By Ethan Kye (with Marcus Dunhill)

Well, with about a week left until the draft, I figured it was time for me to walk around and learn a little more about my fellow rookies and what they are about.

I know we have many – and i do mean many – very eager and impatient rookies lying around the combine, chomping at the bit for the chance to be signed and play for a pro team. Being a rookie myself, I can feel where they are coming from, but this article isn’t about me so, on to the real star of my article: Marcus Dunhill. 

From what you all know around the combine about Marcus, he is a very intelligent man and has a nose for leading a team. To find out more about him and his goals, I decided to sit down and have a chat with him.

EK: What was it like playing for the Great Notre Dame?
MD: It was a blast! After getting out of high school, it was great to meet and play with people who loved the game as much as I did. The school itself is incredible. It was an honor to be a part of such a prestigious program. I hope that I made a difference in their football program and made the groundwork for young quarterbacks to come in and succeed at the college level.

EK: What made you decide to sign up for the draft and leave the college days behind?
MD: College was a great experience. I feel I learned as much from Notre Dame as I could, to move onto that next level. You need to challenge people who are better than you are. When you throw against the defenses that make it harder to put the ball where your wide receivers need it, you adapt or fail. I’m prepared to show I’m ready to take my game to the next level and become the best at any position I am drafted for; eventually becoming one of the greatest SFL players in the league.

EK: What are your goals once you have been drafted to a team? What are your plans for taking the helm.
MD: After I get drafted, the work begins. It’s time to figure out how i fit into a team’s scheme and locker room. Adapt if need be to meet the needs of my team and complement the exsisting locker room talent. I plan to be a locker room leader as well as a force of locker room positivity and sportsmanship. I’m here to take on all responsibilities asked of me by my GM and Owner. From there, we hit the Regular Season and focus on one game at a time.

EK: What are your future goals inside the SFL? How to you plan to strive to reach them?
MD: My goals for the SFL are to become the best player I can be. I certainly would like to win a championship ( or 7) and become a pro bowler. All this takes a dedicated team who work together to maximize all their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Off the field I would like to someday become a scout / coach in the SFL and maybe even own my own team one day. I would like to have an impact off the field as big as my impact on it. I just need to step up whenever my team is looking for a player to make a big play or someone to help lead the team in the future..

EK: How do you expect your first season in the SFL to go? Are you planning to take your team to the play-offs or even the championship game? Can you explain how you plan to do it?
MD: It is honestly hard to predict how your first season will go. I had a lot of success at Notre Dame however, in the SFL you’re playing against levels of competition rarely seen in college football.

EK: How do you feel about the draft and your fellow rookies?
MD: I have learned so much from this process. I have learned that all owners and GM’s are amazing people. I have learned that success starts with patience in the draft. It’s a long process, so you must focus on what’s important and know that sometimes you just need to wait. I feel like I have put myself into a position to be a high value draft pick. The rookie class is great. I expect Xander, Kody, Thomas and Aman to be the leading forces on their team as well. I want my team to be the best, but I will always be really excited to see my fellow rookies make great plays and reach their career milestones.

EK: What do you have to say to the next rookie class to be joining us next season?
MD: If any season 12 rookies are coming by to read this, here’s the advice I have for you. This is going to be a long process; you need to pace yourselves. Prepare to put in the work, always be friendly, and make a good impression whether you expect the people you’re talking to, to be teammates or conference rivals. Look for anywhere you can go and anything you can do to be the piece to make a team better. Have fun and enjoy the ride, don’t take yourselves to seriously and know that the draft is only the first step in a long and lengthy SFL adventure.

EK: Well Marcus, that was a whole lot of good stuff. Thanks for your time and cant wait to see you on the field! 

MD: Thanks Ethan! Not a problem! Can’t wait to see you there either!