By Christian Pundt (with J W Doyle)

College: Boston College
Home State: Florida
Class: Senior
Stats: RIP

JW Doyle is entering the draft as a bit of an enigma. A noted “one-year wonder” prospect out of Boston College, he was a highly productive senior linebacker after an inefficient junior year at running back (where he led the ACC in plays that went for negative yards) and two seasons riding the pine for the Eagles. Going back even further, Doyle was not a highly recruited prospect out of high school, only making a real name for himself during the last season.
Doyle’s rise has been quick and somewhat controversial. His personality takes over rooms and quickly invites a glowing approval or stark disapproval from his peers. This has given him quite a name in scouting circles, supercharging his already awesome final season at Boston College, where he truly went off on the field in that he lead his conference in tackles.

The bottom line for Doyle is that he is a true grinder. As a player who had to scrap together a scholarship opportunity to play collegiate football, and in doing so had to play virtually every position except long snapper, Doyle will be able to fit onto any team on the field, provided he finds his fit within the locker room on his team.

CC: What brought you to the SFL?
JD: I’ve been interested in 2k8 and other sim games for a while now, gotten familar with the content of Ryan Moody and Destro (somehow I missed an SFL video on Moody’s channel in the fall though), then I bought APF 2k8 after the Mexico City Wild Card Wednesday and the rest is history.

CC: I’ve been asking this question to all the rookies, who do you model your game after?
JD: Hopefully along the lines of Deion Sanders, or Khalil Mack; a player suited to play multiple posistions

CC: We know you’ve only played one year of football in high school and you had a slow start at Boston College where you played off the bench early. Can you describe this transition from high school to college benchwarmer, to college superstar?
JD: I was humbled by getting my butt  handed to me in HS, and when I got a shot at a D1 school, I commited to the grind. Although it was more than 12 hours north of where I grew up, I made a family of my own up there

CC: At Boston College, you’ve played running back and linebacker. Which one do you prefer?
JD: Either one, but linebacker offers the oppurtunity to lay people out, so I favor it.

CC: What sets you apart from the other rookies in this class?
JD: I’d like to say my personality, but my thought process is probably one of the most analytical.

CC: In what “system” do you see yourself thriving in?
JD: Something like Indianapolis’s defense, where a ‘backer can have a little free will on what build to be.

CC: You’re one of the more controversial figures in the SFL this season (a club that also includes yours truly), what do you have to say to the folks that put you in this category?
JD: I have put my self in here, with my slight uber-competitive-hotshot alter ego I’ve developed over the past few years, but if any of you get to know me well, I’m about as laid back as it gets.

CC: What do you bring to a team?
JD: Personality, Activity, Strategy, Superhumanity.

CC: Where do you want to be playing in Season 11? Do you see yourself playing there in Season 12?
JD: Hopefully somewhere I can stay for a very long time.

CC: Obviously you have a lot of personality that can become the public centerpiece to a team. Do you feel you’re ready to be the figurehead of your team?
JD: If I can be the star at the biggest college in the biggest sport city in America, being a figurehead of a pro team will be alot easier and come more naturally.

CC: Do you want to play in New Orleans?
JD: I wouldnt mind getting a Popeyes sponsorship, no not at all.

CC: Which rookies are you most looking to outperform? Which of your fellow compatriots from the class of 2019 are you comparing yourself to the most?
JD: I look to out-perform the other rookies in being valuable and not just stats. I hope to compare my season to people in almost the exact same situation.

CC: What do you want your rookie contract to be?
JD: Anywhere from base bronze to as high as possible

CC: Where do you see yourself at the end of the season? How about a few seasons down the line? What will your legacy in the SFL be?
JD: I have worried much about doing well this season, I’d like to find a team I can be in for a long time to potentially be an ‘Antonio Gates-esque’ legend in the fans’ eyes.

CC: This rookie class is obviously incredibly active and competitive. How important is it for you to win ‘Rookie of the Year’?
JD: Not that important, just want to contribute to the team that drafts me.

CC: What message do you want to send to the SFL before the draft?
JD: SFL, I hope to give a lasting impression on all of you, See you in the championship soon!