By ‘MightyRx’ Max Paul

Welcome to another installment in the ‘I SPY’ series. This week, we’ll be taking a look at Queen City at Indianapolis Week 7 prime time matchup.

Week 7 vs Queen City Corsairs

Here we see the Corsairs come out in ‘split spread: 90 y quick out’. The Red Devils counter by deploying their 5 star secondary in ‘nickel: 2 bump’. At the snap, there’s instant pressure in quarterback AJ Caswell’s lap caused by defensive tackle Bryan Dagger, as he drives center Roderick Kidd backwards. That slight pressure causes Caswell to have to move to find a new throwing window and throws off the timing of the quick slant.

Here, you get a great look at the pressure that caused Caswell to have to relocate and the ball skills of Indy corner, Von Seniuk. Seniuk does a phenomenal job of remaining in the receiver’s “back pocket”, which means he’s trailing on purpose because he knows he has safety help over the top in case he gets beat going after the ball. This was an exemplary job by the entire defense of operating as a unit and every member doing their job.

It’s not all about sacks and tackles for loss when it comes to defensive line play. They’re an unheralded group that often get overlooked when they’re not involved in highlight plays. But tiny things like pressures, clogging running lanes, or beating blocks that force backs into other defenders arms are the difference between good defenses and great defenses. It all starts up front.

Be on the lookout for more plays that ‘I SPY’ on!