By ‘Mighty RX’ Max Paul

Hello everyone. This will be a periodical segment that dives deep into successful play execution. This week, we’ll be looking at how the Mexico City Aztecs are able to make Ray Bentley so effective.

Week 2 vs Denver Nightwings

Here, we see the Aztecs come out in a Far Pro set, where the fullback lines up directly behind the quarterback and the halfback lines up next to the fullback, on the opposite side of the tight end.

The play is a strong isolation play that features man blocking assignments. Prior to the snap, each in-line blocker has a specific defender assigned to block.

You’ll notice prior to the snap, Denver has a nice set up to defend the run with 8 defenders in the box, but once the Linebackers shift to the weakside, they create gaps at the point of attack that they’re not able to recover from. The O-line fires off the line of scrimmage and puts hats on all the defenders at the point of attack. The free safety and weak side linebacker are too wide to be able to impede the play. Bentley celebrates after such a good run.

In this close up shot you see the great blocking at the point of attack. It’s so good, the fullback’s initial block comes 7 yds past the line of scrimmage. Bentley also does a great job of following his blocks and keeping his legs moving to run through one defender. Great hustle by defensive end #78, Matthew Jake,  running him down and preventing the touchdown from being scored.

There’ll be more columns like these as the season progresses and I see plays that merit to be spied on!