By Hunter Jones 

*NOTE: In the interest of remaining as impartial as possible, my selection was made by Matthew Slinn*

#1 New Orleans Pharaohs

Team Needs: FS/SS/CB/LB/WR/TE/RB
Xander Gold, QB
Pharaohs owner, Aaron Arrington,  has remained rather mysterious with his intentions for the #1 pick all off-season, which is why I think he’ll throw a curveball to kick off the draft and go against #1 favorite, Kody Hill.

#2 Baltimore Vultures 

Team Needs: RB/DT/DE
Kody ‘Thrill’ Hill, RB
Kody Hill not going #1 would be the dream scenario for Baltimore, getting their running back of the future to take pressure off quarterback, Mike Dazzo. Baltimore looks to make noise in their return to the SFL, and they hope that ‘Thrill’ can do just that for them.

#3 Las Vegas Fury

Team Needs: QB/WR/DT/DE/LB/SS
Thomas Ramen, QB
The Fury get Thomas Ramen #3 to give them their quarterback to complement running back, Robert Redford. While they don’t have a wide receiver signed at the moment, it’s easier to find a reliable wide receiver in the second round than it is a quarterback.

#4 Dallas Lobos

Team Needs: RB/WR
Junior Senior III, RB/WR
The Lobos are looking to boost their offense in the draft after focusing heavily on defense throughout free agency. Junior Senior III is the ideal pick, as he will fit into either position of need and provide an instant spark to their offense.

#5 Chicago Wildcats

Team Needs: CB/DT/DE
Aman Takess, DE
Aman Takess may slide down to the bottom of the top 5 due to more teams addressing their needs on the offensive side of the ball, to the delight of the Wildcats, who will happily scoop him up at #5.

#6 London Knights

Team Needs: RB/FS/SS/CB
Tank Bennett, SS/FS/CB
While running back is a huge hole to leave out for the second round, the Knights have all the makings of a top passing offense, featuring gold quarterback Nathan Lee, wide receiver James Hands and tight end Tristan Carr. While a good running back is a good thing to have, addressing the secondary in the first round is more important.

#7 Carolina Skyhawks

Team Needs: CB/DT/DE
JW Doyle
The Skyhawks are looking to add to their defense after a strong free agency where they signed a total of six gold players (three on each side of the ball). JW Doyle is flexible, so he can fit whatever they decide to be the biggest gap on their defense.

#8 St. Louis Gladiators

Team Needs: WR/SS/CB
Jeff Milinyshyn, SS/CB
The Gladiators have made their intentions to sure up their secondary in the draft. Jeff Milinyshyn can plug into either of their open secondary positions, making him the perfect choice for the Gladiators.

#9 Vancouver Legion

Team Needs: CB/FS/DT/DE
EZ Tempel, FS
EZ Tempel may fall a tiny bit simply due to teams having needs at other positions. The Legion could be getting a great player in EZ Tempel to add to their secondary for the upcoming season.

#10 Atlanta Swarm

Team Needs: DE/CB/QB/WR
Marcus Dunhill, QB
The Swarm will look to a new quarterback this season, and Marcus Dunhill seems to be the man for the job. While they do need another wide receiver to pair with Dunhill and a little bit more on the defensive side of the ball, quarterback is a position one cannot ignore.

#11 San Francisco Sharks

Team Needs: WR/FS/SS/DE/LB
Mickey Martino, WR/FS/SS
The Sharks have several positions to address in the draft. Mickey Martino seems to fit the most needs, whether it be at wide receiver or defensive back.
#12 Oklahoma City Renegades

Team Needs: RB/CB/TE/DE/WR
Colin Hart, CB/RB
The Renegades have recently cut down their openings to just two spots (cornerback and tight end), but Colin Hart is a cornerback so he still fits in nicely with this selection. If something happens and they would rather him go to running back, he can do so.

#13 Denver Nightwings

Team Needs: RB/FS/LB
BJ Loveless
The Nightwings could use a running back, but they seem to want to build their defense more, and pick up BJ Loveless, who can cover what they need on defense.

#14 Indianapolis Red Devils

Team Needs: RB/DT
EJ DeCue, DT
The Red Devils only have two available spots left and look to fill those two with a running back and defensive tackle. There seems to be less defensive tackles in this draft while there are a bevy of running backs, so it makes sense for the Red Devils to wait until the second round to address who will be the one to take pressure off newly acquired quarterback, Tom Pepper.

#15 Queen City Corsairs

Team Needs: WR/CB/SS/DT
Hunter Jones, WR
The Corsairs currently only have one wide receiver on the roster, Kyrie Tate, and he starts the season off as a copper tier player. While the Corsair offense features gold running back, Ash Odom and quarterback AJ Caswell, the need of an extra pass catcher cannot be taken lightly. Hunter Jones is likely to be the subject of a fall on draft day due to teams needing other positions, to the delight of the Corsairs.

#16 Tulsa Desperados

Team Needs: DE/DT
Matt Wolfe, DE
The Desperados look to bounce back after a successful first season in the SFL. With their final slot, they look to build their defensive line and select Matt Wolfe to give them someone on the end.

#17 Houston Hyenas

Team Needs: QB/LB
Kentez Johnson, QB
For most of the offseason it looked as if the Hyenas were looking defense for the draft. However over the past several weeks they’ve seemed to shift gears to quarterback as they still have not signed one. They look to Kentez Johnson to lead the offense next season.

#18 Sioux Falls Sparrows

Team Needs: RB/CB/DT/DE
Ethan Kye
The Sparrows are one of the teams who have been rather quiet with signings, leaving them with several positions to address in the draft. There’s no better way to solve that problem than by selecting someone who can do it all.

#19 Tallahassee Pride

Team Needs: FS/DT
Markem Lopez, FS
The Pride have bounced back from their championship loss well in the offseason. They’ve reloaded their roster, leaving only two real gaps to fill in, both on the defense. While selecting a defensive tackle to once again have the four star defensive line of last year is tempting, they need to replace free safety Anthony Wyo, and look to do so with Markem Lopez.

#20 Alaska Storm

Team Needs: RB                                           Jason Williams, RB
The Storm’s intention with the draft was clear from day one: get a running back. Like the Pride, they’ve reloaded very well in the off-season, leaving them with one more spot open on their team, and they look to give Championship game MVP quarterback Ron Cockren a star running back this season.