Written by Christian Christiansen and Xander Gold
Graphics and Published by Mike Daggs

This week is kind of depressing. Because that’s what week 10 is. It’s depressing. We know who you are and you know who you are. There is, of course, the Space Race going on between the two superpowers in Alaska and Tallahassee, so that’s interesting (“ummm, but Mr. SFL Beat Writer, no it’s not because there’s nothing worse than teams being very good”, me: “get better”). Also, there is a massive battle to be had over the next couple weeks for the Eastern Conference Crown (yes, there are still some VERY pivotal games left to be played and that will send a real contender to a do-or-die wildcard game), and just a cluster of Southern Conference teams vying for the last couple of spots. Here’s the deal: you gotta finish the job. If you’re on a playoff team, go and get those last couple of wins to send messages to the rest of the league and lock-in your seeding. If you’re on a bubble team, then just win your freaking rematch game against that team you know you should’ve beaten a month ago so we can just clear all this up and you can live to fight another day. If you’re already dead, well, then make like a Christian Christiansen and be a troll.

– Christian Christiansen

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
10 - 001There isn't much more to say about Alaska that hasn't already been said. Ron Cockren is charging towards the Season 11 MVP award, Stanley Nordelus is probably the best RB in the game, and the Alex Dominguez has had the greatest season by a defensive player in league history, and he probably had that wrapped up two weeks ago. Only two more teams remain in their paths to an undefeated regular season (and they became the first team to double-digit wins this past week), but Sioux Falls probably represented the last best chance to beat them. I'm not counting out Denver yet as Jeremy Vega is an Andy Hamilton protege (who has taken the Legion to within a dropped pass of victory over the Storm this season) and this will be the first time Max Paul gets to see Jeremy Vega. I'm not even counting out Las Vegas yet since they're red hot and Max Jackson knocked off the Sharks last week. Just kidding. I'm counting them out.
9 - 002Tallahassee had it's toughest test (record wise) this past week against Carolina, and of course they passed. The Pride didn't have as much success with running the ball as they usually did this season, but that's the difference between just a playoff team and a championship contender. The Pride couldn't get Eniola going so they looked towards S10 MVP Christian Christiansen and he balled. The Pride came out on top 38-16 and scored all 5 TD's through the air. Tallahassee will face Tulsa, Dallas, and Houston to finish the season and continue being undefeated.
7 - 203Well Carolina was delivered a smacking by their rival in the Tallahassee Pride, but they still remain at the top of the East. With three games left (and games versus a Chicago team that has beaten the Skyhawks once this season already, a red hot Vultures team, and Queen City), it's all but wrapped up and by no means a gimme. GM/OC/RB AJ Francis and HC/FS Sir Chappell should be in line for many awards if they can win 1-2 of these games down the stretch.
6 - 324The Vultures are circling and it doesn't seem like they're gonna stop until they're feasting in the Championship. This team may be the hottest in the SFL right now. Baltimore went from being ranked 21st and 19th in the power rankings three times to being ranked 4th. TJ, TPat, and the Vultures are completely dominating and if you ask me, they're just getting started.
Queen City
7 - 3-15Queen City has been one of the best statistical teams this entire season with a dominating running game and a suffocating defense, but has managed to drop three games that they really should not have. We have full confidence that the Corsairs will get it back together and will finish out the season strong with real championship potential, but we can't justify placing them over a Carolina team that is currently leading the Eastern Conference or a Baltimore team that has beaten the Corsairs twice this season.
Sioux Falls
6 - 3-16For a team with 4 rookies, Sioux Falls have been meshing very well. The Sparrows are way better than their record shows and with 2 of their 3 losses coming at the hands of the defending champs, there's no reason to panic. Sioux Falls is easily one of the better teams in the league, but they'll need to find a way to stop Alaska soon if they want to get anywhere near the Championship. The Sparrows will need to ride the legs of Colin Hart and the arm of Julian Tyree to remain atop of the league standings.
Las Vegas
5 - 417The Fury could be a sleeping giant. Tom Ramen and Robert Redford have been forming one of the most effective batteries in the league with a defense that has been getting stronger as the season progresses. They are riding a three game win streak, are one of the few teams with a positive point differential, and the fifth ranked scoring offense.
5 - 418It might've been Saturday night, but the D.R. was in! Young QB Kentez Johnson relied on his safety blanket, D.R. Sim, most of the game and he did not disappoint. Racking up 9 receptions for 156 yards, D.R. Sim also made the Dallas secondary look completely mediocre with his end of the 1st half 'Hail Mary' TD grab. Sim leaped up and took the ball away and out of the air from 3 different Dallas CB's. The Hyenas continue to play Houston football and they're hoping this streak doesn't burn out before they clinch themselves a spot in the SFL playoffs.
Mexico City
5 - 4-29Mexico City is better than this. They just are. We've just seen them be dominant too often this season and too often in seasons past to write them off. The Aztecs are riding a three game losing streak and we have to recognize that (and boy will we recognize it next week if they fall to a four game losing streak), but they carry one of the top defenses with an offense that can control the clock and move the chains. They need to stop relying on field goals though. Kole Varner is elite, but he's not going to single-handedly outpace Ron Cockren come playoff time (IF they make the playoffs, yes, that's how far they've fallen).
5 - 4010Chicago is currently 5-4 on a 3 game win streak, but they've been a tough team to figure out. At the beginning of the season this team's chances to make the playoffs looked dull and very slim. Chicago has looked extremely good and rejuvenated and they are currently sitting in 11th place, in the hunt for a wild card spot. Chicago showed that they aren't the Wildcats from earlier in the season with a sheer dominant 37-0 win over STL.
New Orleans
5 - 4111Hi Aaron. Christian here. Sorry not sorry. Mostly the latter. All of the latter. Y'all are riding a four game winning streak and are arguably the hottest team in the league carrying the longest active streak west of Tallahassee and east of Anchorage. Here's the deal: The Pharaohs have been beating good divisional opponents too (20-17 HOU, 28-20 SF, 31-24 DAL, 34-24 OKC) and really putting their opponents playoff chances in jeopardy, but the peripheral stats don't lie. New Orleans is tied for being the third worst aggregate scoring team in the league with Vancouver and Chicago is a pretty hot team themselves with some REALLY big wins. Mexico City's peak has been much higher than either Chicago or NOLA and Houston has been more dominant in games they've played in. Las Vegas has been MUCH more dominant in games they've played in.
5 - 5112Atlanta is right in the hunt for a wildcard spot or even the 2nd Auto Qualifier spot for the south and they helped their case with a decisive victory over Tulsa. The Swarm's defense forced Michael Martin into 3 interceptions and the offense ran through BDG. ATL will need a win over NOLA this week to stay in a reasonable position to make the playoffs.
4 - 6-213Tulsa needs to rebound ASAP. They went on a hot run and brought themselves back to .500 and squarely into the playoff picture. So squarely into the playoff picture that they actually were in line for a bye to the Quarterfinals. And then Alaska dismantled them, and then Atlanta beat them by two possessions. Ouch. Hawkins is working with a team that he's got elevate to the point where neither his offense or defense are particularly below average despite what the personnel might suggest. He's done a very good job. Let's see if he can right the ship again and finish the season at 6-6, which should be enough to make the playoffs.
3 - 6314Vancouver is not dead yet! With a late resurgence, the Legion are in position to make a run at the playoffs. The Vancouver defense has been anchoring them all season and basically keeping them in games they wouldn't have been in otherwise, but this week the offense dropped 31 on a top 3 defense. Vancouver's next 3 games are completely winnable and they'll need their offense to continue putting up good amounts of points to run the table and possibly make the playoffs.
3 - 6-115Denver is right on the verge of elimination, along with the rest of the six-loss teams. They all need some real luck and to really catch their stride quick, but that may not be more true for any team than the Nightwings who have an upcoming game versus the Storm next week. Yup. Good luck. Denver is a good team with a top ten defense, but it's quickly becoming apparent that the first season under Jeremy Vega, while certainly a success and in a very tough conference, may not translate to a postseason trip.
3 - 6016Like Vancouver, London has a chance to sneak into the playoffs with some wins and luck. London has developed a run game with recently signed Rex Ripley and it seems to help them balance out and not be one dimensional. London will have to continue to mix things up and keep opponents guessing on what they'll do next. London is coming off a bye week and will be taking on Las Vegas.
Oklahoma City
3 - 6-217After letting up 34 points in a loss to the Pharaohs, it finally appears as though the Renegades' "bad boys" could be officially punished for their behavior. They are on the brink of being essentially eliminated in a tight southern conference that could produce up to four .500 teams. If OKC can't recapture Deacon Nickens' early season hot streak and rattle off three straight wins in some tough conference games (@Houston, @Tulsa, vs. Atlanta), it could be time to start wondering what changes could be made to this staff and roster.
San Francisco
2 - 7018San Francisco lost a close one to the Fury and that has been the story all season. The Sharks have officially been eliminated from any chance at the playoffs and now it's about getting that young team on track for next season. The Sharks have been on a 5 game skid and they can't seem to find what's wrong. With a few more additions next season and more experience, the Rob Roby-led Sharks could be dangerous next season.
1 - 8119Dallas has officially entered spoiler mode. They just never got it all together this season despite an offense capable of throwing for 600 yards and some slick unis. It's a shame, but it shows the other side to taking risky, rarely-seen builds and playbooks. This shouldn't keep teams from innovating (after all, if you don't, then how will you catch Max Paul?) and Dallas deserves to be commended for going with a four-receiver air raid and attempting to debug the 3-4 defense. The Lobos should hold their heads high and fork over the Vultures/Pride/Pharaohs over next three weeks.
1 - 8120Ah, Indy. This team had so much potential at the start of the season, but they are another team that can't get it going no matter what. The Red Devils have a top 5 defense, but their offense has a lot of trouble finding the endzone. Tom Pepper has been struggling this season, but that's not uncommon for a QB trying to learn a new playbook and system. Next season with the full playbook under his belt, Pepper and the Red Devils should be back in the playoffs.
St. Louis
2 - 8-221We have a new team at rock bottom. The Gladiators peaked at #7 this season and I can say "peaked" with confidence because it doesn't look like they have the time or current available resources to match that at some point before Season 12. If just feels depressing right now for a team that started off with so much potential and saw a lot of that talent translate early on in the season. Now they are tied for the longest active losing streak in the league right now and carry (by far) the worst aggregate scoring rankings of any team in the league.. The Gladiators have the infrastructure to develop something in the near future here with numerous leading personalities, great leadership, and young players who have become pillars on this team and community.