By Rob Roby

A note from the editor: Rob Roby joined the SFL less than 2 weeks ago (I’ll have to double check with him on that actually) and he has already sent two articles across my desk, instantly grabbing my attention. Now, he is an official part of the Beat Writing Team and I can’t wait to hear more from him. This article he sent to me a few days ago and I regret not being able to publish it in time for the start of the season. I thought I had missed my chance, until I stumbled across the idea of a new series. The ‘SFL Archives’ series is a look at all the articles that didn’t quite make it out on time, or lay on the ‘cutting room floor’ ready to be forgotten about. It’s a chance to read more quality content by our talented beat writers, pirely for your entertainment. 

Disclaimer: This article was written during the Pre-season, hence it being categorised under the ‘SFL Archives’ banner.

“It’s Only Preseason” has become a disclaimer for many fans, players, and staff around the SFL. What ever happened to the anticipation of seeing your favorite team take the field for the first time? Has the eagerness to start Week 1 of the Regular Season diminished the love of seeing your favorite team wear those new uniforms? What ever happened to the excitement of seeing that new rookie the team scouted & drafted make his way down onto the field? Have we forgotten the significance of the accomplishment of being drafted by an SFL team? What about the hard work and dedication it took to climb the ranks into the competitive SFL?

Shravan Prasad (#99) showed up big in Pre-season, impressing this writer and most of the SFL

Sunday, July 1st was a special day for many young talent around the SFL. As a disclaimer, this brief and concise article serves as just a glimpse into the first 48 hours of the SFL Preseason. Therefore, this article will be a work in progress throughout the S11 Preseason week, as we continue to witness the path of many new rookie talents this year in the SFL.

So far, we have seen four notable rookies make their way onto the field in style. First, we saw the young quarterback, Xander Gold, solidify himself as a potential force in the SFL. I know, it’s only Preseason—But for Xander Gold, it is a day he will never forget. Gold brought the Pharaohs out in style against the defending SFL Champion, Alaska Storm. For many, this was supposed to be a blow out, but turned out to be a barnburner straight to the very end of the game. With the help of the tenacious New Orleans defense, Gold was able to keep within 3 points of the premier champs.

The #1 pick in the SFL Draft looking strong in the pocket

Throwing for 139 Yards and 1 touchdown, the rookie was also able to get a solid run game out of his star running back whose name shall not be spoken out of respect for the rookie tier. If the New Orleans coaching staff works very closely with Gold and puts him into the right scheme, we could very well see this rookie do big things in S11.

Another rookie signal-caller that made his debut is known to many in the SFL community as “Ramen”. Thomas Ramen was sensational in his first game as an SFL Star. The Las Vegas Fury fans, coaches, and players were thrilled to see their budding young star perform at a high caliber in the Preseason opener. [Yeah, I know…..It’s just Preseason], but for Thomas Ramen, it was proving grounds.

Drafted at 3rd overall, Thomas may have made a statement to the league at why he should be #1. Boasting a 153.8 QB rating, Ramen was 19 for 24,  throwing for 274 yards and 4 Touchdowns. While we could understand if the second string defense was involved, Ramen came out against Tulsa’s starters and never looked back. Thomas Ramen will be a force to be reckoned with, especially if he can get more solid performances from his rookie wide receiver John Blades. Blades brought in 5 catches, 125 yards and 2 Touchdowns, which helped catapult the Fury to a 35-21 victory over Tulsa. This was yet another promising accomplishment from the S11 SFL Rookie Class.

John Blades rising high

Before I close out this portion of my rookie appraisal, I would like to give a special shout out to Sharavan Prasad of the Carolina Skyhawks, who had 3 tackles for a loss and two pass deflections. Your presence was felt big dog, continue to hold it down!!  

And lastly, for all of those unsigned free agents who are still praying and hoping a team takes a chance on you–––don’t worry, there’s still time. IT’S ONLY PRESEASON…

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