I came in this morning thinking that all of the mock draft’s were done, apparently my “Draft Darling” thought otherwise. The thoughts came to me of the last mock draft my “Darling” had sent me, “This outta stir the pot a bit, and only hours before the draft.” I unfolded the letter and started to read,

Dear Ryan Michaels,
It is time for mock 2.0, are you ready? I don’t think your rookies are ready. All I see is fear and a severe lack of hype coming out of the new players. This is supposed to be fun.
The first draft class in a few moons. Only a few more hours and you guys will have a whole new family. Just don’t let them borrow things. Never got my toothbrush back from my old team.
Enjoy the mocks you scalliwomps, don’t take them too seriously. Like this one, there is accurate info sprinkled in here like the rainbow ones in the ice cream your dad refused to buy you.
But it is impossible to know what every pick will accurately will be. So we do our best to fit values, team needs and your beautiful personalities into the equation. Usually I forget to carry the one but who needs one when we have 42 picks to go over.


Your Draft Darling

Without further ado, everyone enjoy the newest version of my “Draft Darling’s” mock draft.

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1) New Orleans – Kody Hill – QB – Kody has been the number one guy since day one of draft announcement. He comes back to the top in the mock based on good fit and intel.
2) Baltimore – Thomas Ramen – CB – Just looks like a good fit overall between player and team. Mr. Ramen has been the number one noodle in my heart.
3) Las Vegas – Xander Gold – QB – Xander drops to three but goes to another city of gold. Xander would be a good leader and QB to start Vegas off right.
4) Dallas 2-10 – Junior Senior III – WR – There is a slight position change but the player stays the same for Dallas. Psynergy to JS3 has a nice ring.
5) Chicago 3-9 – EZ Tempel – CB – Chicago stays pat sticking with EZ Breezy at the corner spot after signing Mo.
6) London 3-9 – Aman Takkes – DL – Aman drops away from his home town after they opt for corner. London be prepared, Big Ben is gonna be replaced by Towering Takkes.
7) Carolina 3-9 – Kentez Johnson – K – Jokes aside there is legitimacy to this pick. Championship teams have had kickers lately and rumor is Carolina seeks Kentez to push them over the top.
8) St. Louis 4-8 – Ethan Kye – SS – The Gladiators seek high character players and get one with Kye, who has been a leader that’s appeared out of the rookies.
9) Vancouver 4-8 – Tank Bennett – CB – Andy has been blowing the conch shell for quality corners. Tank stays put in Vancouver from last week but his position slightly changes.
10) Atlanta 5-7 – Marcus Dunhill – QB – I could see Atlanta trying to trade up for Marcus but as we get closer this is the rumor heating up everywhere. Welcome to Hotlanta Dunhill.
11) San Francisco 5-7 – Markem Lopez – WR – Markem has a good reputation in the league and moves up to a WR needy team.
12) Oklahoma City 5-7 – Gib Leedo – CB – Gib swaps places with Jeff this week. OKC is so hard to read but heard Gib is at least on their radar.
13) Denver 7-5 – Jeff Melinyshyn – CB – Jeff drops a spot but that’s OK. He goes to a team hungry for defensive stars. Jeff can fly high in the night.
14) Indianapolis 6-6 – Hunter Jones – WR – With Pepper probably picking pretty polished players to help him bounce back this season expect a WR. Say that 3 times fast.
15) Queen City 7-5 – TM Gaines – WR – I just don’t see QCC budging away from Gaines, good locker room presence and value/need makes this pick easy in my book.
16) Tulsa 9-3 – BJ Loveless – LB – Tulsa can not trade back and no real need to move up for value I give them some love here. BJ could finish stacking their defense or they could go TE here.
17) Houston 7-5 – Mickey Martino – QB – I know Martino’s first choice wasn’t QB but with a rumored trade up not able to go through Houston gets some value here at QB.
18) Sioux Falls 9-3 – Jason Williams – RB – Still need that Redford replacement and I only go Jason over Colin Hart here because of possible locker room fit.
19) Tallahassee 12-0 – EJ Decue – DT – EJ falls a little bit here but into a good situation. He can help pick up where this almost undefeated team left off.
20) Alaska 10-2 – Royce Robbins – SS – After really thinking about it, Alaska may have pulling a ruse the whole time. They have room for one player and not enough for a copper RB. I think they go with SS here to finish the D.
21) New Orleans – JW Doyle – FS – This is a rumor that has been building steam. JW falls a bit but goes to a team needing a lot of value.
22) Baltimore – Achilles Frank – CB – A player who hasn’t been as active lately but has a very good track record goes to help shore up the Vultures DB room.
23) Las Vegas – Keith Swearingen – WR – Swearingen stays put but goes to a team he could be a star for.
24) Dallas 2-10 – Colin Hart – RB – Dallas gets a good value here in an active community presence. This pick could easily be swapped with Jason Williams if Colin Hart goes to Sioux Falls at #18
25) London 3-9 – Siege Falco – RB – Back to back running backs. London fills the backfield with a playmaker.
26) Carolina 3-9 – John Blades – CB – Just a good fit in my book. Blades should help push Carolina’s defense over the top.
27) Vancouver 4-8 – Dupree Hudson – CB – I did say Andy was looking for DB’s to fill his backfield. He gets a solid player here.
28) Atlanta 5-7 – Leroy Brown – CB – Leroy stays put from last week but that’s not a bad thing. Good fit and value here.
29) San Francisco 5-7 – Jay Ringgold – CB – We are going on a DB run here. Ringgold goes to San Fran to become a leader on this blooming defense.
30) Oklahoma City 5-7 – Chad Guy – WR – OKC goes WR here with only one on the roster. They could also make some signings after the freeze with as many openings they have.
31) Denver 7-5 – Jared McChesney – RB – Rumors of a deep connection here could get Jared picked in the first with Denver’s first pick. But Denver seems to be where Jared goes.
32) Indianapolis 6-6 – Jon Gregory – TE – Indy continues to add pieces to the revamped offense. Jon could go higher with not a lot of TE players and some team with need.
33) Queen City 7-5 – Matt Wolfe – DL – QCC is locked like Fort Knox but maybe they move away from the nickel defense and start going after linemen. Wolfe would be a great fit here.
34) Houston 7-5 – Brett Funk – LB – The Funk continues to stay in Houston. Cue “Staying Alive” from the Beegees.
35) Sioux Falls 9-3 – Julius Williams – CB – SXF loses Ringgold to San Fran so they take some value to go out and cover. SXF could trade anyone of thier picks for more.
36) Tallahassee 12-0 – Jessie Vick – FS – Still believe Jessie is the right fit here. Vick has the chance to center field for the runner ups and make a big impact.
37) New Orleans – Nello Brown – DT – Pharoahs get a value pick here late in the draft. Could be a big draft for New Orleans.
38) Baltimore – Craig Hearn – WR – Craig makes is debut on my mock here at 39. Getting your QB reliable options is always a must and they Hearn it here.
39) Las Vegas – Shaka Hall – CB – Vegas is starting to fill this team and in my opinion having a solid draft with the icing on the cake with Shaka.
40) Dallas 2-10 – Josh Ano – LB – Dallas ran with 3 linebackers last year and almost all made the pro bowl. Have to assume they want to keep that same defense together.
41) London 3-9 – Henrixx Thornberry – SS – A new but active user that stays on his way across the pond and shores up the back end of Queens Knights.
42) Carolina 3-9 – Ken McCarro – TE – Skyhawks could easily make moves in this draft with all the picks they have but I see them taking a more and more active user in Ken to finish up the offense.