By Various Writers

Indianapolis Red Devils @ Baltimore Vultures                                                                  By Jeff Melinyshyn

It was an Eastern Conference rematch from Week 2. In that matchup, Indy destroyed Baltimore to a score of 30-7. This time around, Indy wasn’t so lucky. This was the only game this week that did not feature a single touchdown from either team. Both teams traded two field goals in the 2nd quarter. In the 3rd quarter, Baltimore held a 9-6 lead. In the 4th quarter, Baltimore would score two more field goals. Indy needed a touchdown late but just could not muster enough good solid plays to find their way into the end zone. Indy quarterback, Tom Pepper, threw three costly interceptions. His stats line for the game was 30 out of 44 for 206 passing yards. On the flip side, Baltimore quarterback Mike Dazzo had a subpar performance which means that the Baltimore coaching staff wanted him to be more of a game manager in this one. His stat lines were less off than Tom Pepper’s, going 15 for 25 for only 110 passing yards. In a matchup of rookie running backs between Troy Gaines for Baltimore and Keith Swearingen for Indy, one might have thought that they would for sure break a hundred yards in rushing, but that was not the case. Troy Gaines finished with over 100 all-purpose yards, getting 97 on the ground and 48 receiving yards. Swearingen, on the other hand, did not break a hundred all-purpose yards. He had 61 yards on the ground and 26 receiving yards. Indy has a very solid defense, but with the numbers put up by Tom Pepper you would figure they would have more than one win. Indy wide receiver Eli McCormick, had a stat line of 94 receiving yards on 9 catches and no scores respectively. McCormick torched the Baltimore secondary every chance he could, and he made a couple nice catches along the sideline. Baltimore receiver Garren Malone, had a lackluster game catching just one ball for 6 yards. Daley Holder and Shea Carroll finished with 25 and 31 receiving yards respectively. The Indy defense could not get a turnover when needed or when time was pressed against them. Kaz McFly, Baltimore cornerback, picked off Tom Pepper twice and Giovanni Bolt, Baltimore’s free safety, picked Tom Pepper off once. Baltimore strong safety Tony Willis led the team in tackles with 9, while Paul Connolley led Indy in tackles with 8.

The loss knocked Indy out of playoff contention after making the playoffs last season. With the loss, Indy is now at the bottom of the Eastern Conference by themselves. Although, like all teams, I am sure they are not going to give up and fold. They now can play spoiler to other teams that are on their schedule. Remaining schedule for Indy is a Chicago (3-4) team that beat undefeated Carolina, a St. Louis (2-6) team that is struggling, losing 5 in a row, a rough Vancouver (2-6) team, and finishes off with a struggling London (2-6) team as well. Indy has a favorable remaining schedule with no team above .500, although Chicago could hit .500 with a win this weekend. As for Baltimore, the win moves them to 5-3 in the Eastern Conference. They are two games back of first and second place with Carolina already having their bye week. The remaining schedule for the Baltimore is the Eastern conference co-leader Queen City (7-1), then a Southern Conference opponent in Dallas (1-6), then London (2-6) and finishing the season with Eastern Conference co-leader Carolina (6-1). If they can win one of the tough match ups against either Queen City or Carolina, and take care of business against Dallas and London, that would move their record to 8-4 and probably still in third in the East unless Queen City or Carolina fall off the map. Still, 8-4 in a tough Eastern Conference is no slouch and they could make noise come playoff time. But there is only one way to find out what happens and I believe that Baltimore is the must-watch team along with Queen City and Carolina to see how this playoff race shakes out.

Sioux Falls Sparrows @ Denver Nightwings     By Rob Roby

First Half: Midway through the first quarter halfback Colin Hart scored a 15-yard touchdown which put the Sparrows up 7-0 against Denver. The slow first half was a game on contention as both teams defenses held each other at bay for much of the first half. With 2 minutes left in the half, Quarterback Josh Miller threw an interception to cornerback Bobby Carpenter who made it a pick 6 and extended the Sparrows lead to 17-3. 20 seconds later Denver QB Miller throws another interception to CB Andrew Nyberg. The Sparrows marched back downfield and scored another touchdown off the legs of Hart on a 12-yard scamper for a touchdown which put the Sparrows up 24-3 at the half.

Second Half: Both he Sparrows and Denver defenses were stingy in the 3rd quarter which contributed to a scoreless 3rd quarter and 27-3 game. Early in the 4th Jackomo Jones caught a deep pass from Miller which put Denver in the red zone for the first time of the day. HB McChesney continued to churn his way until he was in the end zone for a TD on a 4-yard carry which made the score 27-10. With just over 4 minutes left in the game, CB Osiris Pelican tallied his first interception of the year which gave Denver a little bit more hope for a comeback. Miller took Denver back downfield to the Sparrows red zone, but Denver had to settle for a field goal with just under 3 minutes left in the game. An unsuccessful onside kick set the aggressive Sparrows up for a 25-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Julian Tyree to Shawn Harrelson making it a 34-13 game. Denver eventually put up a late touchdown drive as Miller threw a touchdown to Jackomo Jones for his 8th touchdown reception on the year. The Sparrows come out victorious 34-20 with a strong showing from Julian Tyree who had 262 passing yards and a TD on the day. Colin Hart racked up a solid 118 yards on the ground with 2 touchdowns. Despite the loss, Denver had 157 yards on Kick returns out of 315 total yards.

Oklahoma City Renegades @ Dallas Lobos By Ethan Kye

A tale of two teams who have been on a losing streak. They met up in week 1 where the Renegades pulled off the win 37-33, a close game and only slightly different from the tale of the second match up, let’s get into the story of love, pain, excitement and the lots of defeat.


Starting off the first quarter Oklahoma City Kicks the ball to Dallas, as Dallas lines up for their first play they decide to give Oklahoma City a little love as Shabazz Psynergy does an interception to Brady Clarke off the first play Brady Clarke would run it in for score. Dallas will get the ball back and move it down the field but only walk away scoring a field goal, another drive by Oklahoma City in a punt then another Dallas Drive would lead Junior Senior lll in scoring position who would run all the way down the field for a touchdown untouched. The score would be 10-7 with Dallas leading the charge, ending the first quarter.

A late in the first quarter punt by Dallas would leave Oklahoma City in a less desirable field position then they could ask for. The Lobos would capitalize by dropping JW. Doyle in the endzone for two points. they would continue to go back and forth until Blake Pepper with pick off Shabazz Psynergy. The Renegades with failed to move the ball down the field and have to punt where they would pin the Dallas at the 1-yard line and and what sack Psynergy in the endzone for two points. Now the Renegades defense has outscored their offense by 9 points total. Dallas will kick the ball down the field where okay see you would recover it and move it down the field to attend field gold Range where they would kick a field goal bringing the score to 12 – 12 that would end the first half.


Going into the second half Dallas starts the game by kicking off to Oklahoma City. the running games would work the ball down the field to the Lobos End Zone and Nickens would throw a touchdown to tight end to DeSean Carter bringing them up by 7. Dallas would answer back with their own through a Psynergy to Osayi connection. That would end the third quarter at 19 – 19.

The fourth quarter would begin and it would be a back-and-forth battle up until about 3 minute ark of the 4th. Oklahoma City with kick a field goal bringing it up 22 – 19 Oklahoma City leading. Dallas would get the ball on the kickoff and move the ball down the field to the Red Zone only to come up short and have to kick a field goal find the game at 22 – 22. Bringing the game into overtime.

Both teams will be having a defensive battle up until Peewee Ruben’s would get his first pick of the season and OKC would capitalize off of it with a field goal with only five minutes left on the clock to walk away with the win.

Carolina Skyhawks @ Chicago Wildcats          By Chris Colon 

Week 8 at The Thunderdome
SFL regular season 11
Carolina Skyhawks @ Chicago Wildcats
“Undefeated, no more”

The Carolina Skyhawks came into Chi-Town confident. Riding high on a 6 game winning streak. Unbeknownst to them…Chicago was prepared to protect their house. As the Skyhawks walked into Chi-Town undefeated but left the game 6-1. However, Carolina put up a valiant effort.

First half
The Wildcats won the coin toss but elected to defer to the second half. The Skyhawks return the ball to the 26 yd line. A couple plays go by and the Wildcats forced a 3 and out. Forcing a punt. Chicago now takes over for their first series. Chicago came out strong marching up field. Quarterback E.T. King was getting passes off really well. Runningback Jared Willis runs one in the endzone for a TD. That was his 2nd of the season. Willis was just getting started. After the extra point Chicago led, 7-0. The Skyhawks took over after the kickoff and again the Wildcats forced a 3 and out. Carolina had to punt the ball away. A few plays go by and Carolina gets a sack from Defensive Tackle Beaurivers Monroe. Forcing a punt with a minute and change left in the 1st quarter. Proving to be tougher than originally thought of. The Wildcats defense forced yet another 3 and out. Though the Carolina defense gave a spark to the game as they come away with an interception. The quarter comes to an end on an incomplete deep pass. The 2nd quarter is underway as the Skyhawks were looking to move the ball to midfield. Looking to get something going. Quarterback Jacques Luyindula finds his Gold star receiver Harish Prasad as the Skyhawks make it to the Wildcat 35. That was all they could afford as Chicago forced another punt. Taking the ball on their own 3 yard line. Chicago was moving the ball relying on Willis but could not reach midfield as Carolina forced a punt at around the 7 minutes and 34 seconds mark of the second quarter. Struggling all first half against Chicago’s defense. Finally getting something going. Carolina effectively moves past midfield. Moving to Chicago’s 30 yd line. Out of nowhere a strike from Luyindula finds its way to Harish Prasad’s hands for a Touchdown. With the extra point good, Carolina ties up the game at 7 all. Chicago takes the kickoff and returns to their own 29 yd line with 3:33 left in the first half. Chicago fighting back with a series of their own. Bringing the ball up field on a series of plays that culminated in Jared Willis’ second td of the game. Bringing the game to 14-7. Carolina takes over with 59 ticks left in the first half. Not much would happen as we head into the second half Chicago leading the Skyhawks 14-7.
First half team stats:
Chicago: 14 points, 91 pass yards, 80 rush yards, 171 total yards, 12:30 T.O.P and 9 first downs
Carolina: 7 points, 44 pass yards, 38 rush yards, 82 total yards, 9:04 T.O.P. and 3 first downs

Second half
The start of the 2nd half saw the Wildcats come out with the hot hand. Marching up field. Quarterback E.T. King finds his players. A couple plays later he connects with receiver J.C. Torres for a passing TD. It seemed as if it would fall incomplete but Torres makes a nice cut on a post slant and snatched the ball out of thin air before it hit the ground. The extra point was good. The Wildcats extend the lead to 21-7. So the Skyhawks take over moving the ball to Chicago’s 31. Short on time, the Skyhawks attempt a 47 yd field goal that went through for 3. The Wildcats lead shortened to 21-10. Penalty was called on the Skyhawks Defense for a late hit. On the next play the Wildcats throw an interception to the same defender. Quarterback Luyindula connects on a deep pass to Prasad. Only a few plays later the Skyhawks would turn the ball over and throw an interception as well. 3 and change left in the 3rd quarter. Chicago would move the ball but Carolina would force a 3 and out. Going back and forth as the 3rd would come to a close. The 4th quarter would see the Skyhawks moving up the field effectively until Luyindula throws his second int of the game. Fighting back and forth, later in the quarter the Skyhawks would throw another int that would give way way to another rushing TD for Willis as he completes a hat trick. Extending the lead to 27-10. Carolina would eventually score a touchdown of their own in garbage time on an Aj Francis rushing TD. Bringing the score to 27-17
That would end up being the final in this one as the Wildcats stop the Skyhawks momentum and end their undefeated record. As the Skyhawks fought hard they go home 6-1 capping off the greatest start to any Skyhawks season in franchise history. Going 6 games winning until they would have their first loss of a season. The Wildcats defended home turf as they showed up big against a talented Carolina bunch. This was the first of two games. The Wildcats know that this was not an easy win. The Skyhawks also know it too. Both squads head into their next games awaiting for the second match up vs each other. For now Chicago will focus on Indy as they head to The 9th Circle for a Week 9 battle with the Red Devils. The Skyhawks prepare for a 2nd round battle in week 9 with The Gladiators at Budweiser Stadium in St. Louis.

St. Louis Gladiators @ London Knights             By Dylan Aciel

A rematch of an intense week 1 contest, London and St. Louis somehow made this game even more of a nailbiter. The game started off with a bang as Jeff Melinyshyn fumbled on the opening kickoff, giving St. Louis 3 points to start the game. St. Louis proceeded to ride this momentum to a 10-0 lead, shredding the London defense through the air and on the ground. London relied on an air attack that made several key plays, but a series of sacks resulted in a halted offensive start. London was able to cut down on the sacks and drive down the field, but a Freeman Peltier interception halted the drive and ended the quarter at 13-0 St. Louis. The second quarter started with St Louis punting from their own endzone after two sacks, giving the Knights great field position. London once again failed take advantage of their strong offensive play with another endzone INT. Adding on to the misery for London, Ray King-Ball died and was carted of the field by the stadium morgue staff, though luckily his ACL remained intact. Lee was so saddened by Ball’s death (presumably) that he he threw another interception, picked off by rookie safety Ethan Kye. However, on the St. Louis side, the offense had stalled, as Denzel Diaz remained the only target in the game through the air and ground, countered easily by London’s strong defense. Lee and the Knights continued to dominate in the passing game, but red zone turnovers killed them, totalling 3 in the first half.As the second half began, St Louis was hurt by several dropped interceptions and a horrendous 3rd down conversion percentage, while London’s offense finally picked up steam. Lee gashed the St. Louis secondary again and again, taking the lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. However, the 4th started with another red zone turnover, an interception by Ethan Kye. St. Louis drove down the field, with Dylan Aciel making several key 3rd down scrambles, and a Matthew Martin field goal gave them the lead with 1 minute left. However, a key Nathan Lee bomb to James Hands got the Knights down to the 10 with 30 seconds left, and they kicked a field goal as time expired to win the game. Dylan Aciel threw for 218 yards, no touchdowns or interceptions, and 3 carries for 35 yards. Denzel Diaz finished the game with 14 receptions for 106 yards, along with 51 rushing yards and a touchdown. Cody Scott finished with 4 receptions for 93 yards, including a 55 yard tip drill. Freeman Peltier and Ethan Kye finished with 2 interceptions and Colin Douglas with 1. For London, Nathan Lee threw for 507 yards, 2 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Rex Ripler ran 4 times for 12 yards and Ray King-Ball died. The Hands brothers and Tristan Carr each had 9+ receptions and over 100 yards each, with James Hands leading with 13 receptions for 211 yards. On defense, William Davidson had 3.5 sacks and 6 tackles and Slinn Shady finished with 9 sacks. And finally, Andy Hamilton finished with 25 “AND HE’S STOOD UP AND DROPPED”s, putting his total at 272 for the year.

San Francisco Sharks @ New Orleans Pharaohs                                                                By Matt Burnham

Coming off a defeat against the Mexico City Aztecs, the 2-4 Sharks were swimming in the Gulf looking to make their way ashore into bayou territory. Hungry and smelling blood, they invaded. But the 2-4 Pharaohs had fortified themselves, preparing for the amphibious assault and ramping up their offensive power for a counter attack. The struggle that ensued caused one of the craziest 4th quarters of the season so far.

The Sharks
A pick from CB Camden Hoffman in the endzone on New Orleans’ first drive looked to be a good omen for the Sharks. To stop a drive like that is devastating, but to allow the Pharaohs to gain the ground they did meant that the offense would have to go to town. By looking at the stats, you could say they did just that. QB Rob Roby threw for 408 yards, his highest so far this season. Hitting WRs Gabriel Manning and Mickey Martino the most in the last few games (with a few to TE Matt Burnham), the stat alone would make you think that this offense was on fire. However, even with 41/59 for completions and only 2 picks, not a single passing TD was scored – almost 250 of those total passing yards were made in the 4th quarter alone. HB Ogun Zulu ran for 74 yards on 21 carries, below his average of 86. For all intents and purposes, this game turned into a shooting match.

The Defense came away with 1 pick and – for the most part – excellent run coverage against Bonkers. The only sack of the game belonged to San Francisco’s defensive line. However, the secondary was hampered by precision throws and excellent route running on the part of the Pharaohs offense; the passing game was tough and consistent both over the middle and along the sideline.

The Pharaohs
Things started off a little rough with a clipping call (the bane of the SFL) against New Orleans on the very first kick-off return. Regardless, this would not be an ill omen. Their offense looked strong and consistent in this showing, with major contributions from QB Xander Gold, HB Donk Bonkers, WRs Matt Wolfe, Ermac Jaxen, and Leroy Brown as well as their TE Brock Lee. Gold threw for 290 yards ¬– his highest passing this season – as well as 1 TD and 1 interception. Bonkers was stuffed consistently and held to only 53 yards compared to his 81-yard average. Even so, when the time came to shine, Ra looked down on the Pharaohs in mercy and granted Bonkers 2 rushing touchdowns as majestic as the Nile.

New Orleans’ defense came away with 2 picks; one by CB Aaron Arrington as well as a legendary one made by rookie LB Garry Bertier off the back of Sharks TE Matt Burnham. Arrington also had a kick return TD late in the 3rd quarter that would be their last score of the game, while they also have a blocked field goal to their name. The 4th quarter belonged to the Sharks offensively, but even that wasn’t enough to save them.

The Gist
This one was a battle through the air again, but unfortunately the Sharks didn’t really show up until the 4th quarter. Even a recovered onsides kick – 2 for 2 for K Rahzaterian Sloan – from backup WR Tommy Gunn couldn’t save them; even with Rob Roby’s 408 yards passing, they were unable to make it happen. The Pharaohs showed a high level of overall offensive and defensive achievement and should be very proud of the work they have put in. The Sharks will continue to hone and fine tune the play book and training regimen, though at 2-5 the clock is ticking on their playoff endeavors.

The Pharaohs will be sacrificing burnt offerings to Horus for their victory as they move to confront the Dallas Lobos, while the Sharks are looking to snatch a victory from the JAWS of defeat when they take on SXF. All coming up this week.

Vancouver Legion @ Las Vegas Fury               By Max Jackson

Andy Hamilton shared his thoughts the night before the game, “I think both our teams are coming in strong. We’re both playoff contenders and this is one of those games where whichever team wants it more tomorrow is going to get the win. I don’t think a loss for either of us condemns us from the playoffs, but a win certainly would help. We have similar builds, so whichever team gets more productivity out of our stars will come out on top.”

In week eight, the Las Vegas Fury looked like the team everyone thought they would be after week 1, when they routed the San Francisco Sharks 41-7. The Fury’s high-scoring offense and potent defense were on full display Sunday. Robert Redford rushed for two touchdowns and 214 yards in an impressive resurgence and the Fury held off a furious second-half Vancouver rally to beat the Legion 41 – 34. The Fury defense picked off Mark Biddex four times coming from CB Merrick Itera, and the three safeties Anthony Wyo, Max Jackson, and a 90 yard pick six from Jack Burton.

Early in the 3rd quarter Kody Hill broke free for a 65 yard run for a TD and then Biddex tried to rally with an air attack of 376 yards in the 4th quarter to get touchdown passes to Brett Killian and Trevor Ferril, to total three for the night. The Legion had no answer for Redford who kept Thomas Ramen needing to do little work in the air, with just 139 yards passing, however he did tally two impressive touchdowns, one each to rookie receivers John Blades and Brett Funk. It came along with two inceptions, one from star CB Trey Lawson.

During one of his many post-game outbursts, Max Jackson remarked, “We are who we thought we were.” The Fury bounced back in a big way after losing to the usually low-scoring Mexico City Aztecs. It was a tough loss for Vancouver, who was coming off their own close lost last week against the Alaska Storm. Las Vegas moves to 3-4 on the season while Vancouver falls to 2-6.

Houston Hyenas @ Tulsa Desperados             By Ryan Michaels

The Houston Hyenas came in to Tulsa desperate for a win to stop their current losing streak and keep themselves in playoff contention in a tight race for the Southern Conference. Tulsa was looking to continue their win streak and stay hot in to the back part of the season.

Houston’s quarterback Kentez Johnson was accurate with most of the passes he threw on the day, completing 73.17% of his passes, but a very crucial key to the game was his 3 interceptions he threw to coincide with his 1 touchdown. Warren Murray was a beast all game long, compiling 152 yards on the ground over 21 carries for 2 touchdowns. This week Badr Ajlouni was Kentez’s favorite target this week hauling in 8 passes for 107 yards on 11 targets.

For Tulsa, quarterback Michael Martin was very efficient on the day, completing 75.76 % of his passes for 307 yards, 3 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Sonzo Robinson continued to maintain his usual effectiveness on the ground, amassing 70 yards on 21 carries and 1 touchdown. It was a great week to be Andre Godspeed as Martin slung the ball his direction early and often, giving Godspeed 9 catches for 126 yards and 1 touchdown on 13 targets.

PoTG – Tulsa QB Michael Martin – 25 of 33 for 307 yards and 3 touchdowns

Honourable Mention – Houston RB Warren Murray – 21 carries for 152 yards and 2 touchdowns

Alaska Storm @ Mexico City Aztecs                By Chris Colon

Estadio Azteca at Mexico City, Mexico
Week 8 Season 11
Fan Night Game Of The Week
Alaska Storm @ Mexico City Aztecs
Commissioner Cameron Irvine and Steve Mulinax on the call

The undefeated Storm traveled way south for a week 8 rematch of week 1. The 5-1 Aztecs hosted the 7-0 Alaska Storm. Both teams playing lights out football and are in contention for the playoffs. Both teams were playing for Western Conference lead. If the Aztecs were to win. They would end the Storms undefeated streak and pull off a major upset. The Storm however were in no laughing matter. As both teams hit each other hard for four quarters.
Alaska starts the game off on a decent return from the opening kickoff. Cockren and company moved the ball rather smoothly on the opening drive. Running and passing the ball. Moving the ball on a 13 play nearly 6 minute opening drive and scoring with a field goal. Mexico City handed the ball to Ray Bentley. Bentley was moving. The Hall of Famer Matt Willson was moving the ball with beautiful throws. However the Storm defense would force a turnover on downs and go deep down field after the punt. Cockren would release a bomb down field to receiver Optimus Cline. Alaska was on the move until MXC defender Moises Avita picks up a sack on Cockren toward the end up the first quarter. This game was played like a slobber knocker. A Real tough, intensive match up. The quarter comes to an end and as the Storm start off the 2nd quarter. Qb Ron Cockren throws an interception. Matt Willson on the next play gives the ball back as The Storm get an interception of their own. However MXC takes the ball back yet again from another interception thrown by Cockren. Back and forth action in this one. Not much happened on the field offensively aside from an Alaska Storm touchdown. Both defenses were taking over. As Alaska’s Ron Cockren threw his 3rd interception of the game. The Storm defense came out angry. Forcing a field goal in the redzone. The game was tied at 3 all with 3:31 left if the first half. Mexico City forced a huge 3 and out. Looking confident, Willson was looking to put his team in a great scoring situation. Only the Storm forced another 3 and out going into the half. Though both teams were playing hard. Both teams were tied at three a piece. Both defenses stopping the other’s offense. There would be no score until midway through the 3rd the Storm would kick a field to take the lead 6-3 at the 6 and change mark. The air was thick and intense with many defensive stops. Each defense going tit for tat forcing turnovers. It was in the 4th quarter however when the Storm would take away an int thrown by Willson. Toward the end of the game and the Storm would take over and score two more field goals to win the game 12-3. Both teams showed huge passion and proved that defense is key and Kickers can make a huge difference. Great defensive matchup. The Storm now head home to The Eye to host The Tulsa Desperados as Mexico City head to Hyena Den Park in Houston to take on the Hyenas.

Queen City Corsairs @ Atlanta Swarm             By Marcus Dunhill

First Half

Queen City at 6-1 comes in to face the 4-3 Atlanta Swarm. Atlanta wins the coin toss and chooses to kick. On Queen City’s first drive they are unable to move the ball with a run for no gain and two incomplete passes. QCC punted the ball back to Atlanta. On Atlanta’s first drive they didn’t get much further, BDG had a 1 yard run. On second down Marcus Dunhill through an incomplete pass. 3rd down Dunhill completes a 7 yard completion to Siege Falco. Atlanta Punted the ball back to Queen City. On Queen City’s second drive AJ Caswell throws an interception to Pat Ketza on first down. With two complete Marcus Dunhill is able to pick up the first 1st down of the game. After a few runs for BDG Hollewood, Dunhill throws it short on 3rd down to bring on the field goal unit. Alexx Kid hits a 36 yard field goal giving Atlanta the lead. After two short runs to Ash Odom AJ Caswell is able to hit Dupree Hudson for Queen City’s 1st down. After hitting Dupree Hudson for a second 1st down, AJ Caswell finds Chris Curtis for a 35 yard touchdown. After nearly going 3 and out, on third down Dunhill hits Siege Falco for a 62 yard completion. On 3td down Dunhill throws a 12 yard touchdown pass to LB Allen. On the following drive AJ Caswell efficiently moves the ball up the field with a combination of passes, runs by Ash Odom and QB sneaks. On3rd and goal however Atlanta is able to hold Queen City to a field goal. Atlanta gets the ball back on a failed drive where they ran twice with BDG and threw an incomplete pass to bring up 4th down and the punting team. After Ash Odom picks up a first down for Queen City AJ Caswell is sacked by Jose Fuentes. After the sack Caswell throws an incomplete pass and Queen City Will punt the football. Queen City is able to down the punt on the 1 yard line. Trying to get out of their own endzone, Atlanta hands the ball off to BDG Hollewood who is safetied by Zane Doty. Caswell continues that mix of throws runs and QB sneaks to keep Atlanta off balance and move up the field. Queen City caps off the drive with a 30 yard touchdown pass from AJ Caswell to Chris Curtis. Atlanta is unable to respond goes 3 and out. They punted the ball back to Queen City with 2 minutes left in the half. Going into the two minute warning Caswell hits Curtis for a 27 yard completion. AJ Caswell then finds Curtis for another large completion of 24 yards, down to the 9 yard line. Queen city is unable to find the endzone and kicks a field goal. Atlanta decides to run the clock down to 0 and go into the half. Queen City 22, Atlanta 10.

Second Half

On the first play of the second half Marcus Dunhill finds Javon Walker over the middle for a 23 yard gain. Following that play Marcus Dunhill throws his first interception of the game to Oskar Dunklee. Queen City could not take advantage of the turnover, and after a first down pass they ended up going 3 and out and punting the ball back to Atlanta. On Atlanta’s second down play BDG Hollewood breaks free for a 29 yard run. After a very close first down run my BDG Holewood Atlanta stalls out and is forced to punt. Pinned back at their own 7 yard line on third down AJ Caswell is able to hit Chris Curtis for an 18 yard first down. On second down AJ Caswell throws his second interception to Pat Ketza. Unable to runt he ball Atlanta goes 3 and out punting the ball back to Queen City. What follows is several failed possessions by both teams. With 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter on third down Marcus Dunhill hits Siege Falco for 23 yard gain. This drive for Atlanta is capped off by Oskar Dunklee getting hi s second interception of the game. Queen City is able to move up the field with a combination of passes and runs to move to the 1 yard line and take over 5 minutes off the clock. On 3rd and goal Queen City tries a qb sneak but is unable to get into the endzone. After a field goal Atlanta gets the ball back with 2 minutes left down by 15. Unable to move the ball Dunhill turns the ball over to Queen City on 4th down. Queen City is able to pick up a first down with Ash Odom and run out the clock. Queen City Wins 25 to 10.