By Jeremy Vega

Welcome SFL Community!! Thanks for taking the time to check out another SFL article by this great Beat Writing team that the league has put together. Last week I wrote a Probowl Preview, so following on from that up is our detailed game recap.

This article will feature game stats, box scores & images showing off the success of the first ever SFL Probowl. Before we jump in, don’t forget that Friday, June 1st at 7pm CT will be the SFL rookie draft. It will mark another major event the league is producing to help grow the SFL into what will inevitably become a landmark esports league. After the draft, it will leave us just six short weeks until Season 11 kicks off in Texas at the SFL Convention. Another first & major event the league is putting together, it will take place over the weekend of July 13-15 in Irving Texas. Alright, Let’s get into the recap!

The Game itself was a major blowout, but it didn’t take anything away from the entertainment value the spectacle provided. What was expected from the bowl game was delivered, and then some. Getting to see the league’s biggest stars work in tandem, the great presentation from our commisioner, Cameron Irvine, the commentary providing plenty of laughs throughout the night, and the huge turnout from being on the front page of twitch, all combined to make this ones of the most memorable nights in SFL history.

The numbers speak for themselves

Team Ramos came out and put on a show on both sides of the ball. The defence absolutely stumped the Team Destro offence, shutting down the run from opposing backs, including forcing a fumble on the great Ray Bentley. The Ramos offence was carried to victory by star players, SFL MVP Christian Christiansen, MVP of the game Ash Odom, Maurice Spurgeon & kicker, Zach Daggs; all being major contributors to the major score difference. The first of my two favorite plays from Team Ramos was ‘The CC to Duke Touchdown connection‘. Duke made a 180 one-handed catch in the corner of the endzone, sending Tal fans into a frenzy. Second would be the Ash Odom touchdown run, where Ash put a lethal stiff arm on a defender and ran into the endzone for his second touchdown of the night.

Team Destro stumbled out of the gate and could never regain any sense of balance. In the first quarter, Team Destro made some mistakes early but still held Team Ramos to two field goals keeping the lead in sight. Unfortunately, drive after drive, the offence either stalled or the ball was turned over due to interceptions and fumbles that cursed the Destro team all night. They finally fot the ball down the field and scored a touchdown, laaaaaate into the fourth quarter with only two minutes left. Their final drive of the night was also their best drive of the night. Wide Receiver, ‘Kenny G’ (Ken Gossett) scored on a deep ball giving Tal fans more to cheer about. We can’t take anything away from the stars on Team Destro, as they played hard all night & never gave up, but it just wasn’t their night. My two favorite plays from team Destro would be the Kenny G touchdown & the forced fumble on game MVP Ash Odom, which led to the only score for Team Destro.

Congrats to the SFL on putting together another majorly successful event. Congrats to Team Ramos & Ramos Lynn himself on winning the first ever SFL Probowl. Thank you everyone who showed up to the Probowl game to support the SFL, as well as welcoming any new player who joined after tuning in. The Probowl officially wraps up Season 10, & we will continue pushing towards Season 11 which looks to be the SFL’s biggest and best season in league history.

This officially wraps up my first season as a beat writer and member of the community. I want to thank everyone who supported me & read my articles. A special shout out to all the hard work Matthew Slinn has put in as Chief Editor of the Beat Team. I will be taking on a lessor role on the Beat Team for Season 11 but still plan to write sporadic articles throughout the upcoming year.

Thanks again & One Love