SFL Communications

September 25, 2018

The Simulation Football League and Matt Doyle Designs are bringing the SFL into a new era as Matthew Doyle Designs joins the league as its seventh partner. Under the two-year agreement, Matthew Doyle Designs will be tasked with team and league re-brands to shed our SFL teams from intellectual property of 2K Sports, to give our teams an ‘official esports brand’ upgrade and to give our league the power it needs to showcase itself to potential partners and sponsors in the future.

“We are serious about transforming the way our teams are seen in the sim football community and in the esports world,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Sometimes, you have to put your money where your mouth is and I can’t think of a better partner for the SFL. We have so many creative people in our league and our community and who are involved and contribute to it. This partnership is going to blow people away.”

Doyle hails from Burlington, Ontario in Canada and has worked on re-brands for Wiley College in Texas and Worchester Blades hockey. The up-and-coming Graphic Designer and aspiring Art Director attends OCAD University and has worked as a graphic designer for ENRGI Creative and GamerGFX. He’s set to graduate with a Bachelors of Design degree in May. A self-starter at 14, Doyle has taken his passion and is turning it into a way of life.

“Matthew embodies what the SFL is all about,” Irvine said. “When you have a passion for something – even if you don’t know how to do it when you start – you can put your mind to it and make a career out of it one day. That’s what we provide people in our league – our players, our broadcasters, our writers, our coaches – a place to learn what greatness can feel like.”

Matthew Doyle Designs will be tasked with re-branding SFL teams to still match what we see in the game, but give our teams a modern, more aggressive and energetic vision and provide branding that ties these teams to their different cities, teams and histories in the SFL. Teams will have the option of mixing things up, or keeping things similar to their current look. They also will have the option to own their brand, instead of the league owning it – where in the past neither the league nor the team claimed ownership to team brands.

“What excites me most about this partnership is not only to be able to witness and experience an exponential growth in this unique league, but also to be able to handle such a large task as this one,” Doyle said. “It’s not only refreshing as an artist, but also as an avid esports follower. I look forward to forging new relationships from both a business and personal standpoint. This is very exciting for me and I can’t wait to get started.”

The league will unveil new brands one by one leading up to the start of Season 12 in January of 2019. It is also working on a top-to-bottom brand new broadcast package for its networks, that includes game promotions and full screen player graphics and career records for the Bits Give Back Program. For more information on Matt Doyle Designs, visit http://www.mattdoyle.ca and look out for an exclusive interview with Matthew Doyle during this season’s SFL Playoffs.