By Ethan Kye

Well, how about that draft?! It sure was an amazing journey – a tad long – but still a great draft all in all. How many of you enjoyed all the excitement leading up to it? Wasn’t it intense?! It sure was for me (being a rookie myself) and probably many others out there, especially the ones that fell further back down the board. Anyway, your latest article coming out of the Beat Room is focused on those teams that got the finest ‘Steals of the SFL Draft’. First, let’s start with some deals that were extremely close to making this list.


1.) Jay Ringgold, cornerback for the Sioux Falls Sparrows, drafted at #35
2.) Dupree Hudson, wide receiver for the Queen City Corsairs, drafted at #33
3.) Mickey Martino, wide receiver for the San Francisco Sharks, drafted at #29
4.) Keith Swearingen, running back for the Indianapolis Red Devils, drafted at #32


1.) Markem Lopez, free safety for the Vancouver Legion, drafted at #27 

Markem Lopez came into the draft with a ‘Max Silver contract -1’ and a chat ranking placed at #70, aswell as securing all 1200 bits needed for Season 11. I was amazed to see Lopez fall all the way to #27 in the draft. Lopez ended up signing a deal with Vancouver, gaining an exceptional contract of 71.55. That man got his money, and he’s definitely going to be a force on the field. Plan on watching this hawk fly around the field, hunting balls out of the air like a bird catching it’s prey.

2.) Hunter Jones, wide receiver for the Oklahoma City Renegades, drafted at #30

Hunter Jones came into the draft with a ‘Max Silver contract – 2′ and an ideal chat ranking at #16. Jones fell to Oklahoma City a his preferred wide receiver position, all the way to #30 on the night. I don’t understand how he slipped through so many fingers before finally ending up in the Renegades’ grasp. His signing hasn’t yet been released so that’s TBD, but his max contract value says he could get a nice signing value at 82.34. I would definitely say Jones is a steal, if you were looking for a top notch wide receiver. Jones isn’t going to be a slouch on the field. Take this man seriously defensive backs, or you may end up smoked like one of Ray Bentley’s peace pipes.

3.) Siege Falco, wide receiver for the Atlanta Swarm, drafted at #28

Siege Falco came into the draft with a pretty decent value; he was a ‘Max Silver – 5’ and a solid #53 in chat rank. That’s not to shabby if I say so myself. Falco went #28 in the draft, falling to Atlanta as a wide receiver, giving his fellow Swarm draftee, quarterback Marcus Dunhill, another target to throw to. Falco signed with Atlanta with a tasty contract of 86.23. I see a stellar connection coming from these two in the season ahead. I can’t wait to see the havoc that Falco will unleash in the backfield of the defense.

4.) Brett Funk, wide receiver for the Las Vegas Fury, drafted at #39

Brett “Too Much” Funk came into the draft with a ‘Max Silver -4’ value and a fairly decent #81 chat rank. Funk ended up falling deeply, to #39 in the draft to the Sin City known as Las Vegas. As the Fury’s third pick, the young wide receiver penned a brilliant deal for a late second-rounder, earning a signing value of 84.28. Funk isn’t a man of many words, but don’t let that fool you, he’s going to let all his actions on the field tell you he shouldn’t have been over looked by so many franchises. He makes a great addition to Las Vegas alongside John Blades, giving their rookie quarterback some excellent weapons to use. Expect Funk to be a helping force to ensuring the Fury make a run for the championship in their maiden season.

5.) B.J. Loveless, linebacker for the Houston Hyenas, drafted at #34

B.J Loveless came into the draft with a ‘Max Silver -5’ and a reliable #34 in chat ranking. Loveless unexpectedly fell all the way back to #34 in the draft, to a salivating Houston Hyenas front office. Houston didnt hesitate to sign Loveless as linebacker (effectively replacing DJ Majesty), with a value of 63.32. I definitely expect big things to happen on the defensive side of the ball for Loveless at linebacker. Don’t be surprised if you see Loveless sacking or intercepting your quarterback, or stuffing your halfback in the back field. Loveless will be coming out with a vengeance and seeking to make an impact for the Hyenas. I see Loveless helping Houston make the play-offs yet again this season.

Who do you think got the best steals on the night? Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Let the discussion begin!