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SFL Communications

August 28, 2018

DENTON, TX – The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music finalized Twitch Partnership status today, per the league front office. Roughly 30,000 of 2.1 million Twitch broadcasters – or 1/9 of 1% of broadcasters – are awarded Twitch partnership, and are awarded Twitch partnership based on live viewers, followers, subscribers, front page success, chatters, hours viewed and more.

“I am thrilled to have finally reached a milestone that I believe our community deserves,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Our community is unique and has so much support from so many different places around the world and organizations within the SFL. I can’t wait to continue our evolution and reach more people than ever before. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.”

The Simulation Football League is enjoying a tremendous season full of growth. Some examples are listed below:

  • Three new teams – Las Vegas, New Orleans and Baltimore – are in the fold, plus one new owner – Denver – and all four of those teams hold at least a 2-4 record and are battling for playoff positioning.
  • While adding the bit progression and bits give back programs plus three new teams and 36 roster spots, player progression is virtually unchanged – from 93.8% last season (full season) to 93.5% this season (through six weeks of progression)
  • YouTube viewership is up 20% over last year through the first seven weeks of the season.
  • Twitch viewership is up 55.5% over last year through the first seven weeks of the season.
  • The SFL reached peak viewership in the 100s zero times without last season’s Twitch front page boosts. It has peaked in the 100s five times this season without Front Page boosts, including a new record 113 during Week 5’s Fan Night tilt between the Oklahoma City Renegades and Atlanta Swarm.

Only roughly 50 Twitch streamers that are partners play primarily football video games and have more viewership than the SFL, according to twitchmetrics.net, putting the SFL in elite company in the space, despite using a game that is 12 years old, far less popular and is played on an out-of-date gaming console.

Twitch partnership benefits include custom video quality settings, custom league emoticons, custom emoticons and ad-free viewing for subscribers and the ability for the channel to further monetize its content.

Pursuit of new partnerships and further growth continues behind the scenes. Efforts for a summer 2019 Convention in another city will continue through 2018.

Irvine will be attending the Esports Business Summit in Las Vegas from October 1-3, representing the SFL and SFL interests in hopes to attract new business, opportunity and partnerships.

The SFL’s 11th Playoffs will begin Wednesday October 10 with Wild Card Wednesday, pitting the No. 7 and 10 seeds, along with the No. 8 seed hosting No. 9 – the playoff format from last season unchanged. The SFL Quarterfinals will take place Sunday October 14 and Monday October 15, with Sunday’s evening slate seeing the 3/6, 4/5 matchups. The Wild Card winners will face the top two teams on the 15th.

The league’s Semifinal Doubleheader will take place Monday October 22 and the SFL Championship Game will be played a week later, Monday October 29. Wild Card Wednesday and the SFL Championship Game are expected to be carried on the Twitch Front Page, with the Championship Game slotted on the Front Page the day after TwitchCon concludes. The Front Page approval process takes time, and the league nor Twitch can guarantee front page until days before an event. Our Partnership status helps better assure those requests are processed and awarded.

The Simulation Football League is built from the ground up. Outside of the AI we use to sim, player progression, our rulebook, our process and our talent is homegrown and could not be done without the amazing people who contribute behind the scenes. Without the help of our community, we would not stand where we stand today. The SFL wants to take a moment to recognize the fantastic work done by so many at the league and team office level (not including team coaches), in alphabetical order:

  • Mahmoud Ajlouni, Atlanta General Manager
  • BJ Armstrong, Denver General Manager
  • Aaron Arrington, New Orleans Owner
  • Erik Barkley, Queen City Owner
  • Jack Brown, SFL Podcast host
  • Mark Chisholm, Competition Committee / Atlanta Owner
  • Christian Christiansen, Beat Writer / Tallahassee General Manager
  • James Cline, Carolina Owner
  • Chris Colon, Beat Writer
  • Crash Combs, Dallas General Manager
  • Liam Crowter, SFL Webmaster / Competition Committee / London Owner
  • Chris Curtis, Play-by-Play Commentator
  • Mike Daggs, Director of Broadcasting / Play-by-Play commentator
  • Ryan Davidson, Alaska General Manager
  • Marcus Dunhill, Analyst / Beat Writer
  • Trevor Ferrill, Competition Committee
  • AJ Francis, Competition Committee / Beat Writer / Carolina General Manager
  • Xander Gold, New Orleans General Manager
  • Frank Goodin, Tallahassee Owner
  • Andy Hamilton, Director of Digital Content, Social Media / Play-by-Play commentator / gameday tech support / Statistician / Vancouver Owner / Vancouver General Manager
  • Dion Hawkins, Tulsa Owner
  • Levant Irvine, Analyst
  • Michael Irvine, Oklahoma City Owner / Oklahoma City General Manager
  • Merrick Itera, Beat Writer / Las Vegas General Manager
  • Max Jackson, Las Vegas Owner
  • Tim Johnston, Baltimore Co-Owner
  • Hunter Jones, Beat Writer
  • Ethan Kye, Beat Writer
  • Scott LeRoux, Director of Statistics / Statistician / St. Louis General Manager
  • Markem Lopez, Analyst / Statistician
  • Ramos Lynn, Analyst / Podcast Analyst / Mexico City Co-Owner / Mexico City Co-General Manager
  • Garren Malone, Baltimore General Manager
  • Micky Martino, San Francisco General Manager
  • Jacen McGee, Sioux Falls Owner / Sioux Falls General Manager
  • Jeff Melinyshyn, Statistician / Beat Writer
  • Ryan Michaels, Podcast Analyst / Beat Writer / Houston General Manager
  • Ryan Moats, San Francisco Owner
  • Steven Mullenax, Competition Committee / Analyst / Dallas Owner
  • Colin Northrup, Play-by-Play Commentator / St. Louis Co-Owner
  • Rick Northrup, Analyst
  • Thomas Paterniti, Baltimore Co-Owner
  • Max Paul, Beat Writer / Alaska Owner
  • Tom Pepper, Indianapolis General Manager
  • Andrew Rastelli, Director of Player Personnel
  • James Richards, League Merchandise Partner / Play-by-Play Commentator / Indianapolis Owner
  • Rob Roby, Beat Writer
  • Kanye Rockafella, Tulsa General Manager
  • Nacho Sicario, Queen City General Manager
  • Duane Schindler, Competition Committee / St. Louis Co-Owner
  • Demond Simien, Play-by-Play Commentator / Houston Owner
  • Jermaine Smith, SFL President
  • Matthew Slinn, Director of Digital Content, simulationfl.net / London General Manager
  • Maurice Spurgeon, Chicago General Manager
  • Michael Truilo, Play-by-Play Commentator
  • Shann Varner, Analyst / Chicago Owner
  • Jeremy Vega, Competition Committee / Beat Writer / Denver Owner
  • Eric Vinson, Play-by-Play Commentator
  • Matt Willson, Analyst / Mexico City Co-Owner / Mexico City Co-General Manager