By Wyett Jones (the Southern Conference Guru)

New Orleans Pharaohs

New Orleans Pharaohs pick: (#1)
Positions of interest: FS/SS/CB/WR/TE/QB
Selection: Kody ‘Thrill’ Hill, QB

After the last mock draft explained the lack of a quarterback being listed under the Pharaohs’ player openings, an update to their board was immediately released, with one of the positions open being quarterback. Because of this, Hill once again leaps back to the favorite to be selected #1.

Dallas Lobos

Dallas Lobos pick: (#4)
Positions of interest: RB/WR
Selection: Junior Senior III, RB/WR

The change to the rookie signings of top 125 chat rankings being eligible for silver helps Junior Senior III a lot. He was a favorite to be a top 5 pick early in the draft process but a dip in activity leaving him fighting for that top 75 rank hurt his stock tremendously. Under the new rules, he’s now well within the range to become a silver and Dallas scoops him up at #4.

Atlanta Swarm

Atlanta Swarm pick: (#10)
Positions of interest: DE/CB/QB/WR
Selection: Marcus Dunhill, QB/WR

The Swarm will use their #10 pick to grab their quarterback for the foreseeable future in Marcus Dunhill, in the hopes of elevating their passing game. They have a couple of key pieces to replace on their defense as well but it’s hard to pass up a quarterback as the most immediate need for the time being. Should the Swarm sign a quarterback before the draft, Dunhill is also a capable wide receiver.

Oklahoma City Renegades

Oklahoma City Renegades pick: (#12)
Positions of interest: RB/CB/TE/DE/WR
Selection: Colin Hart, RB/CB

The Renegades have slowly added more openings as the off-season has gone on, leaving them with a lot of options come draft day. Colin Hart can either help shore up their secondary or become their primary ball carrier and take some pressure off Renegades quarterback, Deacon Nickens.

Tulsa Desperados

Tulsa Desperados pick: (#17)
Positions of interest: DE
Selection: Gib Leedoo, DE

Unlike the Renegades’ situation, the Desperados’ don’t have nearly as many openings, narrowing their search. Gib Leedoo is exactly what they’re looking for, a rookie active in the chat and playing the one position they’re looking for in this draft.

Houston Hyenas

Houston Hyenas pick: (#18)
Positions of interest: QB/LB
Selection: Kentez Johnson, QB

Kentez Johnson rocketed into the rookie big board last week, spotting him at 17. Johnson has always been active in the chat, it was just his bits that were preventing him from being a first round selection, and he’s since gotten them all in.

Tallahassee Pride

Tallahassee Pride pick: (#20)
Position of interest: FS/DT
Selection: EJ DeCue, DT

EJ DeCue is the final piece the Pride need to re-create their highly effective ‘four star’ defensive line that had the Pride defense lead the league in sacks by a wide margin last season, with each of the four on their defensive line having double digit sack seasons (counting ½ sacks).