By Hunter Jones

Offensive Player Of The Week

Jaye Eniola, Running Back, Tallahassee Pride: 34 carries, 351 yards, 4 TDs, 10.3 YPC

Jaye Eniola has been tearing up the league all season. The only major rushing category he doesn’t lead in is carries (2nd behind Ray Bentley) and has a full one-yard advantage over 2nd place in yards per carry. In what’s already been a great overall season, Eniola has potentially put together his best performance yet. Every stat listed above, save for yards per carry (10.9 in Week 4) and rushing touchdowns (has already scored four touchdowns twice before), is a new season high. Eniola is also only 13 yards shy of breaking 2,000 rushing yards on the season, a mark he should all but surpass this week.

Honourable Mention: Keith Swearingen, Running Back, Indianapolis Red Devils: 21 carries, 228 yards, 3 TDs, 10.9 YPC

Indy has had a rough go of it this season. After a promising 1-1 start where they almost took the Tallahassee Pride to the wire Week one and decimated the Vultures Week two, they lost seven games in a row. Thanks to an all-around career day for rookie running back Keith Swearingen, the Red Devils finally notched another one in the win column. Whereas Eniola nearly hit all season-highs in his game, Swearingen did hit all season highs in the stats listed above. This is Swearingen’s first 200-yard and multiple touchdown game in his career. Hopefully he can end the season on a bright note and carry over his career day into next week’s game.

Defensive Player Of The Week

E.Z. Tempel, Defensive Tackle, Indianapolis Red Devils: 8.5 sacks, 10 TFLs

Wow…… That’s about all I can think of saying. In a performance that would seem impossible even for the sack master Alex Dominguez, E.Z. Tempel had the type of game that can’t be replicated. Tempel recorded 8.5 sacks and 10 tackles for loss. 8.5 sacks in a game is a stat nobody should be able to hit, but apparently nobody told Tempel that. That game alone would put Tempel just outside the Top 10 for sacks in the season. While it’s certainly impressive, Tempel has shown he’s definitely no one trick pony. Tempel has been consistently putting up good numbers all season. Before this game, he was already on a four-game streak of two-sack performances. His 19.5 sacks this season puts Tempel second behind Alex Dominguez.

Honorable Mention: Anthony Wyo, Free Safety, Las Vegas Fury: 2 INTs, 9 total tackles

For the second week in a row, free safety Anthony Wyo grabbed two interceptions, this time in a tight win over the London Knights. For someone as often around the ball as Wyo, nine tackles seem a little light given his four 10-tackle games, but it’s still solid nonetheless. Wyo’s 92 total tackles are 4th best among safeties and leads the team in total tackles. His six interceptions on the season has him second on the team in interceptions behind strong safety Max Jackson and tied for 4th in the league.