By Kody ‘Thrill’ Hill

Vancouver is the first and only SFL franchise situated in Canada, starting their first season in Season 9 as an expansion team. They ended up going to the playoffs but lost to the Mexico City Aztecs who became champs.

Frank Champion will be a major reason for success in Vancouver. The Man can flat out ball.

One of the most promising teams comimg out of Seaaon 9, Vancouver had a much rougher Season 10. However, with some new recruits, they look ready to succeed in the West. Let’s look at the S11 Roster:

Vancouver’s roster this season looks exciting, as they have one of, if not the top, rookie in the draft. He was expected to go higher (in the top 5 to a team who potentially needed a running back or quarterback. Vancouver was lucky to get this rookie (Kody Hill) as he is the highest value rookie coming out of the Season 10 off-season. They got another rookie in Markem Lopez as a free safety. He will be a very large asset to the team. Most of the team is still intact, especially  as they have kept hold of Maajor key, who was a great player to have to get much needed turnovers for the secondary.

Jonathan Sanchez has made the switch to fullback for Season 10. Is he more suited to that role? You be the judge

S10 Results:

It was a very hard trip after coming from a close defeat to Mexico City in the playoffs. The Legion came back in the Western Conference to advance to the playoffs. They ended up going 4-8, with a last loss at the end of the season preventing an already unlikely playoff appreance.

Brett Killian is a powerful receiver in this league. He needs to play like it for the Legion to do better in Season 11.

My Prediction:

With a great backfield going for them, they could become a league leader in rush yards from rookie, Kody Hill. If Maajor Key does what he did all of laat season, Vancouver could become a great force in the Western Conference. The teams they would have to look out for is the expansion Las Vegas Fury and the Mexico City Aztecs who could give them problems with their seemingly strong running games. They will probably end up 7-5 or 8-4, having a bounceback year after the disappointment of season 10.