Written by Christian Christiansen, Xander Gold, and Matthew Slinn
Graphics and Published by Mike Daggs

Wow, we’re a month into this thing already. I noticed in Season 9 and 10, and now 11, that this is about where emotions peak. We see teams blow up or come together singing kumbaya. I imagine this has been real since… well forever, as far as the league in concerns. That leads to private – and public – infighting or players telling their superiors that they want to sign a multiyear extension RIGHT NOW. That’s true for the Power Rankings team after a full month of these.

So, instead of getting up here on my podium and waving my baton and criticizing every single team in the league except for Alaska and the Beat Team, I’m going to say this: kudos. After a month of action and a particularly wacky week, we were left with some tough decisions this time around. Heck, we spent more time than usual debating about who should be where, and put together a compromised list. We all took a look at it and didn’t like it. We started to begrudgingly do the specific write-ups for this before Daggs stepped in and, I kid you not, told us: “Yeah, back to the drawing board please”.

So, we went back, put together a list that virtually everybody will like a lot less, and here it is!

– Christian Christiansen

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
4 - 001The Storm held off Vegas in a close one 26-23 last week. While it wasn’t the prettiest win, a dub is a dub, and the defending champions are rolling through with a 4-0 record. Throw on the fact that they have the best aggregate offense (first) and defense (third), and the Storm were an easy choice for the tops on our ranks.
4 - 002The Tallahassee Pride continue to be the class of the Southern Conference, literally pounding their way to a 41-17 victory over the New Orleans Pharaohs. The SFL community has often referenced the Pride's diminished passing game this season as a step back, but when you have a halfback like Jaye Eniola (316 yards and 4 TD's against the Pharaohs) you don't necessarily need to be killing it through the air. The defense has been fantastic all season, so I can't see the Pride's winning streak being halted any time soon. Good luck Houston.
4 - 0+13The Skyhawks are real and we are ready to give them the respect they deserve. The end of Month #1 is always a pivotal moment for the league and the Skyhawks passed with flying colors and put the exclamation mark on it with a good win versus the Gladiators. They carry an elite RB in AJ Francis and a top tier defense ran by Sir Chappel. They stand very reasonable chance at getting another four straight wins and have a good shot at rising in the ranks even more in the coming weeks.
Sioux Falls
3 - 1-14Sioux Falls righted the ship this week after getting schooled by the Alaska Storm in Week 3. A solid (if unspectacular) victory in Vancouver keeps them at the top of the '3-1' teams, although critics will point to the fact that they only put a plucky Vancouver side away in the 4th quarter. Colin Hart appeared to have regained some early season form and the defense stifled the Legion's offense well all game. The Sparrows' aim should be to keep pace with Alaska. A defensive struggle against Mexico City looms on the horizon.
Queen City
3 - 1+15What better way to bounce back from a shock defeat than to win in style against a much-fancied conference rival. Queen City did just that, running away from the Indianapolis Red Devils, 40-20, and stamping their authority on a tough looking Eastern Conference. The Corsairs are a team that just know how to win. Their special teams played well, their defence is good, and their offense is elite, using every possession efficiently. Week 4 was all about Ash Odom, trucking forward at 6.7 YPC and 2 TD's. With Odom on this kind of form, Queen City will be tough to stop. The 1-2 Wildcats are next. The Corsairs will fancy their chances.
3 - 1-16Here’s the deal Houston. I know you’re reading this and your upset. I KNOW. Heck. WE know. Figuring out how to sort out this whole Queen City, Sioux Falls, Houston dilemma was a huge source of debate for us this week and put us behind schedule. We had y’all each in the 4, 5, and 6 slots, and continuously moved y’all around. We’re sticking with this and none of US are excited about it. But here me out, y’all got BTFO by Queen City week 1, Sioux Falls got BTFO by the unbeatable Alaska Storm, and have the worst aggregate stat rankings of them all. That’s cool. Y’all a good team. Borderline great. Y’all have a chance to rise with a game against Tallahassee next week. We’re rooting for you. To make our jobs easier next week (which both a win or a loss will do so…).
Mexico City
2 - 1+17Mexico City seems to be the gatekeepers of the contenders right now. They are a respected, former champion, with the second-best defense and have had a bye week which puts them in a weird spot when it comes to rankings. They probably won’t catch fire here until the stretch run of the season but that’s how Matt and Ramos like it.
2 - 2+38Historically, the Atlanta Swarm have been known as a team with a solid defence and big-play running game. They were also known for having below par quarterback play. Not anymore. Rookie quarterback, Marcus Dunhill, managed to put it all together against Dallas and finished the game with 4 touchdowns and over 400 yards. That is some day. Add the fact that BDG Hollewood ran for 3 TD's and 152 yards and you have one of the most potent offenses in the league. Atlanta are a better team than their 2-2 record suggests. Consistency is key.
St. Louis
2 - 2-29The Gladiators have to like the position they’re in. They carry an excellent QB with a good secondary and must have a lot of team confidence. They should. It’s a top five passing attack and that gives them a shot any day of the week against anybody. That being said, the peripheral stats don’t look good. Despite their yardage totals, they only rank 13th in points for and are the league average at 11th in points allowed, which comes out to a +1 point differential per game. That spells .500 ball. Maybe yall’re into that? That’s a backend playoff team. I have a feeling y’all want more and I wouldn’t be shocked if Aciel and the defense catches fire to get St. Louis into the Dance.
Oklahoma City
2 - 2-110Ohhhhhhh Oklahoma City. We thought this season would be different. We thought you were ready to catapult yourselves to the top of the SFL. Deacon Nickens was on fire, Tybeerious Bovine was playing like a man possessed and the defense was doing enough to give the potent offense a chance. Now, Week 4 has finished and you're 2-2, and this loss (at home to Denver) is by far the most concerning. Granted, the Nightwings have a top tier defence and a rising star in Josh Miller, but to get beaten 34-16 at home...that's a worry. The Renegades have all the talent in the world, especially on offense, they just need to halt this mini slide. Nickens needs to get back in the MVP conversation.
2 - 2+811Thanks Jeremy. You sure showed us. You made our lives a lot more difficult this week after we completely tanked y’all’s rankings. We go out and knock y’all down about eight spots only for the Nighthawks to come back the very next week and pace a good OKC team the whole game. So now we’re left with a .500 team with good peripherals that, just as quick as they flipped off, they flip back on. That spells a midrange team. This wound up being a pretty contentious debate but at the end we decided to reward you and move you up much more than a team should have in a single week this far into the season. Don’t expect this mercy in the future.
1 - 3-212Indianapolis are a team in freefall. Coming into this season as hot favourites to take the Eastern Conference crown, the Red Devils sit at 1-3 and don't look close to stopping the bleeding anytime soon. It's a shame because this team has talent, and a 40-20 loss at the hands of Queen City will have hurt. Tom Pepper is a solid signal caller, and Dan Daley and Eli McCormick on the outside are athletic freaks (although McCormick seems to be having a sophomore slump). Indy's players need to step up and start realising their potential. A home game against Baltimore in Week 5 is the perfect opportunity.
1 - 2+813Chicago produced the most 'out of nowhere' performance of Week 4, taking it to the visiting London Knights, scoring 44 points in total (34 in one quarter; an SFL record). E.T King looked like the player who took the Wildcats to the Season 9 Championship game, torching London's secondary for 4 TD's and over 300 yards. The veteren showed that he still has it in him to lead this team, and also proved how much Chicago leans on his leadership. One concern for the Wildcats will be getting outscored 21-3 in the second half, although you could put that down to over confidence. Next week Chicago travel to Queen City. If King plays lights out yet again, this Chicago side could breach 500. for the first time in what feels like forever.
1 - 3-214London. What can we say? That was a painful loss to Chicago. It’s an air raid… that’s average in points gained. A defense… that ranks near the bottom. London has to pick it up though. They are too talented. They have the highest contract in the league playing QB at Nathan Lee and WR James Hands and TE Tristan Carr as his primary options. Eventually they’ll get hot. Right?
San Francisco
1 - 2+315Luckily, San Francisco has had a bye week. Our last memory of them is a victory over a now-hot Denver team and that’s probably inflating their rating a little bit. Still, they’re riding high with undrafted free agent QB Rob Roby and an offense that has been getting more and more productive each week.
1 - 3-216I’m going to say it. I’m disappointed in the Red Raiders—I mean Lobos. 90+ passes last week! Are you kidding me?! I don’t know if I’m even comfortable listing them on a football power rankings—because they aren’t even playing football anymore! Sheesh. Second best offense as far as points go, but dead last defensively. If they can get that shored up then the Lobos finna play “football” all the way to the Championship.
Las Vegas
1 - 3-117The Fury was sooooooooo close to pulling that one out against Alaska. Sooooooooo close to knocking off the defending champs. They carry the highest value RB in the league and the fifth best offense, but only the 16th ranked defense. This team is better than the raw numbers indicate however. We’ve seen Max Jackson coach at a high level and they have some extremely talented players in Tom Ramen, Robert Redford, Fats Johnson and Anthony Wyo. They will be fine. Give them time.
New Orleans
1 - 2-518New Orleans took a tough loss last week it happened. At least it happened to a top tier team though. The Pharaoh’s defense is trending upwards and looks to have turned a corner and have figured some things out, and the stats reflect that as the 14th ranked defense, even after allowing 41 points last week. On the other end, there is just too much talent with number one pick Xander Gold at quarterback and an upper tier RB in Donk Bonkers. Aaron Arrington will get it figured out.
1 - 3-419Another team that brought some real debate. In the last two weeks, the Vultures have knocked off Queen City and played Mexico City close. Those are two high end, quarterfinalist teams from last season. HOWEVER, I lost debate and we wound up dropping the Vultures for having an offense that is ranked dead last in the league with some personnel issues that franchise savior Thomas Paterniti will have to overcome. There are some smart people out in Baltimore and The Great Aman has hit gold. So it’s impossible for them to lose.
1 - 3-320Vancouver has one problem and its starring them straight in the face: their offense sucks. It’s bad. That’s the only way to put it. They’ve played some really good defenses so far this season, but they need more out of virtually everyone on that end. They carry a top five defense so it’s not like the team doesn’t have a direction, but it appears their personnel problems might be becoming overburdensome. Alas, folks in Vancouver know that it’s never time to panic. The Legion have never started out hot, and in Season 9 they turned that into a Playoffs and Semifinals appearance. I’m not ready to count them out juuuust yet.
0 - 4-121Tulsa might have the most anemic offense in the league and they have a defense that’s quickly falling off it’s perch. They are now the only winless team in the league and have lost eight of their last nine games. That’s what last place in the power rankings after the first month of the season looks like folks. They have some significant personnel issues that they are having to worry about patching up as well, but if Dion Hawkins can turn the defense back around and then commit to a direction on the offensive end, then Tulsa can salvage their season.