by Christian Christiansen, Xander Gold, and Mike Daggs

Well, well, well. We were told there would be backlash to the Power Rankings every week. And there was backlash. Heck, take a look at our complaints office from week two alone:

Seriously though, you should be mad. But not at us. Be mad at yourself. You did this to you. Not us. You. We just rank the teams.

We’re only kidding, of course. But we all have to understand that the only team that’s ever happy is the one on top and this week that’s Alaska again. The Championship honeymoon phase continues.

TeamsRecordChangeRankTeam Recaps:
2 - 001The defending champions march on. Showing no apparent weakness, the Storm continued their league domination with a sound defeat of the Legion and possess a top caliber offense and defense – again. Good luck SFL.
2 - 002What a strange couple of games it has been for Tallahassee. A narrow, somewhat defensive, victory over the Inidanapolis Red Devils in Week 1 was backed up by a second tight win at the Atlanta Swarm. The game finished 31-17, but don't let the scoreline fool you, this was a close one. If it hadn't been for a 4th quarter explosion by the Pride defense, things could've been different. This is great news for Tallahassee. When their offense starts to click, it's going to be scary.
Sioux Falls
2 - 003The Sparrows have absolutely destroyed a pair of quality teams in the Tulsa Desperados and Las Vegas Fury. Both of their opponents came in with a ton of momentum that they either carried over from last season or last week, but both were shredded by Sioux Falls. The Sparrows carry a top five offense and defense and aren’t the well-kept secret they wish they were.
Queen City
2 - 004Queen City dispatched a pass happy London Knights team on Monday night, 28-13, intercepting Nathan Lee 7 times. Queen City's secondary put on an all-time performance and the offence did what was needed. Next week they go up against a struggling Baltimore squad. You can only expect that they will keep themselves near the summit of the league.
1 - 105Somehow, Indianapolis only ranks 12th in PPG and 9th in YPG, but it feels they’ve accomplished so much more offensively. Combined with a top five defense, they pushed the Tallahassee Pride close and absolutely destroyed TJ Caggs’s Baltimore Vultures. The Devils are a team to watch and the stats don’t tell the whole story.
Oklahoma City
2 - 0+26Oklahoma City's excellent start to the season has been the 'feel-good' success story of early Season 11. A team that scraped into the playoffs last season after too long being a bottom feeder, Renegade Nation are playing efficient football. The defense looks as strong as ever and the offense is running like clockwork. Deacon Nickens is topping the quarterback charts right now, and if he performs, the Renegades perform.
Mexico City
1 - 107Just a week after getting humbled by the Storm, the Aztecs turned around and introduce Jeremy Vega to SFL Ownership in a very Mexico City-like game. They defeated the Nightwings in a 19-11 game, but made it never really feel like Denver had the upper hand. This team isn’t ready for the championship at this very moment, but Matt Willson and Ramos Lynn teams always come together around midseason and are rolling by season’s end, so they should be fine.
2 - 0+18The Skyhawks are 2-0 and riding high, however they find themselves the lowest ranked of the undefeated teams. Fairly simply, they've opened to season against two fairly beatable opponents in Baltimore and San Francisco. Whilst they put on a bit of a show against the Vultures, the Sharks pushed them much closer and it took a couple of big plays from Jalan Miller to set Carolina apart. The Skyhawks' first real test comes next week at the London Knights. Win that, and we'll take the unbeaten record very seriously.
1 - 1-39So… how about the Swarm? Can we just call Marcus Dunhill a star already? He has about 600 yards of offense through the first two weeks and is leading a reshaped Swarm team. If it hadn’t been for a couple of bunched up rookie mistakes against a very good team last week, the Swarm would be 2-0 and amongst the top teams in the league.
1 - 1+610What a bounce back win for Houston! After looking like they were still in pre-season during Week 1, they got it together and bullied a well-fancied Dallas Lobos side. What makes the win more impressive is the fact that they had to deal with an injury to halfbac, Warren Murray, who missed about 2 quarters of action. With him on the field and Kentez Johnson showing vast improvements, The Hyenas look set for a run.
1 - 1011Denver probably has the best defense in the league right now. Maybe that lasts, maybe it doesn’t (even if it doesn’t finish at the top of the league, it should finish near the top), but Jeremy Vega’s premier on the big stage has been nothing short of impressive after knocking off his sensei in Andy Hamilton in Week 1 versus Vancouver and holding Mexico City under 20 points last week. The offense needs work, but the personnel is there and success should come with time.
1 - 1-212This London Knights team continues to be disruptive to opposing QB's, forcing multiple sacks and interceptions in back to back weeks. Despite the recent struggles offensively, the Knights still have one of the most explosive offenses in the league. London is liable to score all over a defense any given time. Once this team puts it all together, watch out.
St. Louis
1 - 1+213This could be the season that St. Louis starts hot and sticks at the top. They played an interesting London Knights team very closely Week 1 and then took it to a debuting New Orleans team last week. Moving forward, let’s see if St. Louis’s aerial attack and pass rush sticks around. If so, the Gladiators could be legit.
Las Vegas
1 - 1-214Vegas seemed to be rolling with Robert Redford until the wheels fell off and while that strategy worked Week one against San Francisco, it didn't exactly pan out the same way against and experienced Sioux Falls. The Fury will have to find a way to balance out the offense because they will need Thomas Ramen and his arm sometime this season if they want to go places. I expect this team to go back to the drawing board and whip out some new tricks against the Dallas Lobos.
0 - 1+215Chicago is coming off of a bye week but managed to rise two spots. How does this happen? Oh, the witchcraft! But seriously, it looks like our rankings were pretty good because the teams right around Chicago last week lost and we couldn’t let that go unpunished, hence Chicago rises as a result.
0 - 2+216After just scoring 13 points against the Sparrows, the Tulsa Desperados came into the game against OKC firing on all cylinders. Tulsa's offense looked nearly unstoppable against OKC. They were another 'Hail Mary' away from going 1-1 and doing the same exact thing they did last year when Khoury Jones snagged a game winning pass out of the air with 0:00 left on the clock. Tulsa have the leadership to run the table and it will be interesting to see what adjustments they make against Tallahassee.
0 - 2-417Vancouver is in a weird spot for us. Because of how close they kept their Alaska game, we were wondering if they deserved a smaller fall than what they got. Regardless of the results, they should be proud of how they played last week even though they lost. Vancouver has a good defense already in place, but a struggling offense. Nevertheless, that offense has plenty of room to work, with upstart rookie RB, Kody Hill potentially leading the way.
0 - 2-418The Lobos habe started 0-2, but their record doesn't tell the whole story. Week 1 they were in a shootout with OKC in which their defense didn't seem to be on the same page. Week 2, the defense came alive and ultimately kept them in the game while their offense struggled to get it going. The Lobos have the talent, but now, will we see them put together a full game against LV to capture their first win?
San Francisco
0 - 2+119Who saw that coming from San Francisco last week? Just a couple of days after nearly everyone outside of the Bay Area left them for dead, Ogun Zulu had them come out firing versus a pretty darn good Carolina team. The Sharks possess one of the league’s top secondaries and look to ride that with their rushing attack to .500 over the next couple of weeks.
New Orleans
0 - 1+120NOLA's first game didn't turn out how they wanted it to, but there's a lot they can take from that loss.They found themselves clawing their way back but just fell short in the end. NOLA faces OKC in their second game and I expect them to try and make a statement and show they belong in this league.
0 - 2-221It’s hard to point towards a specific thing that has gone wrong for the Vultures to start this season. TJ Caggs is a good coach with a good reputation and it’s very hard for anybody to believe the game has passed him after only a season and they have a solid roster build. The most plausible explanation is that this team has just started out of the gate slow. It’s certainly a correctable error, but one that can’t go unpunished, especially as an expansion team that’s gotten beat up pretty good through the first two weeks of the season, hence why they find themselves here.