By Xander Gold

A note from the editor: Mock Draft’s take a bit of time to create. Since Xander made his initial picks, a few things have happened around the league (Chicago signing Maurice Spurgeon, Carolina gaining an extra pick to name a few). As you read this, please show consideration for the fact that it is not COMPLETELY up to date, and treat the picks that won’t happen as a ‘what if’. After all, it is a Mock Draft! 

Draft day is quickly approaching us and to increase the hype here is yet another mock draft. This mock draft will based off of my knowledge of certain things, Ryan Michaels’ great Big Board and partly just my gut instinct. I will only be doing summaries and
projected stats for the top 25 based on my mock.

1) New Orleans selects… Xander Gold QB

The Pharaohs need a signal caller and Slinn thinks they choose Xander to fill that role.
Projected Statline: (Not going to do mine)

Disclaimer: I allowed Slinn to choose where he thought I’d go because i wanted to avoid controversy and things of that nature.

2) Baltimore selects… Kody Hill RB

Baltimore has done a great job all offseason filling in spots, but one spot they do not have currently occupied is the runningback position , which they’ll fill when they draft Kody Hill out of TCU.
Projected statline: Rushing Yards: 762 — Rushing TD: 5 / Receiving Yards: 207 — Rec TD: 3 — Fumbles: 2

3) Las Vegas selects… Thomas Ramen QB

Las Vegas is another team who has burst onto the scene of free agency with some HUGE signings. Las Vegas gets their franchise quarterback in Thomas Ramen from ASU.
Projected statline: Passing Yards: 2046 — Passing TD: 21 — Interceptions: 18

4) Dallas selects… Junior Senior III WR

Dallas has several openings on offense and I feel like they filll a much needed void with Junior Senior.
Projected statline: Catches: 54 — Rec Yards: 921 — TD: 6

5) Chicago selects… J.W. Doyle FS

Chicago has filled 10 of 12 roster spots but one position they did not fill is free safety, which is where Doyle comes into play. Doyle has been a consistent chatter in the discord, so I expect him to come off the board early and help this Chicago defense.
Projected statline: Tackles: 61 — PD: 11 — Ints: 4

(Chicago has now filled it’s free safety spot with Maurice Spurgeon. If Doyle were to land in Chicago, I can see it being as a third safety, mainly due to cap issues)

6) London selects… Tank Bennett FS

Tank was one of ths first rookies to join the SFL and he’s pretty consistent with his check-ins and Bit collection. I expect him to be snagged by London at number 6 and I expect him to fill a much needed position for them.
Projected statline: Tackles: 78 — PD: 10 — Ints: 5

7) Carolina selects… Aman Takess LB

I expect Aman to surprisingly drop out of the top 5. I think Carolina selects Aman and gets a steal. Definitely a top 5 talent, but due to some of the different needs from different teams, I see him dropping a bit.
Projected statline: Tackles: 97 — PD: 6 — Ints: 2 — Sacks: 3

8) St. Louis selects… Mickey Martino CB

I think Mickey gets chosen early and surprises the league by becoming the new cornerback that St. Louis needs.
Projected statline: Tackles: 44 — PD: 9 — Ints: 2

9) Vancouver selects.. E.Z. Tempel FS

Tempel fills one of two open defensive back positions for Andy Hamilton and the Vancouver Legion. Many people don’t expect E.Z. to slide to 9, but I think he does and I think he fits in perfectly with what Andy wants to do.
Projected statline: Tackles: 76 — PD: 17 — Ints: 1

10) Atlanta selects… Marcus Dunhill QB

Marcus rounds out the top 10 and fills a much needed quarterback role for Atlanta. Atlanta finds their franchise offensive general and hand him great receivers to start with in his first season.
Projected statline: Passing Yards: 2189 — Passing TD: 17 — Interceptions: 14

11) San Francisco selects… BJ Loveless LB

The Sharks have many holes to fill on the team, linebacker being one of them. I expect BJ to fill that position for the Sharks and become one of their defensive anchors early on.
Projected statline: Tackles: 67 — PD: 4 — Ints: 0 — Sacks: 5

12) Oklahoma City selects… Gib Leedoo RB

After losing Donk Bonkers to New Orleans, I expect OKC to draft a runningback early on. There are many backs OKC can choose from but I think the Renegades ultimately decide to go with Leedoo.
Projected statline: Rushing Yards: 822 — Rushing TD: 7 / Receiving Yards: 114 — Rec TD: 1 — Fumbles: 4

13) Denver selects… Jeff Melinyshyn CB

Denver is looking to add another Contract cornerback and I think they find a good one in Jeff at number 13.
Projected statline: Tackles: 53 — PD: 6 — Ints: 8

14) Indianapolis selects… Jarrod McChesney RB

I think Indy picks Jarrod to fill their runningback position and complete their offense.
Projected statline: Rushing Yards: 687 — Rushing TD: 4 / Receiving Yards: 221 — Rec TD: 5 — Fumbles: 1

15) Queen City selects… Colin Hart CB

The Queen City Corsairs are in need of another outside defender and I think they get a good one in Hart to solidify their defense.
Projected statline: Tackles: 49 — PD: 12 — Ints: 3

16) Tulsa selects… EJ DeCue DT

This Tulsa team was busy this offseason to the point where they only have 1 spot open for a defensive lineman. They get an active beast by drafting EJ at 16.
Projected statline: Tackles: 60 — Sacks: 9

17) Houston selects… Kentez Johnson QB

Houston is in need of a passer and Kentez would be the last quarterback standing if my mock draft were true. So this pick would be a no brainer.
Projected statline: Passing Yards: 2102 — Passing TD: 19 — Interceptions: 19

18) Sioux Falls selects… Chad Guy RB

The Sparrows fill a much needed position after losing Robert Redford to the Fury. Expect Chad Guy to carry the load of the offense along with Julian Tyree.

Projected statline: Rushing Yards: 933 — Rushing TD: 6 / Receiving Yards: 107 — Rec TD: 2 — Fumbles: 0

19) Tallahassee selects… Ethan Kye DE

TAL lost a key defensive lineman in Fats Johnson to the Las Vegas Fury and they look to immediately fill that spot with an active rookie whom they know will progess weekly. I think Ethan is the perfect guy and fit for the TAL team and I expect him to fit right in.
Projected statline: Tackles: 54 — Sacks: 7

20) Alaska selects… Jason Williams RB

Alaska last season had a non-contract ball carrier running the ball for them. This season, they plan on bringing in a user player to fill that spot and Jason would be a darn good pick up for them.
Projected statline: Rushing Yards: 751 — Rushing TD: 2 / Receiving Yards: 218 — Rec TD: 3 — Fumbles: 1

21) New Orleans select… Hunter Jones WR

When i came into this mock draft, I didn’t intend to drop Hunter down to 21, but with different teams needing certain positions he kind of ended up here unexpectedly. If this truly does happen, the Pharaohs have gotten themselves a steal and a great prospect.
Projected statline: Catches: 72 — Rec Yards: 1021 — TD: 11

22) Baltimore selects… Achilles Frank CB

Achilles has been relatively quiet over the past few weeks, but his activity when he first joined SFL may be just enough for him to land in Baltimore at 22.
Projected statline: Tackles: 69 — PD: 9 — Ints: 5

23) Las Vegas selects… T-Roy Gaines WR

T-Roy has been a positive figure in the SFL community since he joined and, like I said with Hunter, I just think his drop is a result of teams needing certain positions. This is another steal in this year’s draft.
Projected statline: Catches: 64 — Rec Yards: 919 — TD: 9

24) Dallas selects… Royce Robbins WR

I see Dallas scooping Royce up at 24 to complete their wide receiver core (Just a guess, not sure how many pass catchers they’ll be going with but i believe they have 3 if we’re counting Junior). I expect Royce to help this core and help Shabazz and this offense move the ball often.
Projected statline: Catches: 52 — Rec Yards: 881 — TD: 3

25) Chicago selects… Julius Williams DE-OLB

I expect Chicago to take Julius to either round out their ‘backers core or to add some pressure up front. This would be a great selection for Chicago as Julius has been actively raising his draft stock.
Projected statline: Projected statline: Tackles: 62 — PD: 6 — Ints: 1 — Sacks: 4

(We now know that Chicago have forfeited their second round pick, giving the Skyhawks pick #42. As it happens, I can see London selecting Julius Williams at this spot as a defensive end anyway)

26) London selects… Matt Wolfe DE.

27) Carolina selects… Leroy Brown CB.

28) Vancouver selects… John Blades CB.

29) Atlanta selects… Siege Falco WR.

30) San Francisco selects… Jay Ringgold CB.

31) Oklahoma City selects… Hendrixx Thornberry DE.

32) Denver selects… Markem Lopez WR.

33) Indianapolis selects… Keith Swearingen WR.

34) Queen City selects… Dupree Hudson WR.

35) Houston selects… Clyde Peaches WR.

36) Sioux Falls selects… Jon Gregory TE.

37) Tallahasee selects… Jessie Vick FS.

38) New Orleans selects… Tyrone Zeus WR.

39) Baltimore selects… Brett Funk LB.

40) Las Vegas selects… Shaka Hall CB.

41) Dallas selects… Josh Ano LB.

42) London selects… Andrew Nyberg SS.

A second note from the Editor-in-Chief: A great effort from Xander for this mock draft. Excellent work!