Written by Christian Christiansen and Xander Gold
Graphics and Published by Mike Daggs

Well folks, week 11 is in the books… let’s bring on week 12!  The race to the playoffs is in full swing and some teams are racing to the top while others are hanging on by a thread.  Some teams… well… they’re planning for season 12 – never too early to get a head start.  This will be the second to last Power Rankings article for season 11, so hopefully Christian and Xander made it a good one..  without further ado – I present to you, the WEEK 12 POWER RANKINGS.

– Mike Daggs

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
11 - 001Seriously, can you guys stop winning? We’re running out of good things to say over at the office. But, on a serious note, will anyone be able to stop this team from capturing their second championship in just two years? I think not. This team has 2 legitimate MVP candidates on the team, with one playing on each side of the ball. Ron Cockren and Alex Dominguez will have to play a huge role if Alaska wants to win another championship and I don’t see anyone stopping that from happening.
10 - 002Jaye Eniola is coming off an all-time game against a team that was playing their hearts out to stay in the hunt and Eniola looks to be the only real challenger to Ron Cockren's MVP claim. Behind Eniola, the Pride appear to be every bit as dominant as the Storm and these two superpowers look to be on a crash course for the championship.
7 - 3+13In what was a nasty, rainy grind it out game, Baltimore prevailed. T-Roy Gaines ran like a mad man, Aman was a tackling machine and Daley Holder caught everything that came his way. Baltimore has now won 6 in a row and they look like the hottest team not named the Pride or Storm in the SFL. Baltimore's next 2 games are very important as they are in a 3 way tie for 1st place of the East with Carolina and QCC.
Queen City
7 - 3+14Queen City is in a really weird spot. The Corsairs are every bit as statistically dominant as the Storm and the Pride, yet they find themselves slated to play on wildcard weekend as of right now. They've had some real dominating efforts this season (highlighted by their all-time blowout of the Gladiators) but have also lost in some very interesting ways. My bet is that the Corsairs finish the year strong after dropping two straight.
7 - 3-25Carolina has dropped 2 in a row and has dropped down to 0-2 against Chicago in their season series. Don't get it twisted, Carolina is still very much a dangerous team in the SFL. Chicago might have their number and Tallahassee is a tough opponent for anyone in the league. This team is in a 3 way tie for the east with the Corsairs and the Vultures. This team will more than likely make the playoffs and to have a successful run they'll need the legs of A.J Francis.
Las Vegas
6 - 4+16Las Vegas has the fifth highest aggregate scoring ranking and they're not all that far behind Carolina. Max Jackson, Tom Ramen, and Robert Redford, look to have finally caught stride behind a top five offense and rapidly improving defense that's flying up the ranks. The Fury are the most untalked about red hot team in the league right now with four straight wins. In my opinion, they are the best 6-4 team, playing in a competitive Western Conference, and being very competitive against their fellow top competition.
6 - 4+37Chicago has completely turned their season around and have a record over .500. Despite the turnaround they still find themselves "in the hunt". Chicago has beaten their rival, Carolina twice this season and they seem to be their kryptonite. Chicago is now on a 4 game win streak and they will look to sneak and fight their way into the wildcard.
New Orleans
6 - 4+38In one of the craziest games we have witnessed this season, Nola looked completely dominant. This was a game for the ages as we saw Aaron Arrington return a Punt for a TD after being M.I.A for the rest of the game. No, literally he did not play any other snaps that game but the play he finally decided to show up in, it was him taking it to the house. Nola reclaimed the 2nd auto qualifier spot for the Southern Conference and boost their win streak up to 5. They will take on Houston this weekend to determine who locks down that auto qualifier spot for good.
6 - 4-19Well hello there Houston. Didn't see you. All of a sudden, the Hyenas look to be in real good shape to make it into the playoffs and look to be in a dogfight for their automatic bid into the Quarterfinals (with the Pharaohs). Rookie QB Kentez Johnson is on fire right now as he's unequivocally inserted himself into the Offensive Rookie of the Year conversation (and silenced the haters - would hate to be one of them at this point) and he's elevated the offense to be ranked sixth in the league in scoring.
Mexico City
6 - 4-110We all knew Mexico City was better than that three-game skid. And we saw it last week as the Aztecs emphatically reannounced themselves to the SFL, shutting down the Sparrows again 16-3 (not only being a massive shot of adrenaline to themselves, but also seemingly delivering a massive blow to a conference rival). The Aztecs still have a struggling offense (where is your once-dominant self Ray Bentley?) and incredibly reliant on Kole Varner (who has had arguably the best season all-time for a kicker), but their dominant defense still gets the job done. Let's see what they've got left.
Sioux Falls
6 - 4-511Sioux Falls offense got shut down by the Aztecs' defense and they looked sluggish as a whole. The Sparrows have now dropped 2 in a row after going on a 3 game win streak. This is only the 3rd game this season that probable Rookie of the Year, Colin Hart has not scored a TD. The Sparrows have been an up and down team this season but they'll need to quickly find themselves before the playoffs begin or they'll be looking at an early exit.
4 - 6+212Andy Hamilton never says die. Or so he says in #sflchat. The Legion are clawing their way back into this thing (maybe something like what we saw Season 9?). Their offense has put up points in recent weeks (versus the Sharks and an ice cold Aztecs team), but they still look like they need to find another gear if they want to make a deep run. The good news? The defense remains ranked in the top ten of the league and is a very consistent unit. They find themselves on the cusp of the playoffs in a tight Western Conference. That, in and of itself, is something to be proud of.
5 - 6-113Atlanta has now won 1 out of their last 5 games and they are on the verge of being eliminated from playoff contention. Last time around ATL beat NOLA on a game winning TD, but this time around NOLA had their number. Marcus Dunhill has improved a lot from the beginning of the season, but his growth isn't being translated into wins lately. The Swarm will need to win their last game and hope for some wins and losses from other teams to slip into the playoffs.
3 - 7+114I'm going to continue fighting for these Denver Nightwings. They've started to slow down as the season has gone on, but they still have the talent and infrastructure in place to be a very competitive team both this season and next. The offense has started to sputter after a very solid start, but the real calling card of this team is one of the league's most consistent defenses. In essence, all of our stats indicate that this team is almost a carbon copy of Vancouver, but with one less win.
4 - 7-215Tulsa is eliminated from playoff contention and they were looking to play spoilers. Tulsa made a late season resurgence but fell just short of a great comeback and making the playoffs. Tulsa played TAL this weekend and couldn't knock off the powerhouse of the Southern Conference and they don't have anymore opponents on their schedule that can make the playoffs, so this team will be looking to gather up some confidence for next season.
3 - 7016London has started to pick it up as the season has gone on and fully embraced what it means to be a team in this league. They've began preparing for next season as they've promoted Slinn Shady to Co-Owner and Assistant GM Jeff Melinyshyn (and I'm not just saying this because Slinn is my editor) and have already began playing spoiler. Just a couple weeks ago, they utilized a well-prepared special teams to headline their upset of a vaunted Queen City team and made them seem much more beatable. The offense still might have something of a turnover problem but the defense looks to be improving. The Knights could have a bright future.
Oklahoma City
3 - 7017OKC started the season out so good and then fell into a dark hole. We were all rooting for OKC to be in playoff contention, but that all ended last week. OKC now has an opportunity to ruin a division rival's season and any chances of the playoffs in two weeks when they face the Swarm. OKC will need to do some deep soul searching this off-season if they want to turn it around next season.
2 - 8+218Indianapolis, in the self-proclaimed "Toilet Bowl" of Season 11, thoroughly dominated a collapsing St. Louis team in their rematch. The Devils are making real changes in a positive direction. James Richards gave EZ Tempel the reigns and we've seen Tom Pepper's efficiency excel as he had been earlier this season and we're seeing the defense be as rock solid as ever. It all seemed to come together this week as they dominated St. Louis 40-7. While we'll certainly see some personnel shifts this coming season, it will be interesting to see how many actual changes they decide to make this offseason.
San Francisco
2 - 8-119San Francisco hasn't had the season they were hoping for, but they do have some young talent and bright spots to look forward to next season and in seasons to come. The Sharks have let a few games slip away from them this season and had they not, we may be discussing them in some of these playoff scenarios right now. If this team keeps the base of the team and add on a little more experience the West should be a little more worried about this team next season.
1 - 9-120Dallas is 1-9 with the worst record in the SFL. But it doesn't feel that way. They've been in most of their games this season and carry an aggregate scoring ranking that places them above teams such as Denver, London, Tulsa, and Vancouver (and ties them with Atlanta). Their air raid offense has seen more balance in recent weeks and appears to be helping their defense to be in a much more manageable position with less possessions to handle. Additionally, the defense has seen higher quality play just in general. If they wind up with the #1 pick then they should be a team that will be much better than their draft position and should be a highly sought after landing position from a rookie's perspective.
St. Louis
2 - 9021After 2 wins early on this season, STL has looked lifeless. This team has some of the best coaches and leaders you can find, but they just can't seem to piece things together. STL is ready for the season to be over and I know they're waiting for the draft so they could find them a rookie that could help them turn it around next season. STL will look to add at least one more win to their record and play spoilers this weekend when they face the Wildcats.