June 30, 2018

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music has approved its first group of seven on the Competition Committee, as voted on by front office members across the league’s 21 member teams.

Receiving a whopping 92.6% of the vote – far and away more than any other candidate in any race, Dallas Lobos owner Steven Mullenax was the first owner to be selected. Mullenax enters his sixth season in the league as a team owner. Joining him from the group of owners is Atlanta’s Mark Chisholm (4th season), St. Louis’ Duane Schindler (4th season), London’s Liam Crowter (2nd season) and Denver’s Jeremy Vega (1st season). All five owners will be at the SFL Convention to kick off the season.

Carolina Skyhawks General Manager AJ Francis (2nd season) won the majority of the vote for the 6th spot on the committee while Vancouver’s Trevor Ferril (2nd season) walked away with an even stronger percentage of votes for the Committe’s player representative.

The seven committee members begin their six-month term on July 1, will be given a new Discord role and will be tasked with league objectives and time-sensitive matters when they apply.

“Thank you to all who helped serve their community through this process,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “I have no doubts that this Competition Committee will serve the interests of all exceptionally well.”

The SFL’s 11th season kicks off Friday July 13. Preseason action also begins on the first of July.