SFL Communications – June 1, 2018

The Simulation Football League is proud to announce new changes to the structural integrity of the league. It adds new leadership in areas where leadership is desperately needed and makes official positions that were already being run in an unofficial capacity. “This is a big step for the SFL and what we are trying to accomplish,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “It is not easy running a sports league of any kind and it’s even harder to keep people motivated, happy, engaged and enthusiastic through the grind. I truly believe our community is above every other in its maturity, professionalism and place to break away from life’s regular challenges. We are so blessed and so fortunate to have so many talented and hard-working individuals. It is my job to lead and it is a leader’s job to put the right people in the right positions to not only help the organization succeed, but the individual succeed as well.” Irvine continues as the league’s Commissioner, but adds Executive Producer to his title. As Executive Producer, it is Irvine’s job to control the look and sound of the league, and how it is presented, across all forms of media. Irvine spent 10 years as a sports writer and editor, before pivoting to Director of Communications for the Texas Revolution Pro Indoor Football team. He will be transitioning into increased roles within the Texas Wesleyan University Athletic Department in the next month.

Andrew Rastelli will continue to serve in his role as Director of Player Personnel, but will shed Head of Statistics from his responsibilities as the importance of community involvement continues to swell with growth. Rastelli has been instrumental in furthering the experience of new players and the league will have further major announcements regarding additions to the Rookie experience in the coming months. Rastelli serves as the executive IT analyst at NASA and has been involved in a number of data projects getting off the ground in the SFL, including the website, data entry and historical record-keeping.

Jermaine Smith continues as league President and Director of Hexing. Smith has hexed All-Pro Football 2K8 for the SFL since 2016 and, prior to that, poured significant hours into the APF community creating rosters of legendary pro sports teams used to enhance the gamer’s experience. He continues to keep the SFL, and its community, up to date on all hexing matters and handles the hexing of every individual uniform code, player feature, and player skill in the off-season and through the season in the player progression era.

Added officially to support staff roles, first is Andy Hamilton – Director of Digital Content, Social Media and Producer. Hamilton, recent graduate from Ohio University, is now responsible for the SFL’s branding and message through social media, engaging the community and media outlets with our message and the in-depth concepts of our league. Hamilton, who has been running the league’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, will now also be responsible for YouTube and Twitch upkeep and will assist Irvine in producing digital media content.

Mike Daggs has been named the league’s Director of Broadcasting. Daggs joined the broadcast team just last season, where he teamed up with long-time friend Matt Willson on broadcasts. Daggs immediately became a help to the broadcast department through technical support and excellent broadcasts, both visually and in audio. Daggs got to call a playoff game in his first season and established a league server where the league could share large files with its various media teams more quickly and efficiently. He’ll be responsible for production meetings with broadcast and podcast teams and will lead the charge to find the newest stars of SFL game production.

Scott LeRoux has been named the new Head of Statistics. Also in a short time, LeRoux has been a leader in a new division of live statisticians to help improve broadcast quality, a division that originally was built by Hamilton. LeRoux will not only oversee and recruit live stats, but he will also be responsible for loading box scores into the league’s historical databases and game recaps, an instrumental part to the level of depth and detail that the SFL is known for.

Liam Crowter will continue, but in an official capacity, to serve as the league’s Webmaster. Crowter built the infrastructure behind the league’s digital platform and established partnerships with a variety of companies and services that could help the SFL do its job more efficiently and effectively. Crowter maintains and manages the sites upkeep and uptime, ensuring all information is easily accessible and readily available.

Matthew Slinn will continue, but in an official capacity, as Head of Digital Content, simulationfl.net. Slinn, taking over for Rastelli, leads the beat writers – a group that has grown into double digits in mere months – into a season of content creation and buzz generation. The amount of stories written about rookies and the rookie draft during this off-season shows the type of potential the group has under his direction.

These league staff and support staff roles will be identified in the Discord community by the same gold color. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these sectors of the Simulation Football League, please contact the above representatives for more information.

ABOUT THE SFL: The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music was established in 2013 and has grown into the first competitive, controlerless esports league in the world. Featured on Bleacher Report and in Forbes, the SFL has transformed competitive gaming through unique Twitch front page broadcasts, which will continue into Season 11 starting with the SFL’s first convention and Hall-of-Fame ceremony on July 13 in Las Colinas, Texas.