To SFL Nation,

We are counting down to our season with many exciting events and milestones to come. There are some things I wanted to update the community on today and I thought the best way to do that would be a good ol’ fashion letter. So, what’s going on at SFL HQ?

Three-day workend?

The difference between the Simulation Football League and any other online organization out there is that the league office’s motor can work for so hard for so long that we can make things that seem impossible, possible. Our passion to put out the best possible simulation sports product we can is unwavering. This weekend will be my first weekend of 2018 that the SFL does not have games to broadcast and the Texas Revolution – the football team that I work for – does not have a game on a weekend date (they play tonight on the road).

What does that mean for the SFL? It’s not a weekend off, but rather an opportunity for the league to work on a variety of future broadcasts, including the Rookie Draft (June 1) and the Schedule Release Show (June 6). The league is also further developing three future projects – two that will be unveiled during the Schedule Release Show and will be part of Season 11 and one that will debut next off-season. These long hours and weekends sacrificed are the reason we put on the best entertainment product.

Twitch Partnership update:

After another thrilling front page broadcast of the Season 10 Championship Game which shattered viewership records, the SFL received another notification from Twitch that our partnership was denied. While this hurdle continues to be a thorn in our side, we have spoken with Twitch esports contacts about what is needed out of the league, despite churning out broken record after broken record for viewership on the front page.

The magic number is 75 average viewers needed for every broadcast on Twitch, until we receive the elusive partnership status. Both the Rookie Draft and the Schedule Release Show will be on Twitch, so the SFL needs all your support and eyeballs on our network for those two events.

We have an opportunity to present the head of Twitch esports with our story, with our growth and with our vision for the future. That opportunity will be some time before Season 11. Remember SFL Nation, we are a niche product that has to work twice as hard for anyone to give us the time of day. People don’t know who or what we are, so let’s show them our strength.

SFL Convention:

Next week, the SFL will be meeting at Showbusiness Studios to discuss the SFL Convention and finalize some plans. Many have been asking questions about the Convention as it draws closer. Some of you may not know anything about it:

The SFL Convention will be the first time the SFL has gotten people who are in the league from all over the world together, located in Las Colinas, right next to Irving, which is in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas. It will kickoff our 11th season and it will also host the inaugural Hall-of-Fame ceremony and class. Having people who have been in the league for 5 years, or maybe just 5 months, will be an opportunity that we may never have again to all come together as a community.

For more information about the Convention, visit http:// . We hope we get a chance to meet you. There will be lots of surprises and plenty of events there and of course, the opening slate of games live and in person with your coaches and teammates.

What it really takes to produce the SFL:

As I enter into more of an executive producer role at the SFL, it’s important to understand to convey just exactly how much it takes to run the SFL. Know that when you see a game on our network, that it took efforts from all of these individuals to bring it to you. Here are all the departments, roles and opportunities there are to get involved in the league:

League office staff – These select few are responsible for keeping the community together, pushing the league forward, hexing every individual player and all the league teams, exporting rosters so we can have cross-conference play, tracks all player progression so we can provide that next level experience, conducts meetings, defuses conflicts, sims all the games, makes all the graphics, manages all the league’s digitial platforms and funds the league with its time and energy. The heartbeat of the SFL, without the strong roots of the tree, the tree would fall.

Owners/coaches/scouts – Owners, coaches and scouts spend hours upon hours watching film, formulating gameplans, submitting them to the league and then doing it all again 11 – sometimes more – weeks of the season. When playbooks get submitted, the league office must apply all of those changes and then reply back to each individual teams with any mistakes that were made during the previous submission process. Without them, our games aren’t competitive, are games aren’t as realistic and the player’s don’t get the best out of their careers.

General Managers – General managers are the community engagers. They make the league experience more personal, more interactive and more fun. They help teams recruit and make the best decisions. They are future owners and a group that is working to add another level of depth the SFL can offer to its community.

Broadcasters – The broadcasters bring the game to life. A group of roughly 20 community members have a production meeting every week, are responsible for knowing your names and studying up on the matchup and bring your career into the spotlight every time you make a catch, a tackle, an interception, a touchdown – anything you achieve, they’re the one’s in charge of presenting that excitement. The league has different broadcast crews for different games all across the league.

Statisticians – The live stats teams help the broadcasters with a more professional call, supplying them live as-they-happen player stats so that broadcasters can reference how you are doing during the game you’re watching. Without them, broadcasters are left to rely on only what the game provides them and can’t actively track milestones and in-game achievements.

Beat Writers/podcasters – The Beat Writing team supplies SFL Nation with all the written content to help bring the league to life. Their management of the SFL Website helps the league provide you with some sort of content almost every day – sometimes multiple times a day. A huge blessing to the community, they are the communities voice. Podcasters meet and plan their shows and air once a week to provide dialogue and discussion on the biggest storylines surrounding the SFL. It’s your perfect opportunity to catch up on what you’ve missed.

Coming soon – As the SFL grows, it’s social media and multimedia platforms will be getting some major enhancements in the coming months. It is a part of our league that is lacking and is getting the attention this off-season. Expect to see more social media content and video segments to keep you entertained all season long.

In conclusion:

It is for all of these reasons, that the SFL is and will always be the premier destination for online sport leagues – controlled or uncontrolled. The efforts to improve the product will never stop and we’re all so happy you are here and along for the ride. When the day seems like there’s not much going on in the league – there is, there always is.

I appreciate you taking some time out of your day to fully grasp what this league is all about and how much it means to me. I have not been able to be in the community as much, as I’ve been dealing with a very difficult work situation outside of the SFL. The company I’ve worked for has been behind on paying me for months and it has put a strain on my life and my family. Despite all this, the SFL stands stronger than ever and part of that is because of you. I won’t let you down, and I’ll see you at the draft.