Written by Christian Christiansen and Xander Gold
Graphics and Published by Mike Daggs

I want to give a special thanks to Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, London, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. That was sarcastic. I want to strangle you. Y’all have made this week in power rankings extremely difficult for us and produced the most debate that we have held all season. You made this more difficult than it needs to be. Seriously. Look at this tomfoolery. Just in the Southern conference, New Orleans is riding a three game win streak, Houston is statistically the best team in the bunch, but lost to the Pharaohs, Atlanta has beaten New Orleans, and Tulsa was riding a month-long win streak (including wins over all the aforementioned teams), before getting blown out by the defending champions. Meanwhile, in the East, we’re left here questioning where to place London after they knocked off the statistically best team in the league in the Corsairs IN Buffalo, but did so while seemingly being outplayed. You have used up 72 hours of my life that I will never get back. And I hate you for that. Please keep it simple like Alaska and Tallahassee and just… like… win all the time so all we have to do is say you’re good and move on.

– Christian Christiansen

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
9 - 001Mighty, you've done it again! Just when the SFL nation feels like a team can finally knock off Alaska, Mighty cashes out a reality check. There’s no doubt that Alaska has been the most dominant team in the SFL this season, but they have been finding themselves in some close games this season, but that wasn’t the case with Tulsa. Alaska loves to give off false hope to the rest of the league. I expect Alaska to finish the season undefeated because they're just in their own league right now.
8 - 002Fresh off of blowing out Atlanta in the second half, the Pride look, at the very least, like a 1B to Alaska's 1A rank. And they might be more than that. They carry the top-ranked scoring offense in the entire league with the fifth-best scoring defense (which is especially impressive given how often their starters get pulled). The passing game, running game, and defense, all look to be meshing, and at the perfect time too. The Pride have as good a shot as anyone to make a deep run.
7 - 1+13After a tough loss to the Wildcats, the Skyhawks reassert their dominance. AJ Francis went on an absolute tear against the Gladiators, racking up 347 yards rushing and tacking on 4 TD's on 27 carries. Carolina was on a mission to remind the SFL who they were before the loss and who they plan to be going into the playoffs. This week Carolina will look to be the first team to knock off TAL in what could be a game of the year candidate.
Queen City
7 - 2-14Queen City is coming off a bad loss at home to London. However, it's not as bad as you might think. They significantly outgained the Knights yardage-wise and, for the most part, outplayed them all night. But a kickoff return touchdown proved to be the nexus play and it cost the Corsairs. Still, Queen City retains the highest aggregate team ranking in the entire league and the second best point differential. They may carry two losses, but QCC is as dangerous as ever and could still very well be the best team in the Eastern Conference.
Sioux Falls
6 - 205The Sioux Falls Sparrows found themselves in another close game, this time with their division rival, San Francisco Sharks. In a game where rookie sensation Colin Hart scored all of the team's TD's by himself (6) the Sparrows still found themselves in a tight battle with the Sharks. Don't get me wrong, a win is a win, but for this team to go deep into the playoffs, Julian Tyree will have to show up alongside Rookie of the Year candidate Colin Hart and throw that ball into the endzone.
5 - 3+16Say it with me... Thomas Paterniti has officially turned around the Baltimore Vultures. Since starting 1-2 and dropping his first game to make the Vultures 1-3, he has directed Baltimore to winning four straight games, which is the longest streak outside of Alaska and Tallahassee. They have a tough game next week versus Queen City and, if they can pull that one off, they could see a big jump into the top five.
Mexico City
5 - 3-17A wise man once said defense wins games, and while that has been true for the most part, it wasn't true in Houston this past weekend. In a game where Mexico City arguably controlled the whole game, they let Houston drive down the field with less than 1:30 left on the game clock and score the game winning TD. Now, a defense that only gives up 17 points to a team with HOF'er DR Sim on the roster is a great one, but you gotta get those key stops to win games and even championships. The Aztecs will also need to get their offense more into a groove because if they do, I have no doubt in my mind we'll see this team deep in that Championship run.
Las Vegas
4 - 4+38Here's where the real controversy begins. Love 'em or hate 'em, Las Vegas has been one of the most dominating teams in the league. Yup. Let's ignore that .500 record for a second (which includes two tough losses to Alaska and Mexico City). The Fury carry the fifth-ranked scoring offense and the fourteenth-ranked scoring defense (which ranked closer to dead last just a few weeks ago), which gives them a combined aggregate ranking of scoring offense/defense of sixth place among all SFL teams. This is a team that ranks well ahead of Baltimore and Mexico City, while winning three of their lost four games after losing by just three to Storm. Also, they own a +2 points per game total, which is the only positive number of the teams that remain to be ranked.
4 - 4+39Boy O' Boy', is Kentez Johnson cold blooded. To be a rookie and have the poise to drive down the field for a game winning TD on the #2 defense in the league is something worth noting. The Hyenas might've got themselves a steal with the #17 pick of the draft and he just went and stole them a win from the Aztecs. It's like a chain reaction! Houston is currently the #10 seed for the playoffs and they'll be looking to further secure their spot in the playoffs with a win against Dallas this week.
4 - 4010And just like that, the Season 9 Championship runner-ups are right back in the mix. They've won four of their last six and two straight, including knocking off the previously undefeated Carolina Skyhawks in a decisive victory. They may have followed that up with a somewhat disappointing 6-3 victory over Indy, but Chicago still looks good. QB ET King is a former MVP and Jared Willis has provided a nice jolt to the offense since his signing.
4 - 5-211Despite getting manhandled against the Storm, Tulsa has a strong team and I still feel like their improving every week. Tulsa is still in a good position to make a run at the playoffs, but they may need to run the table to be shoe-in. Tulsa will take on the Atlanta Swarm this week in a pivotal matchup. The winner of this game will probably have the last wildcard spot for time being, so expect a great competitive matchup between the two.
New Orleans
4 - 4+212New Orleans has now won three straight games and are coming up screaming from the depths of the Power Rankings. They've been one of the most impressive teams as of late and now are firmly within the playoff picture. Aaron Arrington looks to have really built an offense around Xander Gold and Donk Bonkers, all while putting together a defense that has been extremely impressive. The entire Southern Conference has just been impossible to rank. I mean look at this: New Orleans has beaten Houston, Houston has beaten Atlanta, and Atlanta has beaten New Orleans. We're in a conundrum.
4 - 5-513Atlanta always seem to play Tallahassee tough and that was the case this time around....for the first three quarters. In the fourth Atlanta showed fatigue and let the Pride blow the lead wide open. The Swarm has been a streaky team and it seems like they're struggling to get BDG Hollewood going. ATL has Tulsa this weekend and will look to get their revenge from week 7. Once ATL finds a way to get BDG going again, it will take pressure off of Dunhill and they'll be even more scary.
3 - 6-114Denver is a better team than their rank indicates. They've drawn the short end of the stick in the Western Conference. They carry an aggregate team ranking that is better than Baltimore and substantially better than the other three win teams in the rankings. Additionally their points per game differential is a flat zero, which is nearly a full touchdown better than the next couple of teams. The dissenters, will say they've dropped two straight games, but they've played two good team teams very closely (Las Vegas and Sioux Falls).
Oklahoma City
3 - 5015OKC had a bye week and on that bye week they have acquired two new players. One being a CB and the other being a TE. The Renegades are looking to gear up for the red hot New Orleans Pharaohs. OKC will need to key in on Donk Bonkers if they want to have any shot of stopping the Pharaoh's offense. OKC lost in their first meeting, but now looks to even up the season series at home.
3 - 6+116London is coming off a big upset win over Queen City -- but they only rise one spot. They still carry the fourth worst aggregate ranking in the league and were outplayed in the game, despite the win. Is it a fluke? Tristan Carr has been talking about running the table and this is certainly step one in doing so. They carry the offense to do it and anything can happen, but we chose to hedge our bets this week given what we've seen from London recently. If the Knights do it again the week after next (bad time for a bye week), they will grab some serious helium.
2 - 6+117Vancouver went into the bye week having a top 10 defense and while it doesn't correlate to their record, their defense has been a very dreadful one to play. If Vancouver found a way to get more production out of their offense this team would be very dangerous and possibly in the hunt for the playoffs. Vancouver should find ways to get Kody Hill the ball because they'll need him in the future if they want to someday make the SFL championship.
San Francisco
2 - 6-218The peripheral stats seem to have caught up with the Sharks. San Francisco carries the second worst aggregate ranking, with the twelfth-ranked scoring offense and twentieth-ranked scoring defense. They haven't won in a month. It can't be a fun time to be in the Bay Area. All's not for lost though, the Sharks may represent the bottom of the Western Conference and edge on the periphery of playoff chances, but they have won some ugly games and as long as they manage to mitigate another team's offense, they can win a game where their opponents might be more uncomfortable, given the gameflow.
St. Louis
2 - 7019During the first few weeks, the Gladiators defense was looked upon as one of the best in the league. Now, people aren't really scared to play this defense anymore and I feel like with a few adjustments this defense could be a top one in the league again. St. Louis hasn't won a game since week 3 and they desperately need one. St. Louis has had a few bright spots this season, with one being rookie safety Ethan Kye, who is a legitimate candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year, but I don't think that'll be enough for the Gladiators to forget this disappointing season so far,
1 - 7020Dallas carries the fourth-ranked offensive scoring offense and a defense that ranks dead last. Ouch. It's a shootout for the Lobos every week -- and that's not a bad thing. That means they have a shot in every game they play. A defensive gameplan can go wack if Dallas throws it 45 times and connects on the majority of them. There might be some real issues with their team, but that doesn't mean they're screwed. It looks like a foregone conclusion that they won't be in the playoffs in a conference where most of the teams are around .500 and in the thick of the playoff hunt. Dallas's offense on any given week can decimate a defense. There's a very real chance they can finish as a 3-9 or 4-8 team and that's a good way to end a season.
1 - 8021Despite not winning since week 2, this Red Devils team is definitely better than their record. Indianapolis' defense is ranked 6th in points allowed and that has really kept them in some games this season. Bringing in Tom Pepper this team definitely had hopes of reaching the postseason, but it just hasn't panned out that way. The Red Devils lost a 6-3 game to the Chicago wildcats, in a game where neither offenses could get it going. The Red Devils will look to get some much needed rest and find out what's going wrong within their game plans and schemes.