye week. Mid season Carolina was the favorites to win the division, but now they aren't in that conversation but they're still in the wild card conversation and this season was a huge upgrade from previous seasons. Carolina will need a win to stay in the playoff contention.
Las Vegas
6 - 5-39Las Vegas needs some help to get into the playoffs but they sure have looked dominant when clicking on all cylinders. With the fifth-ranked scoring offense in the league and a defense that has been significantly better down the stretch, they've been one force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, they've lost some key games this season and are on the outside looking in for the dance. If they manage to find the help they need however, they have real ability to make a deep run. Oh, and they took Alaska to overtime while at one point leading by 24 points... that's got to count for something right?
Sioux Falls
7 - 4110After starting the season off 3rd in the power rankings and staying there for 3 more consecutive weeks, Sioux Falls finds themselves outside of the top 5. Sioux Falls has had an up and down season but still managed to clinch a spot in the playoffs with one game left to go. The sparrows have a chance to snag the auto qualifier spot from Mexico City with a win and an Aztecs loss, but either way they will be in the postseason.
New Orleans
6 - 5-311New Orleans controls their destiny and at this point, that's worth worth celebrating. The Pharaohs were an expansion team probably started the season (and offseason) the slowest of all the new franchises, yet Aaron Arrington, Xander Gold, and Donk Bonkers, have persevered and managed to put the team in an above .500 position, where they should be in line for a trip to Wildcard Wednesday. The possess an above average offense with a QB/RB battery that has shown up on primetime this season and a defense that, at the very worst, gets the job done. New Orleans really has the ability to make a good run here over the next month.
5 - 6012Vancouver had their playoff hopes on life support entering last weekend and they needed a lot of help. Unfortunately, they were not to make a Season 9-like run this season as they were officially eliminated. Vancouver, in a post-Tom Pepper world, has still much to be proud of after largely rebuilding the team full of younger building blocks such as Kody Hill and Franco Sonatti, and investing in league veterans such as Mark Biddix and Trevor Ferrill.
5 - 6013Similarly to the Legion, Atlanta needed to get some help entering last week to stay alive in the postseason conversation. And, again similarly to the Legion, they did not receive the help they needed. This season has been an interesting one for Mark Chisholm, Mahmoud Ajlouni, and Marcus Dunhill, as they've experienced several highs and lows and they tried out a new scheme after investing more heavily into the quarterback position this season. The Swarm look to be one of the prime non-playoff landing spots this offseason and one of the most sought after rookie landing spots.
5 - 7114Tulsa started the season 4th on the power rankings but never found themselves back in the top 5. The desperadoes got off to a slow start, starting out 0-4 and then going 4-0 in the next 4 weeks. There were signs of hope for Tulsa to make the playoffs but after the 4-4 start they went on another cold streak and went 0-3. Tulsa had a great inaugural season last season but had a mediocre season this season. Tulsa will probably make some key changes this off-season and look to return back the playoffs next season
3 - 8-115Denver has looked promising all season but really tapered off as it went along. They seem to be missing some "X Factor" on the team that really forces their opponents to focus on. As a man who comes from the James Cline school of thought, I wouldn't be shocked if this team heavily invests in an overpowered running back this offseason (most likely to be an increased investment from their own in-house candidate). Either way, it's hard not to like what we saw from Denver this season, given that there was never any glaring weaknesses at any spot on this team any point.
2 - 9416Dallas has been ranked 20th four times this season, but this past week they played like a top 5 team and knocked off the, then undefeated Pride team. Dallas finally got to put everything together and it resulted in a win. If Dallas had put everything together more often this season we might be discussing them in playoff contentions right now. Dallas will try to blemish another division rivals season and record when they take on NOLA in the last game of the season.
3 - 8-117This has been a trip. One of the most interesting teams in the SFL will call it a wraps after this week. While the season certainly didn't go as planned, they made new headway in roster construction after signing the highest value player in the league in Nathan Lee, signing a full defensive line, while carrying a generic running back and a pair of generic corners. The team has already began making new and important personnel moves with the promotion of Slinn Shady to co-owner and Assistant General Manager Jeff Melinyshyn to General Manager. They should be in line for another interesting offseason and I can't wait to watch the action unfold.
Oklahoma City
3 - 8-118OKC started off the season 2-0 and has only won 1 other game the rest of the season. This was the season everyone thought OKC would become a powerhouse and that just wasn’t the case. With lots of young and new talent OKC could be on the rise in seasons to come. Despite being ranked in the top 10 four times this season in the power rankings, OKC hasn’t found their mojo and they will look to mix things up and get a win in their last game against ATL.
2 - 9-119Indy is a sneaky good team... The offense may ranked 20th in scoring, but James Richards' signature 5 DB defense ranks third in scoring. And despite being 2-9, they only have a -2 point differential on a per week basis. Yes, that number is somewhat skewed by their thrashing of St. Louis last month, but nevertheless it shows how they've been in every game this season. They've got an interesting offseason coming their way, but I'm interested to see how a team that has as many bright spots (ironically) as the Devils will in their final game.
San Francisco
2 - 9-120The Sharks had high hopes when they signed Cheema at QB this season, but having issues with some of the front office executives, Cheema was released and Rob Roby was picked up. Roby has shown flashes of great potential and despite only winning 3 games the sharks have a lot to be happy about. If the sharks keep this young core together they will be contenders in no time.
St. Louis
2 - 10021Well the Gladiators started 2-1 and then lost nine straight. The Gladiators rank last in scoring offense and 18th in scoring defense, which easily creates for the poorest aggregate scoring ranking. After hot starts followed by long slides that eventually take the Gladiators out of the playoff race, it will be interesting moving forwards to see how they adjust to play the long game. It's well noted that General Manager Scott Leroux has been promoted to the League Office to take over the stats department, leaving an opening at GM. Whoever takes this role will be in an interesting position to retool, while still having the ability to resign a largely active team that includes but is not to QB Dylan Aciel, DT Shane Masters, and SS Ethan Kye.