Written by Christian Christiansen, and Xander Gold
Graphics and Published by Mike Daggs

It feels like all is normal in the SFL. The Storm are on top, the Pride are just chasing them… wait… the Skyhawks… are 5-0! WOW. Did anyone see that coming? Looking forward on their schedule, it’s not all that difficult to see them at 8-0 and finish as a 10+ win team. Sheesh. Anyways, welcome to the grind of the season. Where teams are playing games that won’t be remembered at season’s end other than as a digit in the win-loss column (quite important I might add), player’s are getting cut left and right, and beat writers start dropping off. Yeah, sorry for this coming out so late. Just kidding. We don’t apologize.

– Christian Christiansen

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
5 - 001Alaska? At number one? Again? Yes, again and I just don't see any team beating this squad. Out of all the undefeated teams Ron Cockren and the Alaska Storm look the most dominant.
5 - 002We’ve seen that dominant Season 10 Tallahassee Pride reemerge the last few weeks after blowing out New Orleans and Houston. Even after letting up some garbage time points in last week’s game, they rank second in scoring offense and sixth in scoring defense, which is tied for the second-best aggregate in team rankings with Queen City. The Pride look to be all systems go with a pretty rough slate of teams coming up in what should be a gauntlet of a midseason for them.
5 - 003In a close game with lots of questionable decisions form both teams, the Carolina Skyhawks prevail and remain undefeated. With the best start to a season in Carolina history they look for real. The AJ Francis led offense looks nearly unstoppable and the Sir Chappell led defense is definitely a top 5 D in the league. Perfect playoff team formula if you ask me.
Queen City
4 - 114If it wasn’t for a late go-ahead touchdown pass from Mike Dazzo to Garren Malone, the Corsairs would still have a zero in the loss column. Queen City poses a great offense ranked fourth in scoring, with a defense that statistically matches that. This is a team with real leadership on and off the field at the pinnacle positions of quarterback and running back, and their talent isn’t to scoff at either. They have no weakness and is a very real threat to win it all – again.
Mexico City
3 - 125After being embarrassed week 1 by the Storm, The Aztecs are looking really good. Kole Varner has been Mexico City’s main scoring source, but that’s okay because once Bentley and Wilson start finding the endzone the Aztecs know they’ll be unstoppable.
3 - 226Marcus Dunhill and BDG Hollewood have been lighting it up for a very different Atlanta Swarm team this season. They’ve switched from being a struggling offensive team with a top-tier defense to one with the third-ranked scoring offense and the seventeenth-ranked scoring defense. However, I have to believe they’ll put it together. Atlanta always rolls out good defenses and it would be a shock if they still rank where they are by this time next month.
Sioux Falls
3 - 2-37I know I speak for the whole SFL nation when I say this season has been full of surprises and not even a guy with bifocals directly in front of the T.V saw this coming. Who would've thought a Julian Tyree led offense would get shutout? Certainly not me. Disappointing start? Yes, but it isn't time to panic Sioux Falls. With a few adjustments this team could be right back into the top 5 and a labeled a legitimate Championship contender.
3 - 2-28Houston is in an interesting situation. They have very real talent at quarterback and running back in rookie sensation Kentez Johnson and the league’s defending rusher in Warren Murray. But neither can stay healthy! Johnson hasn’t missed nearly as much time as Murray, but the Hyenas have to worry about the pounding his body is taking after absorbing ten sacks last week in Tallahassee. Meanwhile, it seems like Murray has missed chunks of multiple games already. Law of averages suggests to me that they’ll be healthy the rest of the way, which should lead to an already stellar offense improving and a defense reestablishing itself as it’s ranked only eighteenth in the league right now. One final note, the Hyenas have to worry about how they’re performing on the big stage after getting blown out by the two top tier teams on their schedule thus far.
St. Louis
2 - 309In a close game with a revamped Baltimore team, St.Louis falls short by 3 points. A turnover generating STL defense only forced Dazzo into 1 interception and let up 361 total yards but still only let up 17 points which is quite impressive. St.Louis will need to get Diaz going next game if they want to slip out a W against the Corsairs.
San Francisco
2 - 2510San Francisco just keeps finding ways to win games. This rag tag group of rookies running the show has managed to beat two teams off the James Cline coaching tree in the Nightwings and the Legion – of which they have previously never beaten an Andy Hamilton-led team. However, the peripheral stats don’t look great for this team. They rank just seventeenth in offensive scoring and are averaging a point differential of -8 points every game. Double however, a lot of those stats are being weighed down by the opening week blowout to the Fury and they have an improving defense that ranks thirteenth in scoring. I’m interested to see where this team is going.
2 - 3011Denverrrrr Nooooo!!!! You did what Seattle should've done against New England... except you did it on the opposite end. Okay, all jokes aside Denver seems to be an up and down team with a great defense. If this team could get more production from their offense they would definitely be way scarier to opposing teams.
Las Vegas
2 - 3512The Fury are coming off a week where they beat the Nightwings after Denver had some questionable late game play calling and failed to execute on routine plays. Even with only one real signature win, Las Vegas looks like a real contender with some really good peripheral stats. They rank sixth in points scored behind the highest-paid player in the league Robert Redford and rising rookie quarterback Tom Ramen, while also ranking fifteenth in points allowed. The Fury have room to rise and could catch fire down the stretch.
2 - 3613Baltimore seems to be finding their mojo. Garren Malone has been the safety blanket of this WR corps but they've been getting production from all aspects of their team. This defense has been taking the ball away from opposing teams. Baltimore's defense may be fairly overlooked by some people but I notice you guys TPat and TJ.
Oklahoma City
2 - 3-414Oklahoma City what’re you doing!? The team has made some really questionable decisions the last three weeks including, but not limited to, their three-straight losses to the Pharaohs, Nightwings, and now the Swarm. This team ought to be better than this with the fifth-ranked scoring offense piloted by Deacon Nickens and supported by a cast lacking an incompetent player. The hitch? Their defense ranks dead last in points allowed. The Renegades need to fix things fast before this snowballs and ruins a perfectly good team with real talent and a smart build.
1 - 3-215Coming off a record setting and dominating performance against London, Chicago took on Queen City and put up a fight for most of the game but ultimately fell short. The Wildcats are showing some signs of life but they're gonna need to find more production within that offense if they want to see more wins.
1 - 4-416Indianapolis is a better team than their ranking indicates – probably. Just look at the teams they’ve faced: @Tallahassee, Baltimore, @St. Louis, @Queen City, and vs Carolina. That’s a combined 17-5 opponent’s record. The Devils will pick it up here soon as their still-respectable numbers despite their opponents would indicate (15th in scoring offense and 11th in scoring defense). Tom Pepper might not be winning the MVP this season, but they are far from out of the playoff picture, especially in a top-heavy Eastern Conference.
1 - 3-117I'm pretty sure Dallas used this bye week to get rejuvenated and look over the playbook and see exactly what's going wrong. This team is ranked 19th in points allowed per game but they have the pieces there on defense such as Ray West, Cain Vasquez, & Dante West (team leader in ints) they just have to put it together.
1 - 4-418The Knights are falling down the ranks quickly after four consecutive losses and have become the first team this season to make a head coaching change. With Nathan Blake replacing Liam Crowter on the sidelines, he’ll look to improve upon a very top-heavy team in talent that ranks ninth in scoring offense and second-to-last in scoring defense. The theory is there, let’s see if Blake can actualize it.
1 - 4219Tulsa has woken up from their slump! Tulsa dominated the Pharaohs on the rode and showed life. Tulsa will need to continue playing good football on both sides to take home more W’s.
New Orleans
1 - 3-220Thus are the struggles of an expansion team as the Pharaohs got blown out at home to the only winless team left last week. New Orleans can’t let that get them down however because they have a talented team with numbers that indicate they are better than where they are ranked. Xander Gold has all the talent in the world as a #1 overall pick and Donk Bonkers has been an effective runner through their first four games. They rank 18th in offensive scoring and 16th in defensive scoring, but we have seen games where the Pharaohs offense really came alive. Even if it doesn’t happen this season, which it probably will, New Orleans will have a team that’ll come together here in the near future.
1 - 4-121Vancouver is a team that could easily have a winning record. Their offense seems to struggle a lot which I think leads to the losses. Once Vancouver gets their offense sured up they will be a team to watch out for.