Written by Christian Christiansen, Xander Gold, and Matthew Slinn
Graphics and Published by Mike Daggs


Now how does that feel? You should be proud of yourself. You really should.Maybe you’re doing fine and you either have a playoff spot virtually locked up, give yourself a pat on the back. Maybe you’re not doing so hot and you’ve basically been eliminated already. Cheer on up, you’ve made it this far, let’s keep it gucci and keep the grief in-house. Maybe you’re in the middle and on the bubble. That might be the best because there’s so many possibilities. Six more games and you have the same amount of wins as you have losses (which was true at season’s beginning too), it’s like opening day all over again. Some of y’all are playing game #6 this week, so ignore all that and reread it again next week.

Anyways, we have a rankings we are really proud of this week after all the hellfire and blankness of the first half of the season has been sorted out. You like your rankings? Good job, you earned it. Job’s not done though. You don’t like your rankings? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s opening day all over again.

– Christian Christiansen

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
6 - 001They continue to roll.They don't look beatable. They've tied the league record for most consecutive wins. Even in a game where San Francisco brought their "A" game, didn't make mistakes, and kept bringing the punches, Alaska still outplayed them in virtually every facet. The Sharks counted by 3s and the Storm counted by 7s it seemed. They aren't in the clear for sure, but they have outclassed everyone they've faced this entire season. Max Paul's week-to-week coaching brilliance, coupled with an MVP bid season from Ron Cockren, see the Storm look to be pulling away in the playoff race and are easily the team to beat.
6 - 002Can anyone beat this team? Like, for real. The Pride just find ways to win and the magic doesn't seem to be running out. Tallahassee are on a one way trip to the championship and they're riding the Jaye Eniola train. Despite a rather close game with the OKC Renegades, Tallahassee just looks completely unstoppable and you've got to give a lot of credit to their defense for the success as well.
Queen City
5 - 1+13What? Not Carolina? Even just a few days after some folk were saying that they "don't see QCC as a top 3 team" and only a week after we praised the work of AJ Francis and Sir Chappel? Hear me out. Queen City is the best aggregate scoring team in our metrics (they rank second offensively and third defensively, which is even better than Alaska's first-ranked offense and sixth-ranked defense) and they have the best point differential in the entire league (yes, that's heavily influenced by their historic day against the Gladiators, but that game will weigh heavily on us, especially given it's ingrained in our minds, happening less than a week ago). Take away a long, late touchdown pass in the Baltimore game (a major rivalry game, so the Vultures brought their "A" game I might add), and the Corsairs are 6-0 and they would've given us a debate to be had for the #1 spot. They've been so dominant this season and especially last week that we had a serious debate about putting them in the #2 spot above Tallahassee, so it's not just Carolina that we're picking on.
5 - 0-14Sorry Carolina!! Just blame the drop on your opponents for not showing up last week. The Skyhawks had a week to rest and gear up for the rest of the long season. Let's hope this bye week doesn't slow them down any. A second match of the season against London awaits.
Mexico City
4 - 105The Aztecs are meshing. We saw it last season and we're seeing it this season. Mexico City has started slow the last couple of seasons before coming together and having an outright dominant squad that they take down the stretch and into the playoffs. After their great team performance in a comeback win versus a better-than-advertised Las Vegas team, a defense that ranks second in scoring through the first half of the season, and having four straight wins (with their only loss being on opening day to the Storm, IN Alaska) I'm ready to move them from the "outside shot" group to "contenders" group. They have a legitimate shot at being the team to break Alaska's continuous win streak and win the Western Conference.
4 - 206In a defensive game and an instant classic, ATL drove down the field and crushed the purple and gold hearts of the Pharaohs. In a game where neither team had scored a TD until the 4th Quarter with seconds left on the clock, ATL's offense still showed signs of life throughout the game. ATL has now won 3 in a row and it feels like they're just getting started and finding their groove.
Sioux Falls
3 - 207They're coming off a bye, but what has happened to the Sparrows' offense? After starting the season as arguably THE MOST dynamic group, they've fallen off to 19th in offensive scoring. However, they still carry an all-timer in QB, Julian Tyree, OROY hopeful in Colin Hart, and the fourth-ranked scoring defense. This feels like more of a slump than anything else, but it has to be concerning that they've been beat up by two of the league's elite teams and they still have to face each of them twice.
3 - 208Houston got a chance to watch film and think about what went wrong against Tallahassee. Houston was on a 3-game winning streak before running into the undefeated Pride, so expect them to get things back in order and try to start another win streak in Week 7.
3 - 3+49Could Baltimore have made it any more difficult for themselves against London? Some will say that they were lucky; others will say that they deserved the victory. All I can say, is congratulations on reaching .500. This is a milestone for a team that looked lost in the first two weeks of the season. Under Head Coach, Thomas Paterniti, the Vultures seem to know just how to win and with Giovanni Bolt leading the interception charts, they have a baller they can build success around.
San Francisco
2 - 3010Ahhh...San Francisco. You have the 'Golden Gate Bridge', the 'Fisherman's Wharf', the beautiful 'Golden Gate Park' & then you have the Sharks. The Sharks have been an up and down team. Just when we think they have something brewing, they go on and get beat by 32. That's okay though, because they faced the defending champs. SF is a young, upcoming team & in a few seasons Rob Roby will be shredding defenses and welcoming them to his All Pro.. excuse me, I mean his "All Throw Party".
St. Louis
2 - 4-211After the first three weeks, the league seemed to think that the Gladiators were set to have their greatest season yet, gaining a positive record and making the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. That vision is still a possibility, but it will take a mighty effort to recover from the 62-3 drubbing they took at the hands of Queen City. This game really summed up the gulf in class between those franchises at the top of the tree, and those fighting to get there. St. Louis have great owners and very knowledgeable coaches. If anyone can react positively after such a result, they can.
2 - 3+312During the early portion of the season, the Wildcats looked like a team in rebuild mode following their bitterly disappointing Season 10 campaign. Fast forward to the present day, and that rebuild is looking more promising than ever. Yes, they're only at 2-3, and it's true that their victories have come against two franchises in their conference that are struggling. But, with some old heads leaving and new blood coming in, a new lease of life might be injected into that Chicago locker room, bringing with it results. They may not make the playoffs, but things are looking up for the Wildcats.
2 - 4-213There's something about Denver that I can't quite figure out. They have one of the better defenses in the SFL, one of the top two quarterbacks in the SFL (based on QBR) and a young and enthusiastic owner. Yet, they lose 17-10 to a Vancouver squad who are struggling themselves. The Nightwings are a lot better than their 2-4 record suggests. They could be the surprise of the Western Conference. They just need to go out there and take it.
Las Vegas
2 - 4-214Las Vegas.. the home of gambling and the most explosive kick returner in the league, Max Jackson! The Las Vegas Fury team isn't done gambling on Redford to run the rock and wear opposing defenses out and why should they be? It's clear that getting Redford involved will always be part of the Las Vegas Fury's game plan but if they found a way to get Thomas Ramen more efficient looks they would be so much more dangerous.
Oklahoma City
2 - 4-115Oklahoma City aren't skidding down the rankings, they're freefalling. Four straight losses now plague the experienced franchise, although a much better showing this week against The Pride does show some signs of life. It's fairly simple for the Renegades; get Deacon Nickens firing again. Nickens is a player set to join the elite quarterbacks in this league, but he needs to consistently show it. OKC live and die on the play of their signal caller. They need him to step up.
2 - 4+316Back to back wins for Tulsa? Oh boy! The last thing the league needed to do was give this young Tulsa team confidence. The Desperados are finding their groove on both sides of the ball and that's very scary and unfortunate for their future opponents. After losing 4 in a row, Tulsa has now won 2 straight games by a combined margin of 31 points. I feel a complete 360 turnaround incoming and if they actually do make the full 360 degree turn, and not just 359, watch out!
2 - 4+417The Vancouver Legion caused a mini upset this week by beating the Denver Nightwings 17-10, resulting in a rise up the rankings of four spots (the most of any team this week). As had been the story all season for Vancouver, the defence frustrated their opponents and made it a tough, low-scoring affair, on this occasion doing just enough for Vancouver's offence to seize the victory. The Legion now sit at 2-4, but will need to keep on improving offensive production if they are to have any chance of coming out of a stacked Western Conference.
1 - 5018London dropped 4 in a row after an impressive comeback victory against the Gladiators in Week 1 , coming into this game against Baltimore. London almost changed that in a 4th Quarter thriller. The last 2 minutes of this game was insane and showed us just how much potential this London Knights team has. It's not too late for this team to turn things around and sneak into the playoffs but they NEED to establish a run game in order to do so.
1 - 5-319The Indianapolis Red Devils look like a team in disarray. Since their solid performance in Week 1 against the undefeated Tallahassee Pride, and a Week 2 destruction of Baltimore, the Red Devils have succumbed to four consecutive defeats, with each one bringing a more disheartening performance. Touted as a safe bet to reach the playoffs, Indy will need a major upturn in performance to live up to that expectation. There is a shining light amongst the gloom however; they have the talent to do so. The Red Devils have one of the more talented rosters in the East, if not the SFL, and should they click, Tom Pepper and his men could see themselves in the promised land come the end of the regular season.
1 - 4-320Again, this Dallas team just can't seem to put a full game together. After a bye week, the Lobos came out of the gates flat. Dante West, who has been one of this team's bright spots, accumulated yet another interception in hopes to try and get a spark out of his team, but yet again they fell short. Shabazz Psynergy and Mike Osayi has to be a top 5 QB/WR combo, and this duo continues to seek ways to contribute just enough for the team to capture another win. Dallas doesn't have a obvious weakness and they could be very dangerous. All they need is for both sides of the ball to show up to the game at the same time.
New Orleans
1 - 4-121Once again, New Orleans find themselves at the bottom of our power rankings. A narrow 10-6 loss to the visiting Atlanta Swarm condemned the Pharaohs to three straight defeats, mainly due to an offence that is struggling to fire. New Orleans have failed to score above 20 points in every contest during this 3-game skid, something that must improve if they hope to win in a high-scoring league. Their defence is relatively stout, and the secondary does force a good amount of turnovers, so if Xander Gold and his offence can start scoring more points, don't expect to see the Pharaohs propping up the table for long.