SFL Communications

May 21, 2018

As the countdown begins to the SFL Rookie Draft presented by APM Music, the league front office has announced adjustments to the chat ranking system in order to boost value to a number of deserving rookies, to bolster team rosters and to help incoming rookies from tomorrow’s front page to obtain meaningful value, despite a lack of check-ins throughout the off-season.

“The reason why this system is so effective for the SFL is that it can adjust to the market,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “The market is telling us how valuable rookies are so it is only fitting that the league respond to that market. Just like in the off-season where supply and demand creates market value, signings in the off-season have done the same for our incoming rookie class.”

Rookies can now reach the silver threshold with a top 125 chat activity ranking. The bronze threshold has been adjusted to a chat ranking of 175 and the copper threshold for chatting is now 225. Rookies that come in from the Pro Bowl will still have missed eight rookie check-ins, subtracted from their potential max silver value.

The bit requirements and rookie check-in rules and restrictions will remain in place. The Rookie Draft will be aired live on Twitch on Friday June 1 at 7 pm CT.