SFL Communications

June 27, 2018

The SFL Convention presented by Showbusiness Studios in cunjunction with MediaTech Institute and Hilton Garden Inn has announced its finalized event schedule for the inaugural get-together, on July 13-15 in Las Colinas, TX.

“We’re so excited for the weekend, it is all coming together,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “It is a huge undertaking to put all of this in place, but its an important event in our history – it may become the most memorable, absolutely.”

-Friday’s events at the studios will begin at 4 p.m. with a meet-and-greet that will go until 6 p.m., when Irvine will give the Commissioner’s Address, welcomed by the host team – Steven Mullenax’s Dallas Lobos – which will be streamed live to the SFL Network on Twitch.

-Twitch will resume its live stream coverage of the SFL Convention from 7:30-11:00 p.m., starting with the Hall-of-Fame induction ceremony. The Hall-of-Fame will induct a total of 11 SFL members, five of which will be at the event: SFL President Jermaine Smith, Queen City owner Erik Barkley, Houston wide receiver/owner D.R. Sim, Mexico City quarterback/co-owner Matt Willson and Irvine. All will speak and others will have a chance to speak about them. Highlights will be shown of their contributions to the SFL and all will receive special, one-of-a-kind gifts that only Hall-of-Famers deserve. Andrew Rastelli and ‘King Javo’ who will not be able to attend the event, will receive their gifts at a later date. The league’s current champion, Max Paul, will MC the event.

-At 9 p.m., the SFL takes center stage on the Twitch Front Page when the Mexico City Aztecs face the Alaska Storm, which serves as the league’s Opening Kickoff. Irvine and Steven Mullenax will be on the call.

-Saturday sees three double blocks of games, starting at 12, 2 and 4 p.m. on the Convention floor. All six games will be streamed to the SFL’s YouTube Channel with a variety of commentator pairings.

-At 7 p.m. CT, the Hall-of-Fame game takes center stage – a battle between Simien’s Hyenas and Barkley’s Corsairs with Irvine and Mullenax on the call. That game will be the final Twitch broadcast of the weekend.

-Sunday’s events start at 10 a.m. – all but the World Cup Final – streamed on YouTube – with Q&A panels with league staff (Cameron Irvine, Commissioner; Jermaine Smith, President; Liam Crowter, Webmaster; Andy Hamilton, Director of Digital Content, Social Media), some of the league’s most consistent team coaches (Thomas Paterniti, .696 win percentage – 46 games; Max Paul, .690 win percentage – 42 games; Frank Goodin, .649 win percentage – 77 games), some of the league’s leaders in running successful organizations of the field (James Cline, owner of Carolina; Steven Mullenax, owner of Dallas; James Richards, owner of Indianapolis, Mark Chisholm, owner of Atlanta) some of the league’s top broadcasters (Cameron Irvine, lead Play-by-Play; Mike Daggs, Director of Broadcasting; Colin Northrup, Play-by-Play; Michael Truilo, Play-by-Play) and a few of the league’s most passionate players (Matt Willson, Mexico City quarterback and Hall-of-Famer; Ray Bentley, Mexico City running back and Championship MVP; Ron Cockren, Alaska quarterback and Championship MVP; A.J. Levye, Sioux Falls safety and 14th all-time in league interceptions – 3rd best among active players trailing only Eddie Gauge and Aaron Arrington).

-At 12 p.m. the final double block of games will kickoff on the Convention floor, including the Indianapolis/Tallahassee and Vancouver/Denver matchups, which receive a date/time change from Saturday night where they were previously scheduled.

-At 2 p.m. Irvine will make closing remarks. Throughout the day on Sunday, all Convention goers will have a place to record their thoughts privately on the convention and on the league as a whole to contribute to the league’s filming of the event. League events will conclude at 2:30 p.m., pending any unforseen delays or circumstances.

-Throughout the convention, there will be opportunities to participate in video game tournaments, basketball/corn hole and win league prizes – including the grand prize, an Irvine-autographed full-size SFL helmet!

The finalized broadcast schedule is below:

Friday July 13 –

Mexico City @ Alaska            9:00pm     Stage 1     Cameron Irvine /Steven Mullenax

Saturday July 14 –

Atlanta @ Chicago                 12:00pm     Stage 1     Mike Daggs /Matt Willson
Dallas @ Oklahoma City     12:30pm     Stage 2     Demond Simien/Andy Hamilton
Sioux Falls @ Tulsa                2:00pm     Stage 1     Colin Northrup /Rick Northrup
San Fran. @ Las Vegas          2:30pm     Stage 2     Andy Hamilton /Shann Varner
London @ St. Louis               4:00pm     Stage 1     Michael Truilo /Levant Irvine
Baltimore @ Carolina           4:30pm     Stage 2     Eric Vinson /Shann Varner
Houston @ Queen City         7:00pm     Stage 1     Cameron Irvine /Steven Mullenax

Sunday July 15 –

Indy @ Tallahassee                12:00pm     Stage 1     Michael Truilo /Max Paul
Vancouver @ Denver             12:30pm     Stage 2     A. Washington /Demond Simien