Disclaimer: All data for this big board is based off of Week 9 of Rookie check ins. This is the FINAL Rookie Big Board before the draft! The draft will be conducted on June 1st!


RankPlayer NameSummaryRank Change
1Kody Hill (#10 Chat Ranking) RB, QB - Max Value5 weeks of big boards, 5 weeks of Kody Hill being on top. A constant force in the Top 10 of Chat Rankings. There has been talk of him not going #1 overall in the draft but I don't expect him to fall very far.0
2Xander Gold (#14 Chat Ranking) QB, WR - Max ValueXander moved his Chat Ranking up 5 more spots and solidified himself as the number ranked prospect on the big board. A few mock drafts have him possibly going as #1 overall come draft day. +2
3Thomas Ramen (#8 Chat Ranking) QB, WR, RBThomas Ramen, aka Tommy Noodle to some, takes the third spot from Aman Takess. He's been in the Top 10 of Chat Rankings for several weeks now and this jump to #3 is well deserved. +1
4Aman Takess (#34 Chat Ranking) LB, DE - Max ValueThe Great Aman has dropped one more spot to come to rest at #4 for the final big board. His drop on the big board shouldn't be read into very much, I feel most of his drop has been due to other people just raising themselves higher while Aman stayed the same. -1
5EZ Tempel (#23 Chat Ranking) FSAlthough EZ dropped 2 spots in Chat Ranking he steal the #5 spot on the board from J.W. Doyle. Some mock drafts have EZ going in the Top 5 and I think his rise in the big board may be the result of those mock drafts. +1
6J.W. Doyle (#13 Chat Ranking) ATHJ.W. Doyle dropped 1 spot on the Chat Rankings, normally this wouldn't lead to a drop on the big board but this week it does just that. With EZ being projected to be drafted ahead of Doyle, his drop on the big board could be the result of such debates. -1
7Hunter Jones (#19 Chat Ranking) WRDropping 3 spots on his Chat Ranking but staying in the same spot on the big board is Hunter Jones, the drop in Chat Ranking could've caused a slid down the big board by a spot but Hunter was able to hold on by quite possibly the slimmest of margins.0
8Marcus Dunhill (#17 Chat Ranking) QB, RB, WREach week Marcus seems to be creeping his way up the big board, his Chat Ranking is constantly on the rise and it only helps raise his value even further. The jump of 7 spots in Chat Ranking helped Marcus overcome the possible Max Contract of Tank Bennett this week to settle at #8 +1
9Tank Bennett (#79 Chat Ranking) ATH - Max ValueThe adjustment of required Chat Ranking for Silver tiered prospects just saved Tank Bennett from disaster on draft day. He dropped 11 spots in Chat Ranking and under the old requirement he would've dropped below #75 and lost his possible Max Silver contract and fallen to a Max Bronze contract, however the new requirement has him staying at Max Silver and just inside the Top 10 of the big board -1
10Junior Senior III (#75 Chat Ranking) WR, RB - Max ValueJunior Senior came into the SFL like a storm, and much like a storm, he has disappeared as such. The last 3 weeks have been an up and down, roller coaster of a ride with Senior's Chat Ranking. He dropped 2 spots this week but is able to keep himself at #10 due in large part to his possible Max Value Silver contract.0
11Mickey Martino (#21 Chat Ranking) WR, DBMickey's Chat Ranking dropped by 1 this week but he jumps 2 places on the big board, mostly due to BJ Lovelss' Chat Ranking dropped several spots and the potential contract he may be due come draft day. +2
12BJ Loveless (#30 Chat Ranking) LB, SafetyBJ was unable to keep his Chat Ranking from dipping by 3 spots this week, however he does stay in his #12 spot with Mickey and Jeff Melinyshyn trading spots.0
13Jeff Melinyshyn (#22 Chat Ranking) SS, FS, CBMelinyshyn dropped 2 spots on the big board even though his Chat Ranking was increased by 10 spots. This may more be the result of potential conracts coming on draft day -2
14Gib Leedoo (#39 Chat Ranking) LB, DE, RBGib trades places with Calin Hart this week to settle down at #14. His Chat Ranking dropped by 5 spots but his better potential contract may have put him over the hump in this head-to-head battle. +1
15Colin Hart (#43 Chat Ranking) RB, CBColin Harts Chat Ranking dropped by a single spot this week and much like his Chat Ranking, his spot on the big board followed suit. He shouldn't be worried at all though, I imagine there are plenty of teams looking at this rookie and drooling over the possibilites. -1
16T-Roy Gaines [Formerly TM Gaines] (#42 Chat Ranking) WRAlthough the name changed, the spot on the big board did no such thing. His Chat Ranking though? It moved up 2 spots to help keep his spot safe on the board.0
17Kentez Johnson (#13 Chat Ranking) QBThe only thing that changed for Kentez was... well nothing actually. He has all his bits cheered, his Chat Ranking stayed the same and his big board spot stayed put as well. A feat a few of the lower rookies would love to accomplish.0
18Keith Swearingen (#40 Chat Ranking) K, ATHWith Keith's Chat Ranking raising 1 spot, he keeps firm his spot at #18 with other rookies around him only changing their Chat Ranking by miniscule amounts.0
19EJ DeCue (#59 Chat Ranking) DTEJ DeCue stayed still in his Chat Ranking at #59, as a result he stayed at his #19 big board spot0
20Nello Brown (#45 Chat Ranking) LB, CBNello Brown's Chat Ranking raised 17 spots, but his possible contract is what keeps him from moving up in our final big board.0
21Ethan Kye (#25 Chat Ranking - Silver) ATHEthan Kye, he has only been in the league for 3 weeks and he has skyrocketed up the Chat Ranking board. His total bits cheered, combined with this high Chat Ranking has him sliding in to the last spot of our 1st round in the big board. +5
Remaining Draft Eligible Rookies (Round 2 or later)
22Jason Williams (#51 Chat Ranking - Silver) RB, LB
23John Blades (#65 Chat Ranking - Silver) QB, WR
24Markem Lopez (#69 Chat Ranking -Silver) WR, FS
25Achilles Frank (#79 Chat Ranking - Silver) CB, FS, WR
26Dupree Hudson (#64 Chat Ranking - Silver) SS, WR
27Siege Falco (#54 Chat Ranking - Silver) OFF ATH
28Royce Robbins (#74 Chat Ranking - Silver) RB, CB
29Leroy Brown (#78 Chat Ranking - Silver) Safety
30Jared McChesney (#91 Chat Ranking - Silver) RB
31Chad Guy (#92 Chat Ranking -Silver) DE, RB
32Matt Wolfe (#82 Chat Ranking - Silver) DE, TE, LB, WR
33Jesse Vick (#84Chat Ranking - Silver) QB, RB, CB, FS
34Clyde Peaches (#100 Chat Ranking - Silver) WR, TE, DB
35Julius Williams (#94 Chat Ranking - Silver)
36Brett Funk (#81 Chat Ranking - Silver) OLB, DB
37Jay Ringgold (#86 Chat Ranking - Silver) DB, DL
38Hendrix Thornberry (#93 Chat Ranking - Silver)
39Jon Gregory (#117 Chat Ranking - Silver) TE, DE
40Ken McCarro (#122 Chat Ranking- Silver)
41Josh Ano (#132 Chat Ranking - Bronze) LB
42Craig Hearn (#159 Chat Ranking - Bronze) DB
43Shaka Hall (#162Chat Ranking - Bronze) ILB, ATH
44Kevin Kolbe (#168 Chat Ranking - Bronze)
45Dean Maddox (#173 Chat Ranking - Copper) ATH
46Andrew Nyberg (#176 Chat Ranking - Coppper) ATH
47Kristopher Shields (#179 Chat Ranking - Copper) WR, TE, DE
48Franco Sonatti (#188 Chat Ranking - Copper) ATH
49Jack Burton (#210 Chat Ranking - Copper)

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